Touch of fall in July didn't hurt fishing

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Delavan Lake 7/29/13 through 8/5/13

Fishing remains excellent on Delavan Lake. The day after the initial cold front, the fish were inactive for only one day, but the numbers are increasing again. The one good thing about the cooler weather is that the suckers live longer!

Northern pike fishing has been a bit slow. The fish seem to be very particular about the size of the sucker they are biting on. It seems that they want the bigger suckers, about 9 inches.  Look for the fish in 22-25 feet of water off the weed line. The fish I've been catching have been on the deep end of that range. My favorite spot last week was by the gray condos or by the Marina on the north shore.

Largemouth bass still remain in their summer schools. Look for the fish off of main lake points or in areas of hard sand bottom with scattered weeds. One thing that has started to happen is that they are actively feeding on small suckers fished beneath a slip bobber in 8-9 feet of water. When you find an area of active fish, the sucker will hit the water and the bobber will go under almost immediately. 

Bluegill fishing remain excellent. Once you get on a school of larger fish, it takes very little time to catch as many as you want to clean. I constantly am amazed with all of the pressure that the bluegills get and yet the quality of the fish is still strong. Most of the fish I've been keeping for clients are in excess of 8 inches. The best approach has been leaf worms fished on a small hook without any kind of bobber. Most of the success is coming off of Assembly Park or the west end by the island.

In the last week, I have caught only a few smallmouth bass. I think the fish are scattered in the open water away from the structure. I haven't been looking for them exclusively. 

The jumbo perch are starting to show themselves. The best depth for them is the 7- to 9-foot range. I've caught quite a few by the Yacht Club and by the outlet by Lake Lawn Resort. Either use hellgrammites or small night crawlers for the best bite. You want to use slip bobbers, with the bait positioned about one foot off the weeds.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050

Geneva Lake 7/29/13 through 8/5/13

Overall fishing remains above average, even considering the incredible fall weather we had this past weekend in July! The only fish not biting well, is the northern pike, everything else is quite active.

Northern pike has been spotty.  There are a few fish being caught in the shallower water, 22-23 feet. Most of the success is coming on lindy rigged suckers. Look for the fish in Fontana by the beach or over by Abbey Springs. The fish should improve once the weather warms up again. The fish are normally quite a bit deeper on the thermocline this time of year.

Smallmouth bass, unlike the northern pike, are in their mid-summer pattern. The best success has been coming in deeper than 20 ft of water.  Look for the areas with hard bottom and scattered weeds. Most of the success I've been having has come while drop shotting small Yum Houdini worms or lindy rigging leeches and night crawlers. The best location has been by the Military Academy or by Fontana Beach. The bass are in small schools, so once you find one, you should have more to follow.

The big bluegills have moved into the deeper water. They are in the 18- to 20-foot depth range. Look for the fish by Elgin Club or by Abbey Springs. With my Hummingbird depth finder they are easy to see and are located about one foot off the bottom. The best bait is small leaf worms fished straight beneath the boat.

Largemouth bass have also moved deep. They are in the 20- to 25-foot depth range. I've been catching most of mine while Carolina rigging Zoom lizards in green pumpkin or lindy rigging night crawlers. The best location this time of year is either in Williams Bay or by Trinkes. Other locations around the lake have been okay but it's hit or miss.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050

Daily Report

7/29/13 - Delavan Lake, 62 degrees, winds E at 10mph. Water temp 76 degrees. Caught 18 largemouth bass, 2 northern pike and a bunch of bluegills. The bigger fish today were caught on a Thill Big Fish slip bobber with medium suckers.  I caught most of the fish in less than 13 feet of water. 

7/28/13 - Geneva Lake, 60 degrees, N winds at 15 mph. Water temp 74 degrees. Caught nine smallmouth bass--four were legal, and three largemouth bass-- the largest was over six pounds.  Fished in a 21- to 25-foot depth range. With the strong north winds, we fished on the north shore and by Gage Marine. The best approach was lindy rigging night crawlers.

7/27/13 - Delavan Lake, 60 degrees and sunny, light winds out of the SW. Water temp 76 degrees. Had a bluegill trip and we kept 40 fish and had them cleaned by 10 a.m. The bigger fish were in exactly 16 feet of water. The best presentation was straight lining beneath the boat with leaf worms.

7/26/13 - Geneva Lake, 60 degrees and cloudy, light winds out of the SW. Water temp 74 degrees. Caught 21 smallmouth bass--only three were legal--and a bunch of good bluegills. We worked by the old Military Academy. The best depth was 21-22 feet of water. Leeches and night crawlers produced most of the action.

7/25/13 - Delavan Lake, 75 degrees and cloudy, SW winds at 10 mph. Water temp 80 degrees. Caught 15 largemouth and two walleyes. The fish were caught on leeches and split shot rigged night crawlers.  We were working a depth of 18-20 feet of water.

7/22/13 - Delavan Lake, 86 degrees and sunny, SW winds at 10 mph. Water temp 82 degrees. Caught 30 largemouth bass and 50 bluegills. The bass were all schooled up in a small area, most of the success came on split shot rigged night crawlers. We also caught a few northern pike.



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