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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: An inside look at Gazette's Sound Off
Summary: Some readers love the column; others hate it. Here's an inside look at how we monitor Sound Off.
Greg Peck: Admiring bicycling's winter “Fools”
When winter weather set in, my days of pedaling a bike to work ended. Not so with this bunch.
Greg Peck: Assessing sidewalk shoveling in Janesville
Greg Peck: Assessing sidewalk shoveling in Janesville
Some property owners in Janesville are inconsiderate of people who use sidewalks. Here's an assessment I took Saturday.
Greg Peck: Have we become weather wimps?
If you're like me, you remember walking to school in frigid temperatures. Does that mean schools were wrong to cancel classes the last two days?
Greg Peck: Five tips for saving on that heating bill
Here are five things to consider as you burrow under that blanket and listen to that furnace hum almost nonstop.
Greg Peck: Tony DiNicola is one fine artist
Gazette readers got a good impression of Tony DiNicola's artistic talents on Christmas Eve. Here's how you can see more of his artwork.
Greg Peck: The stats on Janesville's snow emergencies
What does a “snow emergency” mean in Janesville? Did we have one last weekend? Last night? Failure to obey one could cost you $50.
Greg Peck: How many Kennedy Center honorees have performed in Janesville?
Last week, the Kennedy Center honored five more performing artists. I watched the show and wondered how many past honorees have come to Janesville.
Greg Peck: A different look at top local stories of 2014
Determining the year's top local stories is an interesting exercise for The Gazette's newsroom. My picks were much different than my colleagues'.
Greg Peck: Taking resolutions one day at a time
Many of us will make New Year's resolutions, and most of us will fail. Here's a new approach to try.