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Scott Angus

Editor's Views: Wrong page prompts headscratching, thorough review
- We published the wrong Page 3B in the April 13 paper. Instead of a page with timely sports content, we reprinted the 3B from April 2. Read more >>
Scott Angus: Innovation is all around us
- Rock and Walworth counties must attract businesses, grow existing companies, train workers and do whatever it takes to emerge as competitors in the new economy, Gazette Editor Scott Angus writes. Read more >>
Editor's Views: Shifting emphasis of news could attract, shake up readers
- If we hope to attract younger people and make them loyal customers, we might have to shift the balance toward what they consider interesting and important. Read more >>
Editor's Views: Gazette Election previews return to their own special section
- Instead of squeezing stories and information about races and candidates into daily editions, The Gazette is publishing a special election section Wednesday, March 26. Read more >>