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Our Views: If it has legal grounds, Janesville City Council should reject Billy McCoy's petitions
Our Views: If it has legal grounds, Janesville City Council should reject Billy McCoy's petitions
The petition demanding that residents vote on any project topping $2 million would hamstring the city. We elect officials to make the best choices on our behalf.
Our Views: Make that call to prevent suicide
On average, after a suicide, “six people will be profoundly affected for the rest of their lives,” says Tony Farrell, who presents prevention programs in Rock County.
Our Views: Rock County heading down right path to medical examiner
County officials earn credit for thoroughly studying medical examiner options. The best, though most expensive, appears to be contracting with Dane County.
Our Views: Using smaller rescue truck is good call for Janesville Fire Department
With an eye toward saving more money, fire officials have experimented with having smaller trucks accompany ambulances.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 18, 2014
Thumbs Up to a bike path linking Janesville and Beloit and to returning a new ’63 Impala to Janesville; Thumbs Down to ignoring the dangers of lightning and to ousting UW-Whitewater coach Tim Fader without more explanation.
Our Views: Take chance to tour Janesville's new transit center
The transit center and plans for a new $8 million fire station have become lightning rods.
Our Views: It's good to see Milton, Orfordville, Whitewater plan for libraries
Libraries knit us together. They serve as resource and community centers. They're places where young and old can exercise their minds and expand intellectual horizons.
Our Views: New retirement policy at Janesville City Hall is troubling
Though the new policy isn’t binding, what might happen to a worker who announces plans to retire in two weeks? Might that person be reprimanded or fired?
Our Views: Blackhawk Technical College faces uncertainty after referendum failure
College President Tom Eckert was right while reflecting on vote totals Tuesday night to suggest residents couldn’t swallow that the referendum had no sunset.
Our Views: Support K. Andreah Briarmoon and her ramblings at your own risk
Briarmoon and her few followers want to throw a big tent over all disenfranchised residents—and get their money.