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Sound Off for July 26: Breast-feeding, Planned Parenthood, Walker, closed meeting
Sound Off for July 22: Breast-feeding dispute, Gov. Walker, Parker coach, wheel tax
On breast-feeding incident: She's trying to make a statement.
Sound Off for July 19: Wheel tax, Walker, Bucks arena, Abu Dhabi, Parker coach
Topics include the city of Janesville's wheel tax and street repairs, the Bucks arena, Abu Dhabi and the Parker High School girls basketball coaching change.
Sound Off for July 15: Milton schools, Trump, potholes, teacher's lawsuit, council pay
Sound Off for July 12: State budget, court cases, GIFTS plan, guns, Legion baseball
Sound Off for July 8: Open government, Fourth of July, Ken Corey, street work
Sound Off for July 5: Gay marriage, teacher's lawsuit, Scott Walker
Sound Off for July 1: Shootings, Walker, Obamacare, fireworks
Sound Off for Sunday, June 28: Teacher's lawsuit, Charleston, Obama
Sound Off, June 24: Teacher's lawsuit, state budget, WEDC
Sound Off, June 24: Teacher's lawsuit, state budget, WEDC
On teacher's suit: "She got an $18,000 settlement from the district and now wants more."