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Our Views: Janesville's Billy McCoy should give up petition fight
McCoy might find supporters willing to sink money into a court fight, and he ultimately might prevail. But at what cost to him, his backers and the city? And to what end?
Editor's Views: News or sports? Decision isn't always clear
We think a lot about the best way to present news each day in The Gazette, and much of that has to do with where we publish it.
Our Views: Republican tax cuts don't look so wise given fiscal estimates
When Republicans are quick to tout how Walker erased a $3.6 billion deficit he faced when he took office, the new fiscal report isn't good news for Republicans.
Our Views: Ray Rice case shines spotlight on domestic violence
Domestic abuse plagues Rock County daily. In Janesville alone, domestic homicides in January and December served as tragic bookends to 2012.
Our Views: Janesville cannot tolerate problems in Fourth Ward
Our Views: Janesville cannot tolerate problems in Fourth Ward
People and businesses considering Janesville look at the crime rate. Troubles in one or two neighborhoods, however, can reflect poorly on the entire city.
Our Views: As JPAC turns 10, theater serves as cultural catalyst
In a few years, JPAC’s position as Janesville’s cultural catalyst might be even stronger. Forward Janesville plans to build an amphitheater along the river.
Thumbs Up/Down for Sept. 8, 2014
Thumbs Up to Milton’s hiring of Alan Hulick; reflecting on the passenger pigeon; and teamwork to stop drunken drivers; Thumbs Down to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Our Views: United Way Blackhawk Region lifts our communities toward brighter days
United Way offers a safety net should you or a loved one need it. Each person, Fanning-Penny notes, is one second away from potential devastation.
Our Views: Milton wise to use caution concerning Bill Watson, SWAG plan
No one should blame the Milton City Council for voting Tuesday not to invest limited staff time and resources into examining Watson's latest idea.
Our Views: Two moves could boost business in Janesville's downtown
The tavern owners would lease or buy the building from Denise Carpenter, who gave up her license last year after a decade of problems at Quotes.