Unemployment stretches on for some

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Dennis Hines | November 6, 2013

JANESVILLE — After being laid off about four months ago, Ronnie Enis is still looking for a full-time job.

“I've had a couple of interviews. That's about it,” the Janesville resident said. “It takes time.”

Enis uses the time to update his resume and check on leads with the help of the Rock County Job Center.

And Enis is not alone. Even though unemployment has improved overall, more than 2,500 Rock County residents were considered to be among the long-term unemployed in 2012. Long-term unemployment is defined as someone who has been out of work for more than 26 weeks, at which point they exhaust regular state unemployment benefits.

Long-term unemployment affects people of all ages and economic backgrounds, said Robert Borremans, executive director of the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

“Who are they? Well, they're everybody,” Borremans said. “It's not based on race. It's not based on age.

“At 26 weeks of unemployment each of them are going to bring in a different barrier of some type, and we really try to figure out what that is so we can fix it.”
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