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Will the Pack be back in the playoffs?

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Greg Peck
September 6, 2013

Well, at least we know the Packer punting game is in great shape. Green Bay’s defense? Still a question mark, as is the running game. That Eddie Lacy kid might be the best thing to tote the pigskin in Green Bay since Dorsey Levens, but unless the offensive line can open a few cracks in which to run, Lacy might not gain much traction. Speaking of the offensive line, will those two youngsters playing tackle keep pass rushers off prize quarterback Aaron Rodgers? And if he goes down, who knows if either of the club’s latest backup reclamation projects could lead the team to victory.

Yes, I realize it’s difficult to get a reading on any team from watching the preseason. Clubs often hide their best schemes and plans during those practice games.

But when the teams buckle those chin straps for real on Sunday, will the Packers be able to control the ball on offense and control 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who ran wild and embarrassed Green Bay’s leaky defense in a record-setting performance as the 49ers swept the Pack out of the playoffs last season?

Will the young talent infusing Green Bay’s defense make it any better this time around? And if it can’t stop Kaepernick and company, will it be able to keep Green Bay from going 0-2 when it faces the Washington Redskins and running QB Robert Griffin III next week?

Here’s my take: If quarterback Aaron Rodgers can stay upright, Green Bay will again make the playoffs. Unless the young players mature more quickly than we should expect, however, Green Bay will fall short of a return to the Super Bowl.

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