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Do you expect a tax refund? What will you spend it on?

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Greg Peck
April 16, 2014

Now that the tax filing deadline has passed, are you expecting that “check in the mail”? My wife, Cheryl, and I are expecting tax refunds from the state and federal governments.

I understand that many investment advisers urge their clients to adjust withholding so they aren't giving the government free temporary use of their extra earnings. Still, Cheryl and I would rather be confident that we can expect some sort of refund rather than wind up owing money when our tax returns are prepared.

Some people might use their refunds to pad their retirement funds, to pay off debts, to help send kids to college or even just to pay regular bills. For years, Cheryl and I have been fortunate enough to use our refund checks to help us pay for vacations. Sometimes, we've had to tailor our trips depending on how big our refunds are.

Through the years, however, our tax refunds have helped us enjoy such trips as a week in Ireland; two weeks in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver; two weeks in the San Francisco-Napa Valley-Yosemite-Carmel-Monterey area; two weeks of hiking southern Utah's five beautiful national parks; and, last year, two weeks of taking in the fall colors of New England. This year, we'll use it to help take our 5-year-old grandson to Disney World, just as we took his 12-year-old sister when she turned 5.

Do you expect refunds, and, if so, what will you use them for?

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