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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Innovations in agriculture
Summary: With dairy in my family's heritage, I'm always interested in innovations in the industry.
Greg Peck: Brewers wind down to a whimper
Summary: What a sad, sad ending to a summer filled with so much hope and promise for the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans.
Greg Peck: Don't run—or bike—in the dark
The days are quickly getting shorter. That means runners and bicyclists must use common sense, and motorists must be more cautious.
Greg Peck: Good ideas for colorful autumn drives
Thinking about a colorful weekend drive this autumn? Check out the state's many designated Rustic Roads.
Greg Peck: Must you visit a DMV to get a voter ID?
I never look forward to visiting the local Division of Motor Vehicles office. If you need a photo ID to vote this November, good luck.
Greg Peck: When a house needs painting
There's a good reason my wife and I own five ladders—yes, five. We used all five last week.
Greg Peck: Are dying trees waste wood or ash lumber?
Do all those dying ash trees around Janesville need to wind up in our landfill? Maybe not.
Greg Peck: Maybe we really are becoming “City of Vultures”
I've been wondering how many turkey vultures hang out on Janesville's east side. This morning, I got a good idea.
Greg Peck: In credit cards, do you still trust?
First Target, now Home Depot. Do you fear identity theft? Are you about ready to cut up your credit cards?
Greg Peck: Dogs can have disgusting habits
Did you catch last week's news about the Great Dane in Portland, Oregon, who had a bad habit of wolfing down socks?