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Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 28: Mistie Bass, 'offensive' Trump cartoon and deafening music
Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 25: stolen puppy, voter drive and 'My Fair Lady'
Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 21: NYC bombings, school teachers and 'birther' movement
Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 18: City manager, 'um' and anthem protests

On council scrutiny of City Manager Mark Freitag: Carol Tidwell and her liberal followers should get off the council as quickly as possible and stop embarrassing the community. Leave the city manager alone to do his job.


Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 14: Flag displays, national anthem and Janesville City Council

On remembering 9/11: For all you people that were displaying the flag after 911, where's your flag now? How fast we forget.

On flag display: Fontana, your display of the American flag on your light poles is...

Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 7: back to school, Clinton emails, Act 10

On school starting: The parents that are driving, trying to pick up their children, need to be a little more adult and not try to cut other drivers off. Let the children cross. Kids aren't going to cross at the crosswalk; they're...

Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 4: police dog, group home and Valley of the Kings
Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 31: Teachers, firefighters and the presidential campaign

On teachers: Back in the '60s I dropped out of high school after my junior year, married, had three kids, did not work outside of the home and after my kids were all in school I took the ACT test at the university in town. After 16...

Sound Off for Aug. 28: speeders, transgender ruling, Janeville teachers

On taxpayer spending: The person who made the comment (Sound Off, Wednesday) … that taxpayers shouldn't have to be sending the fire trucks to grocery stores to buy groceries for these guys to eat three meals a day. It's a fact...

Sound Off for Aug. 24: getting rich, Leonard Pitts and Ryan Lochte

On feel-good stories: How about more uplifting stories like the REDI program (Thursday, Page 1A) and the home from Hendrickses (Thursday, Page 1A). God bless these beautiful children, young adults and the wounded vet....