Country cemetery dates back to state’s founding days

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Ginny Hall
Thursday, May 23, 2013


A photo of this Mystery Place is HERE

The Troy Lakes Cemetery is located on County Highway J west of East Troy and just a little east of Troy Center.

The cemetery association was organized on April 12, 1851. That meeting took place in the Troy Lakes Schoolhouse just east of the cemetery.

At that first meeting, John Sprague was elected chairman and Hiram A. Taylor became secretary. The association registered with the register of deeds on April 22 of that year.

A record of land transfer for the area showed that the land surrounding the cemetery went from Lawrence Clancy and wife to Hiram Husten on Jan. 21, 1898, except for a fenced half acre. That was the cemetery.

As I looked at the cemetery records, I discovered that on July 24, 1923, they reorganized. Apparently there had not been many meetings prior to this.

County Judge Luce’s office gave them directions for the proper procedure.

In August 1958, they sold a small area for highway right of way to the county for $125. At that time the officers were: Birdie L. Husten, president; Theresa A. Husten, treasurer; and Viva I. Sawyer, secretary.

In 1977 and 1978, Mick and Murry Mitten were hired to mow and rake the cemetery. They received $30 each time they performed that duty.

In 1991 there were about a dozen burials. Esther Peterson was the last person buried here. This was in 2012.

If you drive on County J you can see the cemetery on the north side of the road. It is small and there is only one drive into that area.

There are still lots available but the involved families want to keep it as a local cemetery. It is a typical country cemetery.

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