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Your Views: Janesville spending habits perplex longtime resident
We’re giving our new city manager a 5 percent raise on his already too-high salary. I’d like to know how much we spent luring him here, while we let great people get away.
Your Views: Torture of U.S. prisoners should cause great alarm
When fear causes us to abandon our principles, we become morally bankrupt and stand to lose everything our country stood for in the beginning.
Your Views: Product of union wages understands their value
Local businesses boomed because of the UAW! Most of my father’s earnings were spent in Brodhead, where I grew up, or in Janesville, where the money was earned.
Your Views: Sen. Rubio’s comments show what’s wrong in Washington
Rubio said he doesn’t care if 99 percent of people in Florida want the Cuban embargo lifted, that he wouldn’t go alone with it.
Your Views: Common Core raises too many concerns
Most states didn’t have clear understandings of costs or the standards themselves. Some states have already backed out.
Your Views: Vote in Congress raises concerns about pensions
Will the 31 million Americans in single-employer plans be Congress’ next targets for pension cuts? I hope not, but maybe?
Your Views: Maybe Obama should vacation in Chicago
If you think President Obama deserves a vacation, then tell me what he has done!
Your Views: Spending habits belie city of Janesville's supposed fiscal needs
It seems the city is flush enough to willingly pay the overtime to send out the street sweepers on Sundays.
Your Views: Congress misses chance to support charities in U.S.
Of special importance to the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin was a measure that would have made the IRA charitable rollover permanent.
Your Views: VIP Services offers value for those with disabilities
Those who would like to see the workshops eliminated are trying to portray VIP and other workshops around Wisconsin as places of isolation.