Your Views: Medicare, Social Security have obvious solutions

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October 24, 2013

Now that senators and congressmen have agreed to lift the debt ceiling for 90 days, will they seriously turn their attention to addressing America’s needs?

If debt is the real problem, will Congress and especially Congressman Ryan understand that they, more than most, have been responsible for the debt’s rapid growth?

Ryan voted to support the Bush tax cuts for the rich and to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but raised no taxes to pay for those wars. More than anyone, he is responsible for the debt he now declares must be addressed. His solution: Cut Medicare and Medicaid, eliminate health care for the poor and middle class and cut the amount of money to be paid to us in our Social Security checks. Cut back on all social programs is his mantra.

Many intelligent economists tell us that we can solve the problems of the long-term funding of Social Security and Medicare for the next 100 years with less than a 1 percent increase in the tax we pay for FICA and removing the cap on earnings. This would amount to about $26 per month for the average worker. What Ryan and others like him who saw fit to run up the debt by fighting wars and not paying for them should do is understand that working men and women know the importance of having the security of Social Security and Medicare and will pay for it.

Get serious. Do away with false arguments.



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