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Your Views: Janesville's Rotary Botanical Gardens must clarify its camera policy
I took my 2-year-old granddaughter there. After I paid, I mentioned I was going to take pictures of her and was told I would have to pay a photographer’s fee of $9.
Your Views: Performance of ‘Phantom’ at Janesville Parker blew us away
Scenery and costumes were breathtaking; dancing was superb! Do not miss the opportunity to see Phantom.
Your Views: Gazette earns praise for backing council pay
I think the best reason is that it may help to make the council a more diverse and inclusive body.
Your Views: Female who exposed breast at Janesville post office is exploitive
I don’t want to see your breasts, and I don’t want to explain to my grandchildren why you would exploit your child to prove your ignorant point.
Your Views: 'Phantom of the Opera' at Janesville Parker is a must-see show!
This was a powerful and exceptional performance, from the opening song to the last one.
Your Views: Mark Freitag shows chapel group he's ready to lead city of Janesville into future
Mark offered many new ideas, and we were very impressed with his kindness, honesty and leadership.
Your Views: Not everyone in Delavan is ‘prideful’ of Scott Walker
People tend to back away once they understand his massive cuts to education and his trying to remove 100,000 voters from the rolls while requiring I.D. cards.
Your Views: Why not get informed by joining a political party?
We have too many low-information voters and dismally low voting rates. I have a remedy that has worked for me.
Your Views: Janesville wise to look at developing riverfront
It might be interesting to look at other ways smaller cities have used their cityscapes.
Your Views: As entertainment, ‘Phantom’ at Parker High proves amazing, stunning
Please support these mentors and talented young kids of our community, and make every show next weekend a sellout! They so deserve it, and you will be glad you went!