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Federal aid not a sure thing for county
ELKHORN—The Walworth County Sheriff's Office hasn't totaled the damage from recent flooding, but the number of homes reported as affected has more than doubled since Friday.
Guilty plea in fatal drunken game of Russian roulette

ELKHORN—An Illinois man pleaded guilty Wednesday to recklessly killing a man in East Troy during a game of drunken Russian roulette.

Lake Geneva ranked No. 2 in pricey Midwestern hotels

LAKE GENEVA—When you head to a tourism-driven resort town, you'll probably be paying more for food and lodging than you would in your hometown.

Big Event Blog: Raise a glass
Big Event Blog: Raise a glass

Looking for something to do? Why not attend a wine tasting in Lake Geneva, have fun while supporting those with cancer in Elkhorn or help maintain a nature conservancy in Williams Bay?

Live music for July 23 to July 29
Live music for July 23 to July 29

Where can you hear live local music this week? Check out listings: 


Sunday, July 23

Weekly Walk: Warm weather and water-logged trails
Weekly Walk: Warm weather and water-logged trails

The Weekly Walks for July 4-5, 2017

The Tuesday hike, reported by Jake Gerlach:

Horsepower drives doctor's retirement
Horsepower drives doctor's retirement
Town of Janesville man raises horses, drives them in carriage competitions.
New theft charge for man accused of stealing from mother

ELKHORN—A former Williams Bay man accused of stealing from his elderly mother now faces a new theft charge.

On the Lakes: Flooding affected fishing, water clarity

Delavan Lake fishing report 7/17/17 through 7/23/17

County assessing flood damage

ELKHORN -- Walworth County authorities are collecting damage reports to determine if the county might qualify for federal assistance.

Complaint: woman facing fourth OWI had children in car

ELKHORN—A Genoa City woman is charged with fourth-offense OWI. Prosecutors said she was unfit to drive and had two young children in the car, according to a criminal complaint filed in Walworth County Court.

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Genoa City man faces sixth OWI
Walworth County Government Today: County's public transporation van a lift for riders
Restaurants that come to you
Drying out, cleaning up
Mystery Place: Walworth County once linked to Milwaukee, Racine