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Our Views: Let the pro-Trump voices be heard
We want the Opinion Page to be a marketplace for ideas, even those with which some readers disagree. But that's become trickier since President Donald Trump's election.
Our Views: Gov. Walker, where's the leadership?
The Assembly GOP transportation plan isn't as ambitious as it should be, but it proposes multiple options for addressing the state's infrastructure challenges, and Walker's initial reaction to it was unfortunate.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, May 8
Thumbs down to the FBI, Great Lakes Basin Transportation. Thumbs up to avoiding last week’s phishing scam, constructive online comments.
Our Views: Gun shop burglary should prompt new regulations
We need new regulations for storing weapons, such as the stolen M-16 from Armageddon Supplies, regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934.
Our Views: Schools take detour on nutrition
Delaying the nutritional standards' implementation unwittingly perpetuates the myth that healthier foods must taste worse than their unhealthier counterparts.
Our Views: Vos' opposition to cookie bill in bad taste
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' opposition to the cookie bill is especially laughable when viewed alongside Republicans' favorite slogan, “Wisconsin is open for business.”
Our Views: State GOP out of step with rest of nation on infrastructure
Starving infrastructure of investment isn't a “conservative thing,” despite the myth perpetuated by Walker and his GOP allies.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, May 1
Thumbs down to exaggerating marijuana’s effects, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. Thumbs up to reusing Beloit’s former Alliant Energy power plant, a $14,000 grant to the Delavan-Darien School District.
Our Views: School districts' bullying policies must be on full display
School districts cannot afford to allow their bullying policies to get lost in a heap of paperwork. They must be proactive in publicizing them and explaining their meaning to students, parents and teachers.
Our Views: City Council on right track with repeal effort
City Council succeeded Monday in repealing a TIF policy on a 5-2 vote, suggesting the council might have the votes to repeal other ill-advised rules enacted by the former council, namely the city’s new “just cause” policy.