Land first acquired by settlers from the east

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Ginny Hall | September 27, 2013

You can see the “Lemoyne Star” barn quilt on the Travis farm, located at 18051Wisconsin Highway 67, on the east side of the village of Sharon. 

According to the 1857 plat map, the land on which this farm is located was owned by M. R. Hoard. Manning Hoard was born in Bristol County, Mass., in 1818. He moved with his parents to Allegany County, N.Y., when he was 8 or 9. 

In 1843, along with his brother, David E., Hoard headed to Illinois and that fall moved to this farm in Sharon. In 1845, he married Lydia Ann Burton. They had two children, Louise and Marcus E. 

 Manning was an associate supervisor for the town of Sharon in 1868. He was one of the early buyers at the land office, obtaining land in Section 26. Later he moved into the village.

The 1873 plat book shows the next owner as John L. Hoard. I assume it was a member of that same Hoard family, but could not find a relationship.

The 1891 plat book indicated Charles Wright as the owner.  Wright apparently died at an early age. Historian C. W. Butterfield lists Wright as being appointed a sergeant during the Civil War on March 3, 1865. Historian Albert Beckwith indicates that Wright's widow remarried in 1888. The 1900 plat book shows Judd Wright as the owner. Again, I was unable to determine definitely that Judd was a son of Charles.

The next owner of this property was B. Piper. Then, in the 1930 book, the owner is shown as Lillian Piper. She also is shown as the owner in the 1936, 1938 and 1948 books. In 1961 the owner is listed as Myrtle M. Piper, etal. In 1964 the owner is listed as Lillian Piper, etal. Then the 1966 plat book shows the owner as Myrtle M. Piper. 

Milburn and Lillian Travis are shown as the owners in the 1970 through the 2006 plat books. The current owners are David and Sharon Travis. David is the son of Milburn and Lillian.

The Travis family applied for a century farm award in 2001 and indicated that their family bought the farm in 1901.

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