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Your Views: Farmer sees renewable energy as way to fight climate change
Start investing in solar companies in our state. They provide good, high-paying, technical jobs that are desperately needed.
Your Views: If homeowners must keep up property, what about GM?
I am appalled by the condition of the neglected General Motors parking lots and terrace trees.
Your Views: We’re at fault for letting wealthy run politicians
Politicians say they are only trying to make government run more smoothly and efficiently. Please read between the lines, and you will be able to see through these lies.
Your Views: Janesville needs station that plays country and western
That stuff they play on WJVL is not country and western.
Your Views: Do the presidential candidates understand any of this?
Do any of these candidates have any sense of history? The consensus seemed to be: Negotiation, discussion and diplomacy: bad; threats, force and war: good.
Your Views: Gazette earns thanks for report on Dowd, Rock County Board
Supervisors are discouraged from asking questions? This kind of unwritten etiquette rule makes it seem like the county board has things to hide.
Your Views: Pope Francis has plenty of issues to deal with in U.S. visit
Once Pope Francis gets done, the rich and the haughty might be getting a letter of excommunication in the mail.
Your Views: Present, future bright for city parks system
The future is bright for Janesville parks because many groups continue to raise money for various projects.
Your Views: Leonard Pitts wrong about judgment of Jesus
The good news of the Bible is that Christ’s death on behalf of all who trust in him covers all kinds of sins.
Your Views: Expecting immigrants to use English immediately is unfair
If you're tempted to be critical of non-English speaking people, ask the oldest members of your family to describe what they did (and spoke) when they immigrated here.