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Web Views for Friday, April 22: Studer business contest, parking problems at schools, rail line editorial
First Amendment: Getting 'SLAPP'd' for getting involved—new protections considered
Retaliatory lawsuits that seek mainly to punish are a misuse of legal remedies intended to repair the reputations of those wrongly damaged.
Earth Day 2016: Reduce partisan divisions over environmental policy
How do we make progress in a divisive political atmosphere that obstructs cooperative solutions? The answer lies in part in a focus on community sustainability.
Web Views for Friday, April 15: Policing political rallies, Rashkin's announcement, taping Milton school meeting, railroad plan
Web Views for Friday, April 15: Policing rallies, Rashkin's announcement, Milton school meeting, railway plan
Web Views for Friday, April 8: Janesville School Board, Kloppenburg endorsement, Trump rally, Menards plan
AARP Wisconsin: Take a stand for the future of Social Security
“Take A Stand” is a national movement to press presidential candidates to lay out their plans to update Social Security for the 21st century.
Rep. Mark Spreitzer: Republicans put political ambition ahead of fair elections, refuse to fix rigged system
To give an election year appearance of fulfilling her promise, Rep. Bernier scheduled an “informational hearing” on “legislative redistricting” on April Fools' Day, April 1.
Arthur Cyr: Sen. Sanders delivers rousing oration in southeast Wisconsin
The Wisconsin presidential primary historically has often been a good indicator of success in securing the party nomination.
Web Views for Friday, April 1: Trump and Cruz rallies, school board's Abu Dhabi deal, Janesville's nickname
Other Views: History tells different story about GOP
The narrative that Republicans stood in the way of civil rights is just flat wrong.