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Your Views: Ron Johnson’s record shows why Russ Feingold should replace him in U.S. Senate
Sen. Johnson turned his back on common-sense relief for more than 800,000 Wisconsin student loan borrowers.
Your views: Fix nation's mental health system to curb gun violence
Let’s put continuing pressure on all elected officials to stay the course and commit to continuing action to reinstate a viable system that addresses the real problem.
Your Views: Questioning voter ID claims made by Rep. Andy Jorgensen
Most people already have acceptable IDs for voting because you need IDs to do virtually everything, including getting into the Democratic convention.
Your Views: Gov. Scott Walker’s experiments leading Wisconsin wrong way
We are owned by corporations. We are being paid low wages and pay more for insurance than states that expanded Medicaid.
Your Views: Wild animals do not make good domestic pets
Most wild animals are wild for a reason. They’ve lived all their lives without help or interaction from humans, and they don’t need anything from any human.
Your Views: Manufacturing tax credit is robbing state treasury
The tax credit was given to manufacturing concerns and agricultural processing endeavors without any obligation to create or grow jobs.
Your Views: He knows what it’s like to be ‘unfunded liability’
What I can work for is that the Senate and House, as well as the White House, be covered by the same rules I am.
Your Views: Corporal punishment of children is wrong
Is corporal punishment of a child the right thing? William Hazlitt, the English essayist and philosopher, narrates a personal anecdote.
Your Views: Paul Ryan has betrayed his constituents, country
Citizens in the 1st District do not have representation, and many feel we finally have a choice with his opponent, Paul Nehlen, who is running against our beloved “RHINO.”
Your Views: If he rejects vile Trump, Ryan will go down in history as hero
Show at last some decency, Mr. Ryan, and reject this vile person. Stand up for America and do the right thing, not the expedient political thing.