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Other Views: Keep our state government open and accountable
Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans aren't doing enough to keep government transparent.
Guest Views: Ryan's 'Better Way' embraces toxic trade

Paul Ryan's in a jam. He's received millions in large donations to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other massive, toxic, multinational agreements already lined up right behind it.

Big trade has undermined our economy for decades. But...

Broman: Peddling papers and proud of it
The Gazette's new opinion page editor, Andrew Broman, no longer frets when accused of "just trying to sell papers."
Web Views for July 13: controversial curriculum, Cullen's possible governor bid

From story comments

On Sander's endorsement of Clinton: Didn't he say she took all this foreign money, took speaking fees from crooked corporations, banks, etc. But now she is OK?

Your Views: Disrud is best for register of deeds
The register of deeds office is not just “an office” to be “run.”
Your Views: State redistricting needs an overhaul
A very important case has been heard in federal court in Madison with a decision expected by mid-summer.
Greg Peck: It's time to sign off and start life's next chapter
Greg Peck: It's time to sign off and start life's next chapter
We need objective journalists—not some website with an agenda—to tell us what the hell is going on not just globally and in Washington but right here at City Hall.
Web Views for Friday, July 1, 2016: Rock County elections, Milton schools, freeway truckers and poll worker pay
Your Right to Know: Some lawmakers still crave secrecy
State lawmakers can destroy correspondence they receive, replacing it with their own records or nothing, because legislators are exempt from retention rules.
Other Views: Making do without mobile device has its perks
Gazette visuals editor Andrew Beaumont found the value in going without a cellphone for a weekend.