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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 16
Thumbs down to Commercial Development Company, playing politics with Dreamers. Thumbs up to coordinating dam removal and river clean-up, lower school tax levy.
Our Views: Keep police video under Open Records Law
While many police chiefs agree body cameras create more transparency and help build public trust, a new Assembly bill could have the opposite effect, preventing police from adequately responding to allegations of misconduct.
Our Views: A merger for U-Rock's 50th birthday
Wednesday's news maybe wasn't the sort of birthday present UW-Rock County officials had hoped to get, but if these reforms keep the campus open, they are worth it.
Our Views: Hemp’s time approaching
As marijuana becomes more mainstream and stigmas associated with its use fade, barriers to growing hemp are also likely to fall away.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 9
Thumbs down to the end of HHFFRRRGGH name, Linda L. Gray. Thumbs up to Edgerton aquaponics greenhouse, downtown hotel proposal.
Our Views: Milton bypass proves wise decision
The arrival of a new restaurant, Tasty Bites, at the former Burger King site in Milton is further proof the Highway 26 bypass has been an economic blessing.
Our Views: Council, make pop-up stores a priority
The pop-up store concept is appealing in part because it minimizes government meddling and expands the marketplace to allow more businesses to compete.
Our Views: A turnaround at Blackhawk
When a local leader delivers on what he says he's going to do, that's worth acknowledging.
Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 2
Thumbs up to surge in summer school attendance, new police program. Thumbs down to Assembly riot bill, eliminating Columbus Day celebrations.
Our Views: Better laws needed to curb drunken driving
When the Tavern League of Wisconsin supports a bill to “crack down” on repeat drunken drivers, that's probably a sign the measure doesn't go far enough to address the problem.