How many jobs have you had? The change of employment in Janesville

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Steve Knox
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ask a random Janesville 'born and raised' older Baby Boomer the number of employers they worked for during their earning years and chances are it's very few. Even younger boomers and some of us in Generation X have worked for the same company for years and even decades. I have a few friends who have celebrated 20 years at one place. Even writers at the Gazette have been with the paper for decades. In this day and age, that is super!

While I have a few friends who are 20+ year employees with one company, this is no longer the norm. 30 and out was the norm for those who worked at General Motors in Janesville, and up until the closure of the facility, many 3rd party support facilities had long-term employees.

Once Industrial Drive slowed, those folks trained for new careers - started them - and found jobs. Several switched jobs only a few years later. I am not suggesting that is a bad thing. In fact, some of those employees changed because the job market opened up a bit and their earring power increased. It could only increase outside of their current company. It was a positive change for their family and career.

The days of 30+ years with a single employer are still possible; however there are more people I know where this could never be possible. Again, I am not suggesting this is good or bad…it's just the way things have changed.

What is the longest amount of time you've worked for an employer and how long have you worked for your current employer? Business owners - how long have you owned your business and how long did you work for someone else before taking the helm?

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Steve Knox was born and raised in Janesville before landing back in the city later in life. This Generation X guy writes on Janesville and beyond. Steve is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff. His opinion is not necessarily that of the The Gazette staff or management.

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