Help comes for family strapped by lack of insurance, loss of jobs

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Sal Dimiceli | December 4, 2013

Dear W.C.,

My husband suffered from an aneurism over a year ago. He is lucky to be alive. It will be a long road of recovery for him. We have a 12-year-old son that has been through a lot in this past year. He is trying to come to terms with his father being in a wheelchair and unable to care for himself most of the time. Before my husband had the aneurism I was working part-time and he was working full-time. I have had to give up my job to care for him and he may never be able to work again. We lost our house and one of our cars. The car we were able to keep was my mother's car that she left to me when she died over five years ago. I was not able to keep up with the payments on the newer car. We have been waiting for housing assistance but have not received any yet.

I have heard hurtful comments about people using the welfare system and false disability claims. Those people should spend a day in our apartment, caring for my husband that is trying to relearn how to speak, feed himself and use the bathroom on his own. They should see how it feels to not have enough food or knowing on weekends and summer vacation your child will be counting on you for more food.

Thanks to the breakfast and lunch program at school I do not have to worry whether my son has enough to eat during the week. I never would have thought we would be in need of this kind of assistance.

Care Giving Wife

Dear Readers,

There is an ongoing battle over health care and welfare in our country. There are many lives that will be affected by these reforms. I am not going into that debate in this column, but I will share what I observe when I visit our fellow Americans struggling with illness and disabilities that lost everything due to lack of health insurance.
Visiting this family, seeing the devoted wife lovingly caring for her husband stricken in his prime of life by an unforeseen medical emergency. I observed their near empty refrigerator and cupboards. The wife/mother described their heartbreak of surviving one day at a time as their daily reality. It is not like the man could force himself out of his wheelchair and go get a job. He could not even speak more than a few words, and those took great effort.

This family was just like every other American family we may see at the grocery store or walking in town. They liked to go places and do things together on the weekends. They both worked, had a home, two cars, but they did not have health insurance. They had a small savings that was wiped out in a few months of trying to pay the mortgage, car payment and medical bills. When they lost both their home and car they moved into an apartment they thought they could afford. But the extra medical needs of the husband made it hard for them to keep up with the utilities over the winter.

Thanks to all of "your" compassion we were able to bring their utilities and rent up to date, provide food and toiletries, and have their car repaired. Our volunteers also picked up a few things for their son as it had been his birthday the previous week. They had not been able to afford a celebration. They thoughtfully picked up a birthday cake, candles and a few gifts for the young man. The son was very happy and grateful for being included in our caring and sharing.

When this family came to us for help they were lost in the pains of poverty; not enough food, a failing car, an unattainable budget...falling behind daily. All this while in the midst of a family disaster of failing health. I'm sure the daily stress the father/husband was exposed to, watching his family suffering in poverty, hindered his ability to recover.
Together, thanks to all of "you", we provided: good food, repaired their car to make it safe and reliable, we gave direction for programs such as home care, and to get proper disability assistance. The love of the son was turned into helping care for the father he loved. This allowed the mother to regain a part-time job. Most importantly all of our prayers, caring, sharing, love and compassion for what we do, gave the husband/father the encouragement he needed to continue to recover. Today his speech is fluent. He gets stronger week by week. The love of this family, as the wife said, "is stronger than ever." Once again, during my visits I explained how we all come together and make a difference for our fellow creations. At my last visit, the husband/father happily cried tears of relief as he said, "Please, please thank everyone for saving my family."

My dear friends, I thank God for all of you coming together, allowing all of us to do God's works of love for our fellow creations. God bless everyone. Together we do good works, as we continue to remove the pains of poverty for those in desperate need. Together we restore hope and faith in the goodness of creation.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone,


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