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Greg Peck

Greg Peck: How will you spend your tax refund?
- The tax deadline has passed, and for many filers, the waiting for those tax refunds begins. What will you spend yours on? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Speeches set about "Death Beyond the Willows"
- I've scheduled three events where I'll be talking about my newly revised nonfiction book, “Death Beyond the Willows.” Read more >>
Greg Peck: Something's "Brewing" in Milwaukee
- The Milwaukee Brewers are off to a remarkable start to their 2014 season. Can they keep it up? Is this team that good, or will the long season eventually take its toll? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Seeking a scholarship? Write a real essay
- High school students applying for scholarships and asked to provide an essay would be well advised to know what an essay is. Read more >>
Greg Peck: When spring cleaning, check dryer vent
- When was the last time you checked your dryer's vent? Did you know that a build-up of dust in such vents is a leading cause of home fires? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Do litterbugs bug you?
- Now that the snow is gone, a winter's worth of litterbug activity has been exposed. And it's a disgusting sight. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Are you a generous or miserly tipper?
- Do you feel guilty if you don't tip someone generously? Do you tip not just the wait staff but your barber or hairdresser, your bartender and even your hotel maid? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Bicycling season off to slow start in Wisconsin
- Have you pumped up those bicycle tires yet? The weather hasn't been ideal, but I've been out biking three times this spring. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Saluting Bo Ryan, Badgers
- My wife and I took time out Sunday to join thousands of fans saluting Bo Ryan and the Badger men's basketball team for reaching the Final Four with a thrilling, overtime victory Saturday night in California. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Gazette endorsements start today
- The Gazette today published the first of three endorsement editorials leading up to Tuesday's elections. Here's why we do so. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Will college athletes unionize?
- A federal agency decided Wednesday that Northwestern University football players can create the nation's first union of college athletes. Is this a watershed moment? Read more >>
Greg Peck: 23 snowmobiling deaths are far too many
- A new report in today's Gazette says 23 snowmobilers have died in Wisconsin this season. Many snowmobilers are their own worst enemies. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Brewers baseball starts next week
- That light snow that fell overnight wasn't welcomed. But never fear—the Milwaukee Brewers begin their season Monday, and that means spring really is arriving. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Sound financial advice from Dave Ramsey, daughter
- I found the story on financial guru Dave Ramsey and his daughter interesting in the American Profile section tucked into today's Gazette. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Does technology help or hinder focus on driving?
- The explosion of technology seems to be steering us in opposite directions when it comes to helping motorists pay attention to their No. 1 priority. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Could your kid develop "digital dementia"?
- I read a story Wednesday about a frightening condition dubbed “digital dementia." It's developing in this era of constant use of electronic gadgetry. Is your child at risk? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Election hurtling toward us; are you informed?
- Did you know we're less than two weeks away from the annual spring elections? Are you prepared to vote, and if so, are you well informed? It's not too late to learn. Read more >>
Greg Peck: JPAC show makes you think about life, death
- If you want to see something thought-provoking, something besides the latest inane reality TV show, check out “Tuesdays With Morrie” this weekend at the Janesville Performing Arts Center. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Does Janesville need St. Pat's parade?
- Isn't there a little Irish in all of us today? Given that, and this being the second year of an Irish Fest in Janesville, should our community consider starting a St. Patrick's Day parade? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Catching March Madness in Wisconsin
- Are you feeling the effects of March Madness? Will you be following a high school basketball team this weekend or your favorite college team? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Grocery costs grow, products shrivel
- If you shop for groceries in your household, you've no doubt felt the pocketbook pinch. Brace for more squeezes. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Is air travel secure enough?
- The disappearance of a Malaysian airliner last week and the questions raised since then do nothing to ensure passengers that security measures are stiff enough. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Should Wisconsin drop 180-day school year?
- Lawmakers are considering a bill that would end the requirement that school districts teach at least 180 days a year or lose state funding. Do you like this idea? Read more >>
Greg Peck: A bike ideal for winter pedaling
- Days like this make me think about getting out the bicycle. Some people, however, have been pedaling all winter. Read more >>
Greg Peck: This weekend, think batteries
- This Sunday, we “spring forward.” But it's not just your clocks you should be thinking about. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Think spring, get lessons from local fishing guide
- On Friday, guide Dave Duwe will give a talk on “Fishing the Lakes of Walworth County” at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show. To get you thinking spring and dreaming of riding around in a fishing boat, h... Read more >>
Greg Peck: Thar's gold in them thar hills!
- If you're like me, you've been fascinated by the trove of Gold Rush-era coins that a couple in California stumbled across on their property. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Where Wisconsin's winter is even worse
- Here in Rock County, we've made a sport out of complaining about the weather during this winter that won't end. But guaranteed, somewhere someone has it worse. Here's one such place. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Is Oscar still "relevant"?
- Did your pick win the Oscar last night for Best Picture? Does it really matter which film wins? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Staying strong as we age
- The story in today's Gazette about the Strong Men program caught my eye. I can see the value of this program. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Spotting snowy owls east of Janesville
- I've never seen a snowy owl in the wild, but I keep hearing about them being spotted in Wisconsin, even near Janesville. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Are we headed toward spring or fall?
- We call the coming season spring, but we might just as well call it fall because if you're not careful out there, that's what you'll do. Read more >>
Greg Peck: The demise of a retail empire
- Retailing experts might not have been surprised, but I was shocked to learn Monday that American TV was going out of business. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Next season promises to be jarring
- If you long ago grew tired of this season, brace for the next one. And, no, I'm not talking about spring. Read more >>