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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: How much will you spend to watch Super Bowl?
The bet here is that few Wisconsinites will spend anywhere near $77 per person to watch Sunday's big game.
Greg Peck: A great theater show in Edgerton
If you enjoy theater and didn't see “Les Miserables” at the Edgerton Performing Arts Center, you missed a great show.
Greg Peck: Unloading those old electronics
I cleaned out a pile of old electronics from the basement last night, taking advantage of a Wisconsin recycling law.
Greg Peck: What is etiquette in Facebook invites?
I seem to get more and more Facebook invites these days. Do these require the same level of attention and response as a formal invitation that comes by snail mail?
Greg Peck: Do you license your dog or cat?
Our cairn terrier, Molly, might not have the most popular dog name in Janesville, but it's close.
Greg Peck: Will we accept your letter praising a theater show?
We accept some letters praising theater shows, but not all of them. We also limit business letters. Here's why.
Greg Peck: How should schools mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
My grandkids, who go to school in Illinois, don't have classes today. But those in the Janesville School District again are in class during this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Greg Peck: How do you recreate in winter?
In Wisconsin, it's easy to sit inside, watch TV and wait out winter. It's also unhealthy. What do you do for winter recreation?
Greg Peck: Eight Kennedy Center honorees performed in Janesville
My blog wondering how many Kennedy Center honorees had performed in Janesville prompted considerable response. Now, I might have a complete list.
Greg Peck: An inside look at Gazette's Sound Off
Summary: Some readers love the column; others hate it. Here's an inside look at how we monitor Sound Off.