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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Most people probably have a favorite Christmas movie. Here's mine.
Greg Peck: Julio a headache for Packers, fans
If you're a Packer fan like me, you're feeling a bit fuzzy-headed this morning and wondering just what the future holds for your favorite team.
Greg Peck: My granddaughter is a teenager, OMG!
It's true: Kids do grow up too fast. My granddaughter is now a teenager.
Greg Peck: Saying 'thanks' for gifts is only good manners
This being the gift-giving season, here's a friendly reminder: Don't forget to show appreciation. It's a lesson we too often fail to teach our kids.
Greg Peck: Intriguing looks back at downtown Janesville
Longtime residents look back fondly on downtown Janesville's heydays. Here are three glimpses into that past.
Greg Peck: Will your tree be real or artificial?
Any day now, my wife and I will be decorating a tree in the corner of our living room. And like each year for the past two decades, that tree will be artificial.
Greg Peck: Where would you shop for a “fab” holiday find?
Chain and big-box stores are the obvious choice for many or most holiday shoppers. But if you're looking for a unique gift around here, what store would you visit?
Greg Peck: A good day for outside decorating
Winter descended on us so quickly that I had my doubts about whether I would find a good day to decorate our home. Then came a beautiful Saturday.
Greg Peck: Has Black Friday got you in the Christmas spirit?
Today is known as Black Friday. Are you out checking off your Christmas shopping list? How much more shopping do you have left?
Greg Peck: Film crew invades my neighborhood
It's not every day that you see a film crew set up in the street of your neighborhood. This one piqued my curiosity.