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Whatever happened to the Rollerblade craze?

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Greg Peck
August 14, 2013

I was getting exercise atop a ladder, trimming Boston ivy off our windows and roof eaves during a day off Monday, when I heard an odd noise coming down the street. I glanced back and down as a woman with in-line skates—commonly known by the brand name Rollerblades—rolled past with a dog galloping alongside her.

Hmm, I thought. I can remember when a bicycle ride on our city's network of bike paths took me past many Rollerbladers. Now, I could probably get a good workout on the bike path and never pass anyone using in-line skates.

My wife, Cheryl, and I bought in-line skates years ago, but we rarely used them. I don't think we got ones that were of good enough quality that they rolled well without causing over-exertion. When we got our first cairn terrier, twice-daily dog walks seemed to erase any opportunity or interest in Rollerblading. Cheryl and I were never comfortable enough on the skates to use them while our dog jogged along with us—we likely would have wiped out. Eventually, I sold my skates at a rummage sale; Cheryl's are still collecting dust in our basement.

So whatever happened to what seemed like a Rollerblading craze that would be around for the long haul? Why did this exercise option seem to fizzle so soon?

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