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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Beware: It's senior prank season
The end of another school year brings that period of senior pranks and hijinks. Stunts can be harmless—but not all are.
A doggone lively morning in our Janesville neighborhood
Monday morning was a bark-fest in our neighborhood. A loose dog had other canines sounding the alarm.
Mosquito madness hits Wisconsin north woods
If you're venturing north and plan to spend any time outdoors, arm yourself against an airborne assault.
What's your favorite part of summer in Janesville?
Sunday is June 1, so what do you like best about summer in your community?
Would you trust Google's driverless car?
I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable riding in Google's self-driving car.
Set your trash out a day late this week in city of Janesville
This holiday week and its altered trash pickup schedule is again catching Janesville residents off guard.
Would you eat a cricket in a novelty candy?
Will edible insects “crawl” into mainstream U.S. snacks?
Good news for fishing in Wisconsin
Do you spend any time dangling worms in Wisconsin? Do you have any weekend or week-long outings planned? When and where?
Problems with professors
A story in today's Gazette about a professor suing a student for defamation brings back memories.
Emerald ash borer taking toll in Janesville
I've noticed the effects of emerald ash borers in my east-side neighborhood in Janesville.