Your Views: Here’s why we must replace Congressman Ryan

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November 3, 2013

The most ignorant of all are those who do not know what they do not know. I include Paul Ryan in that category.

As someone who had been a CEO for 17 years, I’ve seen too much “might makes right” among CEOs. That’s how Ryan thinks. I think decisions must be evidence-based and fully examined.

Balancing a budget is more than wielding a meat axe. I do not trust Ryan with cost-benefit analysis. He doesn’t understand that his prejudices toward the disenfranchised will create problems much greater than we now face. We rise and fall as a nation. Everyone must have opportunity to reach their full potential.

On the night of Obama’s first inauguration, Ryan sat in a strategies session plotting how to get rid of this new president. That is not only un-American but a violation of the sacred trust voters placed in him. Every legislator must walk the talk instead of just talking the talk. Ryan relies on words. I expect informed choices.

Every organization has areas of waste, especially our corporate giants, which at least have boards of directors. Our country is run by lobbyists seeking self-interests over the common good. The billionaires are calling the plays, not the man on the street and collective best interests.

We need to stop voting for a family name. We need a competitor committed to our community’s interest, not trading of favors or catering to the wealthy.

In my view, that person is Rob Zerban.



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