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Other Views: Health care for the poor faces threats
If Planned Parenthood’s patients can no longer go to them for birth control or cancer screenings, many of them would have no other health care provider to turn to.
Other Views: A strong UW is good for business
Prent Corporation hires many UW graduates, and it's important that the UW System receive the resources and funding it needs to best prepare college students for the business world.
Walters: Legislators sharpen pruning shears for Walker's budget
More than any of the three other budgets Walker has submitted since taking office in January 2011, Republican legislators are poised to rewrite major parts of this one.
Other Views: Student safety always taken seriously
The Janesville School District has an obligation to make sure all of its students, employees and visitors are safe when they come to our facilities.
Other Views: To beat opiate addiction, increase competition among companies
While a horrific opioid epidemic afflicts the nation, there is an underlying fundamental lesson about free-market capitalism that may have been missed in all of this.
Other Views: ‘All politics is local’—so is health care
The largest impact we can make to improve the healthcare system comes from personal decisions made on a daily basis.
Walters: Walker's budget will lay re-election foundations
Governors often say this: You win or lose a campaign for re-election in the year before the actual election.
Other Views: Redistricting should be nonpartisan
Making districts competitive lowers the level of partisanship because candidates need to run campaigns that appeal to voters in a bipartisan way instead of simply appealing to one party or the other.
Other Views: Audit is no excuse for stalling on roads
Saying that Wisconsin is lagging behind would be like saying the Cleveland Browns didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year. The gap is staggering.
Walters: Stage set for biggest welfare reforms since mid-1990s
The political stars are aligned for the most significant welfare reforms in Wisconsin in more than 20 years.