City of Whitewater lifts water run notice

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Staff | April 8, 2014

WHITEWATER--Most—but not all--city of Whitewater water customers can discontinue running their water to prevent service line freezing, according to a release from Rick Lien, Whitewater's water superintendent.

The exceptions are: Buckingham Blvd. from Eden Court to Ventura Blvd., Eden Court, and Forest Ave. These areas have extremely shallow water services/water mains and will be notified in the near future when they can cease running water, the release noted.

Lien said the city was grateful to water customers for their cooperation and patience during a very cold and unusual winter that caused some residents to be temporarily without water. Many city employees joined together to work nights and through the weekends to ensure customers had access to water in their homes.

“Without our customer's patience and without all other city departments helping out in some way with the many frozen services and water main breaks the situation would have certainly been much worse,” the release stated.

Record and unprecedented frost levels across the Midwest caused freezing at levels never before affected, and led to officials at municipal water departments contacting each other for assistance.

“Most water utilities across the state communicated and shared with each other their ideas and procedures to help each other deal with the deep frost levels,” the release said. “These lessons will better prepare us to provide even greater customer service for future winters to come.”

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