New Business Guidelines

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The Janesville Gazette wants to publish your business news. We are particularly interested in new business openings, industry awards, new hires and promotions, and calendar items.

Here are a few guidelines:

New business openings: At the very least, the Gazette will run a brief item on a new business opening in our circulation area, which is primarily Rock and Walworth counties and parts of Jefferson and Green counties. Please submit a news release that answers basic questions such as who, what, where, when, and why. The Gazette will do more in-depth stories on new businesses at its discretion, based primarily on the products or services being offered, or the size and staffing of the new business.

Awards: The Gazette publishes brief items on individual and company awards. Include the person or business recognized and the qualifications for the award or honor. For example: Jane Doe has won the Blank Award. She works for XYZ Co. in (community), where she is responsible for (brief job description). She earned the award (award or honor qualifications).

New Hires and Promotions:Example: John Doe has been promoted to an associate at XYZ Co. He is a project manager for widgets. A graduate of (relevant educational background), he previously worked for ABC Inc.

Business Events: This type of information will be included in our calendar. Send items about three weeks before an event. We will consider free seminars or those of nominal cost, such as chamber of commerce events. We do not run information about for-profit events.

Other Suggestions:

- Please do not send us anything unless the tie to our circulation area is clear.
- We cannot promise when something will be published.
- We cannot respond to individual emails.
- Please monitor the paper to see when an announcement runs.
- Feel free to send an electronic photo. We require a color photo of the subject's head-and-shoulders, in JPEG format of 4- by 6- inches and 300 dpi or better.
- Make sure you provide contact information.
- Because of limited staff time, we prefer electronic news releases.
- Business news releases should be submitted via email.

Phone: 608-754-3311, ext. 263

Address: Neil Johnson, The Janesville Gazette, 1 South Parker Drive, P.O. Box 5001, Janesville, WI, 53547

Email: Neil Johnson

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