Old records may have different spellings of same name

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Ginny Hall | November 22, 2013

The Sugar Creek Dairy Farm is located on County Highway O just south of Sugar Creek Road in the town of Sugar Creek. Their address is W6384 Sugar Creek Road. This farm has a most appropriate barn quilt, “The Milky Way.”

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The 1853 plat map of Walworth County shows the owner of this property as E. Wiley. The only reference I found in the 1882 “History of Walworth County” for the name “Wiley” was for a G.W. Wiley from Elkhorn who served in Capt. Redington's company during the Civil War. This was one of three companies formed from the Whitewater area.

In 1873, the owner is listed as Urbanus Weiler. U. Wiler is listed in 1891. Then in both 1900 and 1907 the owner is listed as U. Wilear. I wonder if all three names are the same person. Albert Beckwith's “History of Walworth County” does have a listing for a William H. Wilear. His mother came to the town of Sugar Creek in 1854 at the age of 3. His father, Ervin, came from Germany. William had three brothers and two sisters. These were not named in the book. BY the time of his death in 1910, Ervin had a 163-acre farm.

We then jump to the 1930 plat book where the owner is listed as Herman Duesterbeck. In 1966, 1977 and 1982 books, the owner is Fred Duesterbeck.

The 1986 plat book lists the owner of this property as Holt Bros. Then in the 1992 and 1996 books it is shown as Holt Bros. Inc.

In the 1999 book, Sugar Creek Dairy is listed. It changed slightly in the 2010 book, showing the owner as Sugar Creek Dairy LLC.

This is an example of a modern dairy in Wisconsin. The “Milky Way” quilt seemed like a logical choice for this farm, which milks at least 600 cows three times a day.

Ginny Hall, a historian from Delavan, is author of the “Walking around…” and “Meandering…” books, which highlight the history of Walworth County communities.

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