Reliable car, affordable apartment make a difference for overwhelmed single mom

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear W.C.,

I am asking for assistance for a single mother with two children that attends our church. I know she is a good person, she makes a real effort to participate in church activities with her children. After speaking with her several times she finally told me about her financial situation. She works full-time at a minimum wage job. The father of the children was the main earner that paid most their expenses. He left the state a few months ago and took all their belongings of any worth with him. The car was titled in his name so he even left her without transportation. I have spoken to her landlord to try and delay the eviction she was threatened with. Our church is small and unable to help with all her needs. We paid her overdue utilities to keep them from being disconnected before winter. I am praying you will be able to help this wonderful woman and children.

Pastor Praying for Help

Dear Readers,

I contacted the pastor that wrote this letter of request. He was very thankful to hear from our organization. He praised all the good ministry work we were doing together through The Time Is Now to Help.

We went on to talking about this mother and children. I asked how long they had been members of his parish and he replied they had joined about two years ago. I asked if the father had ever attended church with his family and he said he had never seen him in the church. The mother had always brought the children herself. He said he had noticed a change in the woman and children about two months ago. The woman had begun to lose weight and then he noticed the beat up car she was driving. He had never noticed her driving that car before, until one day after services her car wouldn't start and she had tearfully came to him for help. After getting a church member to volunteer to try and get the car started he said he had took her aside and asked if everything was alright. He said she had broken down into sobs and told the whole story to him. He promised to get her some help. The church had been collecting donations for their community outreach program. Since they are a very small parish there was not a large enough amount in the program to help with more than her utilities. That is when the pastor knew he had to contact us, The Time Is Now to Help.

I asked the pastor if we could contact the mother so we could meet to speak about her financial situation. He gave me her phone number so I made a conference call. The woman answered the phone. I listened as the pastor explained to the woman about The Time Is Now to Help. He said, "The Time Is Now to Help is a growing group of God loving people who combine their resources to help ease the pains of poverty." When I heard the pastors description of all of us I very humbly felt tears well in my eyes. The woman agreed to meet with me after work if I had the time. I told her I would be there.

I went to visit the woman as promised. I arrived at the apartment building. She was waiting for me outside with her two young boys. I asked which car was hers and she pointed out her beat up car. I was saddened to see the unsafe vehicle she was driving her children in and herself to work. When we went to her apartment the two boys were very happy to invite me in and to have a visitor. The mother was much more reserved and I could see the sadness in her eyes. She carried a lot of pain in her heart from the betrayal and abandonment of her husband. After several minutes she sent the boys to their room to play so we could talk. They listened well to their mother, even if they were sad to go.

I told the mother I knew some of her situation from the pastor. I did not want her to have to repeat the same painful story all over again. I told her I had some questions about her finances and she answered each one willingly. Most people do knowing we are there to help. I assured her as long as she was honest and truthful we would help. She had just recently filed for child support, even though she had no idea where her husband was. She had also applied for some assistance but many of the outlets for assistance were overwhelmed with requests already. She was very thankful for the help her church family had given her, but it would not be enough.

After going over her budget I could see they were living very frugally. They were just used to having two incomes to cover their expenses. Her rent was too high for her small income. I asked when her lease was up as I knew of a reasonable rental, that included heat, that would represent a big savings. Her lease was to expire in one month. I called the new rental, told the landlord her name and that she would be by on Saturday. The new landlord agreed to hold the apartment for her. The mother looked at me in disbelief over our help. We went on to talk about her car, a rundown car without heat, rusted through and bald tires. We promised to get her a safe reliable car, which was desperately needed to maintain her employment.

We helped this woman and children with their first month's rent and security deposit for the new apartment. We also provided food, toiletries, replaced the household necessities the father had taken, and a car. She donated her car to The Time Is Now to Help for scrap metal.

The next time I saw the woman and boys they were so happy. I love the joy and energy felt by happy, healthy children. I could see the boys were happy in their new living arrangements and so was the mother. The new budget we set up for the mother was working fine. She had tears in her eyes as she thanked all of "you" for the many blessings "you" cared and shared with her family.

Once again, together, we make our world a better place doing God's good works. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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