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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Five tips for helping you cope with relatives
Maybe you have relatives you're not looking forward to seeing this Christmas. If so, here are suggestions for coping.
Greg Peck: What to do with that old TV cabinet
Judging from old wooden television cabinets I've seen sitting at curbs lately, lots of people are getting new big-screen TVs this holiday season.
Greg Peck: What makes a good letter to the editor?
Letters to the editor come in all shapes and sizes. Some are legible; others aren't. Here's how to boost the odds that your letter will be published.
Greg Peck: Special broadcast to benefit VetsRoll
Nationally syndicated talk-show host Jim Bohannon is coming to Janesville, and WCLO wants his Monday appearance to benefit VetsRoll.
Greg Peck: Would you consider visiting Cuba?
As word broke Wednesday about a new era of U.S.-Cuba relations, two of my colleagues expressed interest in visiting the island nation. Would you go?
Greg Peck: What is your favorite Christmas song?
When I was a kid, “Silent Night” was my favorite Christmas song. Not anymore.
Greg Peck: Janesville remembers Packer great Fuzzy Thurston
Packer legend Fuzzy Thurston died Sunday, and newcomers to Janesville might not know he once owned a restaurant here.
Greg Peck: One of Paul Ryan's biggest critics goes silent
Janesville's John F. Macek has been one of Paul Ryan's biggest critics in recent years. Now, that voice has gone silent.
Greg Peck: Bicycling season hasn't ended
If you're like most Wisconsinites, you stored away your bicycle weeks ago. Not me.
Greg Peck: Seeing both sides of Andersen's departure
Like many UW football players and fans, my reaction was “wow” when I heard Wednesday's news that coach Gary Andersen was leaving. Good, or bad?