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Our Views: Critical thinking under siege at college campuses
To be openly conservative at a college campus these days, especially one as liberal as Beloit College, has become a courageous act.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Feb. 20
Our Views: Shining a light on law enforcement
The Gazette's ability to quickly obtain videos captured by law enforcement depends in large part on law enforcement's understanding that video remains subject to the open records law.
Our Views: Legislators preying on transparency
A new bill would eliminate requirements to publish meeting minutes in newspapers and allow local governments to put these documents on their websites—in other words, mostly hidden from public view.
Our Views: UW report gives schools a reality check
At a meeting this week, Milton school officials seemed more interested in downplaying a UW System report on remedial rates among high school graduates than they did finding value in it.
Our Views: Feeling better about the Monterey Dam's removal
Because of new information, the Gazette Editorial Board has changed its position in favor of removing the Monterey Dam.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Feb. 13
Thumbs up to Milton School District exploring YMCA partnership, Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to combat homelessness. Thumb's down to Walker's transportation budget and sheriff's deputy's sloppy paperwork.
Our Views: Community deserves answers on officer-involved shootings
We urge Walworth County law enforcement to study why the area has become an apparent hotbed for these incidents and to resist the temptation to dismiss them as a coincidence.
Our Views: Parents should challenge normalization of pot use
Just as the tobacco industry targeted children to get them hooked, some legalization advocates are trying to normalize pot smoking among youth.
Our Views: Defend, don't bargain away, free trade
President Trump is no friend to some parts of House Speaker Paul Ryan's agenda, which is why we're increasingly concerned with Ryan's willingness to embrace the anti-growth elements of Trump's platform.