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Our Views: 'Just cause' plays like a bad sequel
Act 10 is holding up for the most part, but the law could die by a thousand paper cuts if enough union sympathizers at the local level devise schemes such as the one being advanced by Liebert.
Our Views: Sentimental salute to an ugly edifice
While it's easy to poke fun at the deck, many people feel sentimental about it and for good reason. The antiquated structure is a reminder of downtown's former vibrancy.
Our Views: Thumbs Up/down for Monday, Nov. 14
Thumbs up to poll workers, UW-Whitewater non-drinkers. Thumbs down to demise of VFW, American Legion posts, lack of military readiness.
Our Views: WANTED: strong leader for schools
Here’s what we’d like school board members to keep in mind as they weigh the qualifications of each candidate for Janesville's superintendent position.
Our Views: Hitting reset on Milton’s referendum
The $87 million referendum’s narrow defeat by 287 votes suggests the community remains open to building a new high school, though perhaps not the one envisioned this time.
Our Views: Yes, you have entered the Twilight Zone
With Wednesday's shock slowly transitioning into acceptance, even among those who so desperately pulled for Hillary Clinton, the next question becomes: Now what?
Our Views: Milton spat becoming a distraction
Milton Mayor Anissa Welch and her allies believe they're taking a principled stand against Lader, but in their pursuit of the ethical high ground, Welch and the council have stumbled into a ravine.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Nov. 7
Our Views: Both nominees unworthy of the presidency
Our Views: Both nominees unworthy of the presidency
The Gazette Editorial Board ventured into this electoral morass in search of a path to a presidential endorsement. We never found it.
Our Views: Return Johnson to the Senate

Perhaps because Sen. Ron Johnson began his career in manufacturing instead of law school, he doesn't come across as an incumbent having spent the last six years in Washington.

Johnson still exhibits an outsider mentality and is willing to point ...