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Guest views: Much rides on finding culprit in deaths of bees
While there is debate over the culprits, the threat to a critical component of our food supply should be removed.
Guest views: Walker should accept expansion of Medicaid
You don't have to be a cynic to believe that politics played a major role in all of this. Walker, along with almost every other Republican, staunchly opposes the Affordable Care Act.
Charles Krauthammer: Clueless Kerry keeps stumbling, bumbling
Kerry seems oblivious to the strategic reality that Hamas launched its rockets in the hope not of defeating Israel but ending its intra-Arab isolation.
Guest views: Israel must crush threat from Hamas
Throughout the fighting, Hamas has used the civilian population of Gaza as hostages. That is one big reason the terrorist group has worn out its welcome there.
Guest views: Bias police can leave you speechless
The EEOC’s accusations are even more ironic and unlikely given the company’s history of trying to eliminate language barriers with its employees.
Guest views: Administration can't afford to lose this appeal
It's absurd to argue that a Congress controlled by Democrats would have imposed a nationwide mandate to buy coverage while withholding subsidies from some states' residents.
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Bill Lueders: A wish-list for open government in Wisconsin
As the various candidates in this fall’s elections crow about how open they will be, here are specific proposals they could and should be asked about.