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Your Views: Moneyed interests won’t sway Sheila De Forest
I want someone in Madison who will do what’s best for the people she represents, not an organized group who helped get her there.
Your Views: Austin Scieszinski reminds her of former Sen. Bill Proxmire
Scieszinski reminds me a whole heck of a lot of old “Prox.” I’ve seen him seemingly everywhere, introducing himself and inviting people to share their concerns.
Your Views: Robert Spoden’s record shows he deserves another term as sheriff
Several programs are being done in Rock County since Sheriff Spoden took office. He has been a promoter and partner to many in the alternatives-to-incarceration programs.
Your Views: Vote Janis Ringhand for her work ethic, cooperative mindset
Janis is one of the few politicians in our state who serves the best interests of each of her constituents by thoroughly researching issues and voting for what is best.
Your Views: Our election history suggests Austin Scieszinski is not ‘too young’
All of these public servants went on to higher political positions but began their careers serving in the Legislature in their 20s.
Your Thanks: Home Garden Tour proves great way to mark 25 years in support of Rotary Botanical Gardens
Our sincere thanks to the eight garden owners who opened their showcase gardens to more than 500 attendees who oohed and aahed their way through the botanical delights.
Your Thanks: 'Lunch Bunch' appreciates hospitality of Delavan-area businesses
I will always remember the kindness of the local establishments toward the RidgeStone community.
Your Thanks: Rock Aqua Jays appreciate support for Janesville fireworks
Without the support and generosity of our community, we could not have had the spectacular pyrotechnic display that lit up the sky over the Rock River.
Your Views: Sheila DeForest deserves your vote in 45th Assembly District
Sheila is not your typical politician, and that is exactly why you want her to represent you.
Your Views: Robert Spoden is candidate with impeccable record as sheriff
An incumbent sheriff with an impeccable record is subject to onslaughts for purposes of personal political expediency.