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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Why I keep pedaling to work
Could you join the growing group of people bicycling to work?
Greg Peck: Flying frustrations are in the bag
If you're like me, the way airlines handle baggage and related fees is annoying.
Greg Peck: Do you take all your vacation time?
A report suggests almost 40 percent of Americans don't use all their vacation time. Are you among them?
Greg Peck: Will rising interest in soccer lead to more concussions?
Soccer has caught the attention of Americans perhaps like never before. As more youngsters pour onto soccer fields, expect more problems with concussions.
Greg Peck: Soaking in beauty of southwestern Wisconsin
During a drive Saturday, my wife and I were reminded of what makes southwestern Wisconsin so special.
Greg Peck: A patriotic pop quiz this Fourth of July week
Can you name your First Amendment freedoms? Do you even know how many there are?
Greg Peck: Grand homes on Court Street need buyers
Architectural gems sits atop Janesville's Courthouse Hill. On East Court Street, seven homes in a three-block stretch are for sale. They need the right kinds of buyers.
Greg Peck: Does a weather radio help protect your family?
My son dropped off a belated Father's Day gift for me Sunday. It was an emergency weather radio.
Greg Peck: How young is too young to roam neighborhood?
Would you let your kid go play at a park at age 6 or 7 unsupervised? Would you expect a parent who does so to be arrested for child neglect?
Greg Peck: Entertainment options pack holiday punch
With the Fourth of July next Friday, lots of options for summer fun pack the next nine days. Which will you and your family choose?