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Anna Marie Lux

Janesville woman praises Peace Corps experience
- Along with resiliency and patience, Crystal Hester of Janesville learned self-sufficiency during her two-year assignment with the Peace Corps in Kenya. Read more >>
Rock County hikers explore Ice Age Trail
- Since late May, Dennis James and about 30 others have hiked weekly on up to five miles of the Ice Age Trail in Rock County. Read more >>
Re-enactment to feature warriors, not soldiers
- Michael and Karen Colweck are military re-enactors who specialize in the armor and weaponry of Greek and Roman warriors. They will be at Operation Ooh-Rah's biggest fundraiser of the year. Read more >>
Effort will connect vets, shelter animals
- The private group Operation Ooh-Rah plans to connect veterans and shelter animals in a new effort to help both. Read more >>
Free farm event highlights horses
- Sarah Grundahl of Janesville is part of a national effort this summer to connect people to horses. Read more >>
Volunteers donate new septic system
- Volunteers from around the state traveled to the Charlene Brace home north of Janesville to install a new septic system Monday. Read more >>
Johnstown man keeps birds happy
- Harlan Rook of rural Johnstown stopped counting after he built more than 100 nesting boxes to attract mostly bluebirds. Read more >>
Area pastor has close ties with Ukraine
- John Shep had every reason to pay attention to the turbulent events in Ukraine. He has lived in the country and served as bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church. Read more >>
Students learn history at museum
- Students who enroll in the Old World Apprentice program at Old World Wisconsin learn skills of 19th-century pioneers. Read more >>
Luitings show family water-skiing skills
- You would never suspect Gerry and Cathy Luiting, known for doing flawless doubles in the water ski world, are the oldest skiers with the Tommy Bartlett Show this summer. Read more >>
Drive-in theater continues tradition
- Thanks to Lee and Hollis Burgess of Chicago, the Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre offers a retro experience seven nights a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Read more >>
New church group fights sex trafficking
- Vicki and Craig Butcher of Janesville organized a small church group with a big purpose: to raise awareness of and prevent sex trafficking in Janesville. Read more >>
Men officiate at Special Olympics
- Bob Pedersen, Bill Semmens and Dick Lambrecht officiated last month at Special Olympics National Games in Princeton, New Jersey. Read more >>
Vietnam Navy vet fights for benefits
- Rick Wooley remembers his Naval commanding officer talk about Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Read more >>
Conference explores German heritage
- The Janesville-based German Interest Group educates and supports members with their German genealogical research. Read more >>
Veteran explains folding of U.S. flag
- Col. Judy Tracy will explain the traditional meaning of each bend in a folded flag during the eighth annual patriotic concert on the Rock Prairie this week. Read more >>
Janesville Muslim shares his faith
- Salih Duane Erschen has been telling people about Islam for years and welcomes questions about his faith. Read more >>
Whitewater delivers ambulance to Africa
- With the support of many in Whitewater and beyond, Hassimi Traore is about to deliver an ambulance to Burkina Faso in August. Read more >>
Program helps assault victims
- More than a year after being sexually assaulted, a Beloit College student says the hardest part is behind her. Read more >>
Woman shares story of heroin addiction
- Former Evansville resident Maria Gorces walks a tightrope of sobriety after heroin addiction. Read more >>
Janesville class teaches log rolling
- Carleen Courtney and Gabrielle Berget Perez have come up with a new idea for mom's night out.
Log rolling.
List explores views of death
- Tom McBride and Ron Nief of Beloit College look at how death and remembrance have been viewed in America. Read more >>
Local man spends winter at South Pole
- Janesville plumber Ryan Boggs is having the adventure of a lifetime at the South Pole, where winter brings total darkness and brutal cold. Read more >>
African pen pals write to Jefferson Elementary students
- Third-graders at Janesville's Jefferson Elementary School might be only 8- and 9-year-olds, but they already know how to make a difference thanks to teacher Jennifer Schrab. Read more >>
10-year-old debuts with area orchestra
- Faith Green, 10, will perform a piano concerto with the Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra on Saturday, June 28. Read more >>
Fairview florist Tom Carlson to retire after 75 years
- Tom Carlson plans to retire in July from Fairview Florist on Janesville's East Racine Street. Read more >>
D-Day veteran in Normandy
- Former Janesville resident Joe Reilly is in Normandy, France, for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Read more >>
Janesville vet recalls D-Day invasion
- Frank Douglas of Janesville carried a 60 mm mortar onto the sands of Normandy 70 years ago Friday. Read more >>