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Web Desk: Got a bird-farming question? We have a blogger for that

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Andrew Reuter
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Whether you are talking vegetables or chickens, more people are growing their own. But such work is not easy.

That's why we're adding Delavan poultry farmer Dale Wheelock to our team of GazetteXtra community bloggers. You'll see his work here under the Ask a Poultry Farmer blog.

Dale, a frequent source for Gazette stories, has decades of experience. Here is a bit of info about him from his blog tagline:

Dale Wheelock has been raising chickens, turkeys and waterfowl since he was a farm kid in the 1950s. He owns and operates the Wheelock Family Farm in Walworth County with his wife, Barb, and has been an agriculture leader in the community for decades. Read more about poultry farming at askapoultryfarmer.blogspot.com.

Evidence suggests Dale knows what he is doing. I have purchased and prepared two turkeys from the Wheelock farm in the past several years. They were delicious—and huge. (Note: Many kitchen sinks aren't built for rinsing 30-pound birds. Save yourself some trouble and use your bathtub.)

Dale's daughter, Beth Tallon, will help him with the blog. You might remember her from her days as a dogged radio reporter for WCLO. Today, she works for YWCA Rock County.

Dale's bird savvy and Beth's media savvy have been an entertaining combination so far. We look forward to seeing what's ahead. Please join me in giving them a warm welcome to GazetteXtra!

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