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Your Views: Atwood’s efforts allow voices to be heard
Your Views: UN scheming to redistribute wealth
Phase two of the UN global climate change law was recently passed, and the whole issue seems to lack credibility.
Your Views: Cooperation among groups boosted voter registration
Since March and until Oct. 18, league members volunteered more than 300 hours to encourage voter participation of 18- to 29-year-old voters.
Your Views: Ryan’s tax plan rewards the rich
House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republicans have provided a tax plan that cuts $3.1 trillion in taxes over the next 10 years.
Your Views: Focus on the issues, not personalities
The opportunity to vote is here. There is the danger that we might reduce the importance of this moment to a moment of merely voting on the basis of personality.
Your Views: GOP forevermore linked to Trump, mindlessness
Donald Trump is credible only to the gullible.
Your Views: Hetz is a ‘we,’ not a ‘me,’ person
As a 20-something conservative with a lot of liberal tendencies, voting for Allison Hetz was not a hard decision.
Your Views: Mental health needs should not be ignored
While one in five youth will experience a mental health issue, up to 80 percent of children and youth who have mental health issues are not getting the treatment that they need.
Your Views: Vote ‘yes’ to support children’s education
We moved to Milton in the early 1980s specifically for the opportunities that the Milton School District would provide to our children.
Your Views: Record shows Trump is a bully

It is disturbing how Donald Trump supporters are in favor of his racism and insults and say political correctness is not for them. Our Constitution supports free speech; unfortunately, Trump is a bully and mean. And like any bully, he insults and...