Auto accident, injuries put mother in downward spiral

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear W.C.,

I am writing this letter because my family is about to be evicted and our utilities are overdue. I was in a car accident, with my 11-year-old daughter. We both had injuries and spent many weeks in the hospital. My car was totaled. I could not afford to pay for full coverage on my insurance. The worst part is it was a hit-and-run accident. There were no witnesses or cameras to help us. I managed to dial 911 myself even though I had a severe back injury and a concussion. My daughter suffered broken bones and trauma. I have been unable to go back to my job. I am not receiving any assistance at this time. I worked just below full-time and did not receive any benefits. I had to rely on my mother to care for my younger son while I was in the hospital. She is too sick to care for him or help us any longer. I am also in desperate need of a car so I can get us to our doctor's appointments and hopefully back to my job. Please help us.

Dear Readers,

An accident such as this can change lives drastically. If you were part of the working poor before the accident, it has an even larger impact on your abilities to provide for your family. I had spoken to the mother on the phone prior to my visit and she had filled me in on some more of the details of her financial problems.

The father had no contact with the children. She said the last time they had tracked him down to pay child support, he took off and left the state. She had no idea where he was now. Without child support she had no income to support her family with while she was off work. Disability was still denying her benefits even though she had severe injuries that needed an additional operation. The mother was in pain from her back. The doctor told her it would take time to heal. I asked if she had applied for any other assistance yet and she said she was on a waiting list for housing, but this would be a very long wait. She also had applied for utility assistance and food stamps.

The mother and children lived in a small apartment building on the second floor. At the time she had rented the apartment she not only was working, she and her injured daughter were capable of running up and down the stairs. Now their access was a huge concern.

The mother introduced me to her daughter. The 11-year-old girl smiled as she politely said hello. I could see her face go back to a grimace as she was still coping with the pain from the accident. She was a sweet daughter, asking her mom if she was o.k. The mother hugged her close, looking up at me she said, "She's more concerned about me, when she is the one that needs to be healed." The daughter turned to me and said, "Please, my mother needs help. She cries a lot. I want her to be happy again."

The financial disaster of this accident had put the mother in a terrible state of despair. Prior to the accident, for years she worked hard making a life for her and her two children, a week at a time.

After we left the daughter to rest, the mother told me how every week she would count every penny and work hard enough to just survive. Now she was afraid of poverty taking its uncontrollable toll on her children. I knew we--all of you and The Time Is Now to Help--needed to do our own healing for this family.

The mother showed me the stack of papers she had organized to go over with me. When we had spoken on the phone I told her what I would like to see, to show me her financial state. Every bill she handed me was overdue. The mother explained how her income had come to a complete halt once she was in the hospital.

We went over all the bills, and assistance she was waiting for. I could see a move was needed since the stairs would be a continuing problem for her. The rent was not by any means unreasonable, but she could not afford it at this time. I offered to pay her overdue rent to prevent the eviction. We also brought her utilities up to date to prevent disconnection. We provided her with a recently donated car. We had serviced the engine and put new tires on it to make it a safe reliable vehicle. She was so grateful for the car as it meant the beginning of her independence again. I also had volunteers do some grocery shopping for the family to help with their food insecurity. I called the landlord to make him aware of the accident. I asked about any possible rentals he may have that were accessible and if there were any discounts he could provide to help with their housing needs. He told us about a smaller two-bedroom on the first floor that would be available the following week. The landlord agreed to rent it at a discounted rate. He also agreed to roll her security deposit into the new apartment as well. This was a big help for the mother. The landlord even went so far as to suggest a job that was available at the office his wife owned. He said he was fairly sure she would be able to handle the position as it involved answering the phone, filing, and checking customers in and out. I asked for the name and number of his wife and we called immediately. The mother would not be cleared to work for another two weeks so we hoped they would hold the position until that time. After speaking to the landlords wife, she was more than willing to help. The mother was very grateful to The Time Is Now to Help for this assistance.

When the new rental was available, several volunteers arrived to help her move their belongings. The mother and children were very happy to not be limited by the mother's inability to climb the stairs more than once a day. She could walk right out to her donated car with a minimum of strain.

Once the mother received her assistance, and the added income from her job, she would be able to afford their basic needs. She also was happy to tell me that she was already told by her new boss that she was doing an excellent job and learning fast. I congratulated her and was happy to hear she could manage while still dealing with a serious injury. The last time I saw the mother and two children, we talked about all of "you" and how together you make our mission of doing good works possible. The mother and children told me to tell all of you, with tears of relief in their eyes, "God bless and thank all of you."

Together, we make our world a better place doing God's good works. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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