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We're slip, sliding away (and so are these folks)

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Greg Peck
December 20, 2013

I walked with cleats on my shoes during this morning's dog walk. I greeted a neighbor who was tossing salt on his sidewalk.

While we sarcastically exchanged words about the “great weather,” I pointed out that days like this are why we Wisconsinites supposedly “enjoy” the four seasons.

I later had to make a run to a hardware store to buy sand and salt.

I hope you avoid any injuries due to falls or car crashes this weekend. Here's the worst part: Winter doesn't officially start until Saturday. That's right, today is still the last day of autumn! It only seems like we've been stuck in a midwinter, January weather pattern for weeks.

A friend of mine forwarded me a link to a youtube video titled “The people vs. winter.” If you and your loved ones have avoided injuries so far this year, you might enjoy it. Some of the people in the video were obviously caught in difficult and unfortunate circumstances, while others were fools who deserved the falls and tumbles they took. Either way, watching it might just make you feel better about your own precarious circumstances this weekend and coming winter.

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