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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Spammers are irritatingly relentless
Those email spammers are nothing if not persistent. They consume part of my every work day.
Greg Peck: Video reflects on Canadian fishing trip
Greg Peck: Video reflects on Canadian fishing trip
For this summer's Ontario trip, I packed something more than my 35 mm camera—a small video recorder. Check out the results.
Greg Peck: A despicable display at Miller Park
My entertainment dollars are limited. So the Brewers game Saturday night at Miller Park was particularly frustrating.
Greg Peck: Have police become too militarized?
I have mixed feelings about the drama playing out in Ferguson, Missouri.
Greg Peck: Would Janesville support indoor downtown market?
Madison is exploring an indoor public market. Could Janesville support one downtown?
Greg Peck: What's the future of high school football?
I'm only a casual fan of high school football. In this era of concern over concussions, the future of high school football might affect the sport in colleges and the pros.
Greg Peck: A hard lesson for longtime motorcyclist
The Gazette's Mark Helmer, 46, started riding motorcycles at age 5. But that experience didn't help him avoid a deer in the early-morning hours Aug. 1.
Greg Peck: Was 'Oz' your favorite childhood movie?
It's not hard for me to remember my favorite childhood movie, and it just marked its 75th anniversary.
Greg Peck: Are we doing enough to control phosphorus?
The problem of runoff pollution filled with phosphorus has been in the news since algae poisoned the water supply in Toledo, Ohio.
Greg Peck: Which are more dangerous: Drunks or cellphone users?
It could be argued that distracted cellphone users are as big a menace on highways as drunken drivers.