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Our Views: School districts' bullying policies must be on full display
School districts cannot afford to allow their bullying policies to get lost in a heap of paperwork. They must be proactive in publicizing them and explaining their meaning to students, parents and teachers.
Our Views: City Council on right track with repeal effort
City Council succeeded Monday in repealing a TIF policy on a 5-2 vote, suggesting the council might have the votes to repeal other ill-advised rules enacted by the former council, namely the city’s new “just cause” policy.
Our Views: Trump's bluster threatens local farmers' prospects
If President Trump truly cared about the 75 Wisconsin dairy farmers losing contracts with Grassland Dairy of Greenwood over a trade dispute with Canada, he would stop trying to instigate a trade war.
Our Views: Rep. Pocan, labor leaders stuck in time capsule
One lesson from the closing of the General Motors plant in Janesville is this region doesn't need unions to thrive.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, April 24
Thumbs down to harassing bait shop owner, cleaning the empty peanut butter jar. Thumbs up to recognition for Janesville school, Janesville couple Richard and Joan Neeno.
Our Views: Scrutinizing Rock County's perpetual fix-it project
The Rock County Courthouse is an architectural oddity, its piecemealed appearance revealing the whims of government officials across the decades. Taxpayers have come to regret some of those whims.
Our Views: Detached from his district
It's time for Paul Ryan to hold a town hall, even if it's only the telephone kind. Something. Anything to show your constituents that he—not only Ryan's staff—is hearing their concerns.
Our Views: Another reason for Earth Day: salt
A new study shows America has a salt problem, and we're not talking about the sodium in food. This one comes mainly from the salting of roads.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, April 17
Thumbs up to Evansville High School, Bataan memorial marchers. Thumbs down to indiscriminately flying bullets, plastic "Easter" grass.
Our Views: Manhunt ends but leaves an unsettling feeling
Jakubowski will be remembered not for any heinous crime he committed but for the one we imagined he could. That one man could cause such disruption says as much about our psyche as it does about Jakubowski.