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Your Thanks: HOG, Kutter Harley-Davidson help Friends of Noah
Thank you from all of us at Friends of Noah-WI and the animals and people we help each month.
Your Views: Whitewater public schools deserves your support
Vote “yes” on the referendum that continues funding to maintain the level of staffing and program support that keeps Whitewater at this level of excellence.
Your Views: Deb Kolste’s work shows why support was well-deserved
These past two years, Kolste has worked diligently toward her commitment to represent all of her constituents.
Your Views: Janesville community must do more to help the homeless
As a community, we need to look at the bigger picture of homelessness and break the stereotype of the homeless being drunks and drug users.
Your Views: What do we really know about Mary Burke?
I know she was with Jim Doyle when the state went way in debt, and that recently it is indicated her jobs plan was plagiarized.
Your Views: Report debunks distortions of deficit in state budget
The report, using supportable numbers, as opposed to Rep. Shilling’s deliberately biased numbers, shows Wisconsin doesn’t have a looming fiscal crisis.
Your Views: Transgender issue raises many questions for schools
Would a girl who thinks she is a boy feel comfortable standing naked in front of naked boys in the boys shower room?
Your Views: Janesville YMCA’s use of tanning beds goes against its mission
The YMCA is a family facility, and introducing young children to this toxic practice is a serious mistake.
Your Views: Candidate explains value of state treasurer’s office
Eliminating this office will not reduce the size of our state government as some claim—it will reduce checks and balances.
Your Views: Solar energy proposal is unfair to producers
I will never make enough money to pay for my investment. And this doesn’t even consider the environmental benefits from producing solar electricity.