Baby Noah case remains open, active

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Ian Gronau | October 16, 2013

ROSCOE -- On the morning of July 13, 2012 as workers at the now closed Total Waste Recycling plant in Roscoe went about their daily duties of sorting trash, they made a tragic discovery. Lying on the conveyor belt along with other discarded items the workers found the body of an abandoned infant, since named baby Noah.

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Investigators with the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office recently made another public appeal for information in the case.

"An investigation has been ongoing since July of last year in an attempt to locate the mother or father of that child, and it has not been successful so far. The case is still very active and open," said Winnebago County Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro. "We have followed up on dozens and dozens of leads, but none of them have been successful."

Over the course of the investigation clues and suspicions have surfaced. An examination of the trash surrounding the location of the body led investigators to the Poplar Grove area, but the information did not bring them to a suspect. Iasparro, for one, believes that the linchpin to solve this case could come from someone in the public coming forward with even the smallest piece of information.

"We are asking for the public's assistance," Iasparro said. "We feel very confidently that there is somebody other than the mother and father of this child who may know who is responsible for this. We appeal to the public to provide any information."
Iasparro believes that a simple suspicion could be the key that leads to the parents. He urges anyone from the surrounding area who might have noticed that someone was pregnant around this time frame and have not been seen since with the baby, or gave a dubious explanation as to why they don't have the baby to come forward.

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