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Rock River eagles stalk golden eye ducks

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Glen Loyd
February 14, 2014

Some of the bald eagles in this video are juveniles who don't have all or any of their white head feathers yet. According to Wikipedia, it takes four years for immature eagles to attain adult plumage and the ability to reproduce.

We are seeing a lot of juvenile eagles on the Rock River.

Press play and then click the "Full screen" button in the bottom right corner of the video window for a larger view.

Glen Loyd lives on the Rock River in Janesville about 15 days a month. He is a former public information officer for Wisconsin Consumer Protection, publishes a weekly consumer protection blog and is a regular guest on radio consumer protection programs. Glen is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff. His opinion is not necessarily that of the The Gazette staff or management.

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