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Your Views: He applauds public servants dealing with Oregon standoff
I salute the men and women in public service who were called to duty in dealing with the problems in Oregon, and I appreciate the moderation they have displayed.
Your Views: They've seen work of Necci and back Johnson for Walworth County judge
We believe that we have a duty as past and present public servants to give the public the information they need to make a wise decision in this important election.
Your Views: Odds of climate change suggest we must prepare
Anyone who reads about current events from widely available sources will see the monumental efforts and dollars being put into preparations.
Your Views: It's time to name court at Parker High after Tom Klawitter
Small-mindedness and pettiness have spilled over to reflect badly on our school district. Who will ever want to coach here? We can correct this.
Your Views: Make your vote personal; don't follow loudest voice
As always, I recommend that you treat your vote like gold! Don't cast it because a 30-second TV ad riled you up or a friend got all “in your face and emotional.”
Your Views: This Wynn backs Daniel Johnson for Walworth County judge
Johnson, as current Walworth County Family Court commissioner, is the only candidate with judicial experience and more than 10 years of experience practicing law.
Your Views: Be mindful of risks of eating disorders
Where did this idea come from, that to be accepted in society people think they need to starve themselves?
Your Views: Why do right-wingers indulge in so much hate?
Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz tell lies and spread fear toward Muslims and immigrants. Superior’s mayor falsely stated that the Obamas are Muslims.
Your Views: He doesn’t like GOP or Gov. Walker
Why anyone would give Gov. Walker more money is beyond me.
Your Views: Johnson works tirelessly, deserves to keep US Senate post
Johnson received a 100 percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business in the 112th and 113th congressional sessions.