Long history of Williams family reflected in barn

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Ginny Hall
Friday, May 17, 2013

A photo of this Mystery Place is HERE

A brightly colored barn quilt can be seen on the barn at 2789 Theatre Road between Bailey’s Road and North Walworth Road (Wisconsin Highway 67).

The barn is set back, so you need to drive slowly or stop near the driveway (depending upon traffic) to really see the design -- Lone Star.

The barn was built in 1903 by one of the sons of the founder of Williams Bay.

The quilt design was computer generated and applied to a sign rather than being painted on wood.

The first owner listed on the 1857 map was J.J. Williams. In 1873, the plat book shows that property owned by his heirs. Both the 1900 and 1907 books list the owner as J.R. Williams.

According to Beckwith’s History of Walworth County, J.J. Williams came to this county from New York in 1852.

He was of Welsh descent. He bought 80 acres and remained there until his death on June 4, 1870.

His sons, James R. and Thomas F., were reared on the family farm. Thomas F. obtained his education in the early district schools of the county and at the academy at Allen’s Grove. He farmed all of his life.

According to Beckwith, his farm is well kept and productive in Section 35 in the town of Delavan.

Thomas F. married Cynthia A. Barnes on Feb. 21, 1861. He served as chairman of the town of Delavan and justice of the peace for the township.

Cynthia died on Nov. 2, 1910. He retired from farming in 1911.

James R. served in the Civil War in the 22nd Infantry, Company D. He and his wife, Ann, had a daughter, Libbie. She married G. Hart Hollister, who had farmed in the East Delavan area.

In 1921, that property was owned by M. Duggan. It switched to Ernest Linn in 1930 and to J. Lind in 1948. Then in 1966, the property owners were Anthony and Verna Jonekes. Henry and Vern Wildermuth are listed as the owners in 1972.

In 1975, the Farm Auction Service owned the property. K.S. Johnson Enterprises was listed as the owned in the 1977 and 2002 plat books.

David A. Weber is the current owner of the property.

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