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Your Views: Our nation must return to God to survive threats
With the Middle East exploding and a threat of another 9/11, we must come before God and admit how far America has sinned and rebelled against God.
Your Views: Vote for Brian Fitzgerald so our voices are heard in Senate
My conclusion is that Janis Ringhand is a placeholder occupying a valuable position and accomplishing little to nothing while doing so.
Your Views: Don't let Mary Burke revert to liberal looting of taxpayers
As sure as night follows day, she would bust the Wisconsin budget again and raise taxes. That's what liberal politicians do.
Your Views: Make sure we elect ‘those who get it’
If raising the minimum wage has no consequence relative to unemployment and prices, why not raise it to $75/hour?
Your Views: If government doesn’t work, why keep electing Paul Ryan?
Ryan seems to think that “the government” that doesn’t work has nothing to with him, even though he is one of our leaders.
Your Views: Vote out Walker, others who backed mining law
Greed has no limits when we pay through polluted land and water.
Your Views: Let's vote 'yes' to fund Janesville's needed street repairs
The current council and administration are asking for your help to maintain the streets used by all citizens.
Your Views: Janis Ringhand helps make student loans affordable
Thankfully, in this legislative session state Rep. Janis Ringhand has been working to make student loans more manageable and affordable.
Your Views: State reforms Medicaid right way, saves taxpayers millions
If Wisconsin accepted the expansion, not only would taxpayers be on the hook for millions more, Medicaid enrollees would face poor access to care.
Your Views: Here’s why she’ll vote ‘yes’ to city of Janesville's streets referendum
Our streets are in dire need of repair, and we just can't complain about the streets and not expect to pay to fix them.