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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: It's Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day in Wisconsin
Wisconsin's snowplow drivers have an underappreciated job. Today is their day.
Greg Peck: Janesville Athletic Club undergoes changes
Changes are in store at the Janesville Athletic Club. While these will delight some members, not everyone is happy.
Greg Peck: A great weekend for Wisconsin sports
This weekend was a great one to be a Wisconsin sports fan. The question is: How far can our favorite teams go?
Greg Peck: Janesville making slow progress on leaf pickup
Janesville's annual citywide leaf collection is underway. It has been a bit slow going but earned praise from one resident.
Greg Peck: Do you carry a “winter survival kit” in your car?
This is Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin. For people up north, the observance couldn’t have been timelier.
Greg Peck: Reality of Wisconsin's two climates packs wintry punch
This week's weather offers a perfect illustration of Wisconsin's two climates.
Greg Peck: What to do about goose poop at Traxler Park
Two new monuments to our dedicated veterans have been unveiled at Janesville's Traxler Park. Unfortunately, geese are showing no respect.
Greg Peck: Time to tackle those leaves for city of Janesville's pickup
With Janesville's annual pickup of leaves starting today, one scene was repeated again and again all over the city this weekend.
Greg Peck: Just what are those black spots on maple leaves?
If you've been out raking, or plan to do so this weekend, you might wonder what those black spots are on maple leaves. Here's the answer.
Greg Peck: Enjoying a literary venture into the “Wild”
I'm looking forward to the new movie “Wild," starring Reese Witherspoon as adventurous author Cheryl Strayed.