Seasonal transition means mixed fishing results

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Dave Duwe | October 1, 2013

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 9/30/13 through 10/7/13

Overall the fishing on Delavan has been very slow.  The best bite has been bluegills and crappies in the deep water.  I think the fish are in their fall transition period and have become harder to catch.  After the lake turns over, fishing will improve.  Turnover should happen within the next two to three weeks, depending on the weather.

Bluegills and crappies are stacked up in the deep water, 30-35 feet, approximately 12-14 feet down.  The best location is just west of Browns' Channel or by the Delavan Yacht Club.  A small jigging spoon tipped with a night crawler piece or wax worm are producing most of the fish. The jigging spoon I fish vertical straight beneath the boat.  They don't want an aggressive jigging motion, more of a steady up and down.

Northern pike are moving into the shallows.  The best depth is 8-12 feet of water.  They can be caught on slip bobber rigged suckers about 2 ft above the weeds.  Look for the fish by the gray condos or in Viewcrest Bay.  Some of the larger fish are being caught on 8- 9-inch suckers.  As the water cools this bite will be improving greatly.

Largemouth bass fishing has been slow.  The bass are scattered in the weed line in 8-12 feet.  The best approach is Rattle Traps or medium diving crank baits.  I prefer a perch pattern or chrome and blue.  This time of year, there is no rhyme or reason for where the fish are located on the weed line so put your trolling motor down and go, the more casts the more fish.

Walleye fishing has started to improve.  The best location is by Assembly Park or by Browns Channel.  These are being caught in the evening or at night.  You want to use husky jerks or Smithwick Rattling Rogues.  The fish are suspended, typically 4-5 feet below the surface.  The best evenings are the ones that have a slight chop on the water.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 9/30/13 through 10/7/13

With the unseasonable warm weather fishing remains steady overall. Most of the fish are still in deeper water, over 20 feet. The best bite remains bluegills and smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been great. They can be caught on anything from medium suckers, fat head minnows and night crawlers. The best approach is lindy rigging in 20-28 feet of water.    The bigger fish seem to come off of the medium suckers. Look for the fish by Black Point, the old military academy and by Fontana Beach.  This bite will continue probably until mid-November.

Bluegill fishing has been very good. The best location has been by Knollwood and by Fontana Beach. The best action is coming off of leaf worms fished straight beneath the boat with a single hook split shot rig.  I found the best depth to be between 18 and 22 ft of water. Occasionally I have been catching some as shallow as 15 ft of water.  The overall size has been very good with Pumpkin Seeds being the larger of the two species.

Northern pike are starting to show up in the mid-depth range.  I caught a couple nice fish last week in the 20-foot depth range on medium suckers and on fat head minnows. As the water cools, the pike will move shallower and be easier to catch on slip bobbers. The best locations I've found have been in Williams Bay or by the old military academy.

Largemouth bass fishing has been spotty. Most of the action is in 18-20 feet of water.  I've been finding most of my fish on the weed line at Trinkes and to the west of Linn Pier. They can be caught while drop shotting small plastic worms or on night crawlers. The average size of the fish has been a bit small, about 13 inches.

Rock bass fishing has been slow. I've been getting them periodically in the deeper water with the smallmouth bass but this time of year I'm catching two to three smallmouth per rock bass. The best approach has been small fat head minnows.
Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050

Daily Reports

9/28/13 – Geneva Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, S wind at 15 mph. Water temp 66 degrees. Caught 13 smallmouth, five largemouth and bluegills. Today the best bait was fat head minnows fished on a lindy rig. We were catching the fish from 18-22 feet of water. The best spot was by Yerkes Observatory.

9/27/13 – Geneva Lake, sunny, 63 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph. Water temp 68 degrees. Caught 15 smallmouth and three largemouth. The best bite was night crawlers fished on a split shot rig, the best depth was 20-25 feet of water. Fished the whole west side of the lake.

9/26/13 - Delavan Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, SW winds at 10 mph. Water temp 68 degrees.  Caught two largemouth bass and one northern pike. Fishing was tough, I had a new customer who just wanted to learn the lake, but we still tried to catch fish but it was very limited success.

9/23/13 – Geneva Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, SE winds at 10 mph. Water temp 68 degrees. Caught 10 smallmouth and three largemouth. The best depth was 21 feet of water. Fished by the old military academy. Fishing was rather slow, but we went out mid-day which may have been part of the problem.

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