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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Brisk business at the polling place
Greg Peck: Brisk business at the polling place
Have you voted yet? I was No. 193 in Janesville Ward 14 at 9:35 a.m.
Greg Peck: Neighbors teaming up to restore nature
Something pleasing is happening in a hillside and prairie in the city of Janesville's southwest corner.
Greg Peck: Should we change trick-or-treating hours?
Should Janesville switch to trick-or-treating on a weekend afternoon?
Greg Peck: Do you dress your pet for Halloween?
Americans spend big sums dressing their pets for Halloween. Ours won't be among them.
Greg Peck: Biking over Janesville's new roundabouts
Greg Peck: Biking over Janesville's new roundabouts
Are you dealing with or avoiding those two Racine Street roundabouts? Try pedaling over them.
Greg Peck: New appreciation for UW-Whitewater
My wife and I got inside looks at the UW-Whitewater campus—twice—this weekend.
Greg Peck: What are your views of Boy Scouts?
I enjoyed my years in Scouting as a youth. So Sunday's letter from a Scout bothered me.
Greg Peck: Have you ever played hooky?
Have you ever played hooky to skip out of work? What excuse did you use? Check out these lame explanations.
Greg Peck: Where to dine in Janesville with out-of-town guests?
We're expecting friends from out of town coming to Janesville this weekend. Where would you go to dine?
Greg Peck: What stores does Janesville need most?
Residents are speculating about what stores might fill the former JCPenney's spot in the mall and the Kmart building in Janesville. What stores would you like to see?