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Other Views: With Medicare Part D, lawmakers shouldn't mess up a good thing
New congressional proposals to let the government interfere in Medicare's prescription drug benefit could soon change the nature of open-enrollment season.
Local Views: Entire Rock County community must unite to halt abuse of medicines
During evaluations and through investigating other drug offenses, I have learned firsthand of the problems associated with medication abuse.
Web Views for Friday, Oct. 23: Concealed carry, River Street development, flu shots
Rep. Mark Spreitzer: Republican bills open Wisconsin to corruption
While all three proposals combine to create a new culture of political corruption, the rewrite of our campaign finance laws is most alarming.
Mark Freitag: Splitting plaza removal across two years makes economic sense
The city's perspective was absent from The Gazette's Oct. 20 editorial, and I appreciate the opportunity to share it.
Other Views: Why doing nothing imperils recipients of Social Security
If Congress does nothing, in order to balance disability insurance, revenues and expenditures, program payments would have to be cut almost 20 percent.
Citizen Action: Let’s work together to tackle high costs of health insurance
Wisconsin’s high health insurance costs ought to be one of the top public policy issues at the state Capitol. To be priced out of health insurance is dangerous.
Rep. Andy Jorgensen: Republican silence on controversial issues speaks volumes
I find it so strange that, in our state Capitol, the folks sitting across the aisle from me never seem to be at odds.
Steven Apfelbaum: Let’s heed message of clams dying in Sugar River
Dead clams indicate upstream conditions of nutrient enrichment, contaminants and low dissolved oxygen.
Web Views for Friday, Oct.16: Beloit police, Paul Ryan, ash borers, city manager