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Tom Miller: UW-Whitewater coach back on bench
Tom Miller: UW-Whitewater coach back on bench
UW-Whitewater men's basketball coach Pat Miller planned to put off surgery for his shoulder pain till after basketball season. A nerve-wracking doctors visit convinced him otherwise.
Guide pulls perch despite poor conditions
Though the weather isn't ideal, it isn't impossible to pull a good number of perch out of southern Wisconsin lakes at this time of year.
Despite hardships, hunting Rockies worthwhile
Outdoors writer D.S. Pledger is headed to Colorado this September ready to face the challenges of hunting in the mountains.
Wilcraft vehicle built with ice fishing in mind
A new specialty vehicle on the market allows anglers to get safely on the ice deeper into winter.
D.S. Pledger: Early ATV ride a bumpy one
D.S. Pledger: Early ATV ride a bumpy one
A vintage magazine details a trip across the Alaskan tundra on a crude forerunner of modern all-terrain vehicles.
A battle of wits between possums and dogs?
While one writer insists possums are at least as intelligent as domesticated dogs, Gazette outdoors writer D.S. Pledger delves into some research of his own.
Tracking greener pastures and bluer waters
It has been a difficult winter for outdoors people to contend with, but spring-like conditions are getting closer to southern Wisconsin.
Fishing-tackle industry deals with constant shake-ups
For four decades, outdoors columnist Ted Peck has worked as an outdoor writer and professional fishing guide, which gives him a unique perspective into the evolution of the sport fishing industry.
Animals' survival instincts put to test this winter
As a species, humans have their own cold-weather coping mechanisms, but they're nothing like the ones wild animals have to rely on during these cold winter nights.
Hunters' growing perception problem
Outdoors columnist D.S. Pledger takes on the growing image crisis facing modern hunters.