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Steven Walters: GOP leaders pivot after marriage ruling

In politics, it's called The Pivot. When the news is bad, or if you don't want to answer the question, ignore it. Change the subject.

Wisconsin Republican leaders are leaving divots as they pivot from U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb's...

Guest views: Governor has little impact on economy
The real reason for the state’s sluggish job growth likely has to do with Wisconsin’s economic mix.
Krauthammer: Obama allowed al-Qaeda back in Iraq
Faced with a de facto jihadi state, a surprised Obama now has little choice but to try to re-create overnight, from scratch and in miniature, the kind of U.S. presence he abjured three years ago.
Guest views: ‘Old GM’ still haunts automaker
Scandalous behavior at GM has prompted investigations by Congress and regulators and a record fine.
Guest views: Point finger for Iraq at Maliki
The Obama administration is right to tie aid to Maliki's ending his repression of Sunnis. Otherwise, any peace will not last.
Guest views: Ruling doesn't affect most of our lives
Debate yet to flare will be more about what is best for our culture and the preferred environment to raise children.
Michael Gerson: The reality conservatives must face
Those who think that ethnic outreach is a secondary concern for Republicans are proposing to win the presidency on a map without Florida.
J.B. Van Hollen: Summit to focus on domestic violence, heroin abuse in state
By sharing tools and information, law enforcement in your community will be better equipped not only to respond to crises but lead efforts to prevent them.
Web Views for Friday, June 13, 2014
Other Views: A climate 'fix' that's good for the economy
A study released today reveals that a revenue-neutral federal carbon tax would cut greenhouse gas emissions more than the proposed EPA rules while adding 2 million jobs.