Helping hand lets cancer survivor focus on staying healthy

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Sal Dimiceli | March 24, 2014

Dear W.C.,

Two months ago I had a blockage and ended up in the emergency room. After many tests they found cancer in my colon. I had to go in for surgery to remove part of my colon. Due to an infection I caught in the hospital my recovery took much longer. Since I am 60 years old, and still need to work to pay my bills, this came as quite a shock. I thought I was healthy because I make a real effort to take care of myself. I have had to sell some of my belongings just to make rent this month. I know I have to reduce my overhead to survive. I found a new place to rent that would be much more affordable for me but I do not have the security deposit and first month's rent. The stress of constant worry over my finances has left me feeling helpless and very scared. I am just beginning to gain back my strength, due to the chemotherapy I have had to endure. My employer has been very supportive by holding my job for me, thank God. My doctors are encouraging that I will beat this, but I don't know how I will survive financially without getting into a place with lower rent and utilities. Please help me.

Fighting Cancer

Dear Readers,
I went to visit the woman at the address listed. I knocked at the door of the house she was renting. When there was no answer I walked around to the back door. There I found the woman sitting on the back patio. She looked shocked at first when a man walked around to her back yard, then she looked surprised and smiled as she recognized me. She reached out her hands to mine. I held her hands and introduced myself. She said, "There is no introduction needed. I feel like we have already met. Not in person but in spirit." I acknowledged her comment and took the offered seat next to her.

We shared a moment talking about our mutual love for God, then moved to talking about her situation. The woman told me about her job, her illness, surgery and recovery. The woman had been through a very serious ordeal in the past few months. Thank God her health was now improving.

The woman went over her budget with me, along with the assistance she had applied for and was still waiting for. She had been surviving before her illness by doing office work. Our fellow creation needed our assistance to get through a very tough time in her life. She said, "I really miss my job, I have to get back to work soon. The doctors should release me in the next two weeks. I'm getting stronger." She started to cry, saying, "Being all alone these past months, fighting to survive this terrible ordeal, almost broke me. I was witnessing my financial demise like a black cloud over me. At first I started to get sicker from the staph infection I caught at the hospital. But that was overshadowed by the intense fear of being alone and helpless while I was losing everything. Then I pulled through by my faith in God. Every time I got scared or felt an intense loneliness, I would pray. When I prayed for help my thoughts turned to The Time Is Now to Help, thinking of all the wonderful acts of helping I read about in the newspaper. I have been so hopeful The Time Is Now would help me." I replied, "Our prayers have been answered. All of us at The Time Is Now to Help always look to God to bring those who need our help to our attention." With that she held my hand tighter and cried tears of relief saying, "Thank God."

We went over her lease for her present rental. I asked if she had explained her situation to her landlord. She said she had not because she was embarrassed to explain her illness to him. I told her I could call him for her if she didn't mind. "Would you do that for me?", she asked. I told her I would be happy to get the rental situation straightened out for her.

I called the landlord and after a lengthy conversation, he agreed to let her out of the lease at the end of the month. My next call was to the rental she had found that was not only much cheaper, but very close to her job. I made sure they had the first floor rental still available, and confirmed the heat was included. It would help her considerably. She would need our assistance with first and second month's rent and security deposit to get her budget back on track with her returning to work.

Before leaving I made sure she had sufficient food. I encouraged her to keep up with her healthy eating habits and promised to have her favorite fresh vegetables dropped off. She smiled and said, "I would be so grateful. It is all I feel like eating." I congratulated her on being so diligent in prayer and fighting for her health.

In a few short weeks the woman was moved and settled into her new rental. She was so very grateful for our assistance that helped keep her from homelessness. A kind volunteer visited every now and then and I called to make sure she did not have any more financial needs. She continues to reassure me she is stronger every day, back at work and loving life.

Together, we will continue to replace the fear, pain and suffering of poverty, with compassion, healing, Caring and Sharing with our hearts to change lives. Thank you for helping us achieve God's good works for those in desperate need.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone,


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