Can new laws drive better choices?

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Ian Gronau | December 15, 2013

ELKHORN — State Sen. Neal Kedzie admits that each session, the Legislature undertakes new attempts to address drunken driving, but success often is limited. However, that doesn't deter Kedzie, R-town of La Grange, from pushing for more legislation this upcoming session.


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In addition to circulating several proposals of his own, he is co-sponsoring three bills that he hopes will get to the root of the drunken driving problem.

Kedzie says part of his inspiration comes because of a call he received from a family in his district a few years ago. They were struck by a drunken driver who crossed the median on Interstate 39/90 and crashed into them head-on, almost killing them. What made the offense especially egregious was that the driver was on his seventh drunken driving offense at the time.

“We realize we have a problem, and dealing with it isn't going to come cheap, and it won't be without the support of the public at large,” Kedzie said. “We really have to take a serious approach instead of just nickel and diming or applying bandages to the problem. It's going to take some bold initiatives and I think we need to start with some of these pieces of legislation.”

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