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Our Views: Could Uber someday replace city buses?
Imagine the city of Janesville someday paying Uber drivers to shuttle people to jobs, dentist appointments or other locations formerly served by buses.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, June 12
Thumbs up to vigil after Janesville shooting, more prison for man convicted of 9th OWI. Thumbs down to looming budget impasse, paranoia over fish kill at Traxler Park.
Our Views: Democracy drowning in flood of campaign cash
Republican insiders are tickled over Team Ryan raising massive sums for the House speaker and many other GOP candidates, but Team Ryan's success should alarm anyone concerned about the integrity of our democracy.
Our Views: AG Schimel, take on the opioid makers
Ohio’s Republican attorney general, Mike DeWine, last week launched one of the nation’s most comprehensive lawsuits against drug companies most responsible for kick-starting the opioid epidemic. Wisconsin should join Ohio's suit.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, June 5
Thumbs down to DNR’s permit backlog, backpage.com. Thumb’s up to prison sentence for meth maker, honoring World War II veterans.
Our Views: Warning signs flash on SHINE deal
We're hopeful SHINE's plan to produce molybdenum-99 remains commercially viable, but the skepticism of some private investors cannot be ignored. Given recent developments, the city council should review the project to ensure the benefits still outweigh the risks.
Our Views: Drug testing for BadgerCare makes sense
Requiring people who qualify for BadgerCare to prove they're leading sober lives is completely appropriate, especially amid a heroin epidemic ravaging many areas of the country where more people rely on public assistance.
Our Views: Feds' PR strategy: Shhh
We’re calling out all government officials who address local audiences but then clam up when a local reporter asks questions. It’s especially hypocritical for a “community relations officer” to claim she can’t speak with members of the media.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, May 29
Thumbs up to the Legislature rejecting Walker’s proposed tuition, loosening food truck restrictions. Thumbs down to giving out $1,000 stipends, Birds Eye Vegetable in the town of Darien.
Our Views: Seven is enough for city council
City Council President Doug Marklein is advancing a more-is-better theory in suggesting the council could better represent the city with two additional members, but assuming a larger government body would lead to smarter policy is a mistake.