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Michael Gerson: Leading from behind the curve
So what difference does one more misfortune make in a distant, unfortunate place? A big difference, it turns out.
Guest views: America must show resolve, back Obama
This is a time to show American resolve and strength, and the United States is never stronger than when it acts with bipartisan unity.
Bill Lueders: Wisconsin Public Television spotlights Rock, Walworth county redistricting
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck’s new district kept her hometown of Clinton but included less than half of Beloit and contained, by her account, “about 50 percent new people.”
Web Views for Friday, Sept. 12
Mike McCabe: Courts decriminalize bribery, money laundering
Five one-thousandths of 1 percent of the state’s population had their ability to legally bribe state lawmakers increased exponentially, and they are taking full advantage.
Web Views for Friday, Sept. 5, 2014
Other Views: Embattled dam in Iraq highlights vital role of water
Water can put out political fires in the Mideast. Courageous indigenous warriors are making that possible, but the United States must lead.
State Views: New group aims to tell good story behind hunting
Whether or not you hunt, there's no denying the positive benefits hunters have on conservation and the economy.
State Views: Agencies should name disciplined workers
The jousting began in 2013 when The Associated Press requested disciplinary records for DOJ employees. The agency released the records but not the names.
Bill Lueders: TV political ads now easier to track
The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C., is collecting the ad buy filings and posting them online, in a tool it calls Political Ad Sleuth.