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Your Views: Wisconsin's voter ID law hinders the rights of too many
Yes, the state is offering free IDs to anyone who needs them, but the DMV is only open during the day, when many people are working.
Your Views: Why let drug companies advertise on TV?
The American Medical Association is calling for a ban on consumer advertising for prescription drugs. This ban is long overdue.
Your Views: Legislature must ensure UW System remains great
The Legislature needs to look hard at the qualities of our universities and ensure they remain vital assets for our state’s future.
Your Views: Young voters should exercise power they have
This is the chance to fight for what we want to see change. We are the future of this country, and we should learn to vote early so it will become a habit.
Your Views: Technology can leave us more isolated than ever
It is heartbreaking to watch people out to dinner at a restaurant and every one of them is on a smartphone instead of engaging with those around them.
Your Views: U.S. should incarcerate fewer low-level offenders
We spend millions to incarcerate people for crimes related to marijuana at a time when laws are steadily changing and legalization is spreading.
Your Views: Why do so many blame victims for sexual assaults?
The stigma that comes with sexual assault prevents many individuals from reporting. Victims feel as if they brought the assaults on themselves, that it was their fault.
Your Views: North Carolina law unfair to LGBT community
Do you want to be denied access to a bathroom that you have been using your whole life? What if that privilege was taken away from you?
Your Views: Juvenile justice system unfair to parents of many offenders
Why is the juvenile not assigned community service to benefit the court and legal system and “pay” the court fees?
Your Views: Why would we vote against Paul Ryan and his leadership role?
I won’t vote to replace the speaker of the House of Representatives from Wisconsin and hand the 1st District seat to a freshman who would have little or no influence.