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Our Views: Let's hope new owner treats Hufcor right
We hope OpenGate Capital is being sincere in saying “plans” exist to grow the Janesville Hufcor plant. We hope, too, OpenGate recognizes a company is only as good as its employees.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 4
Thumbs up to gas stations self-policing drive-offs, Walworth County Fair. Thumbs down to only $25 fine for selling tobacco to minors, a 35-member committee.
Our Views: Economy, not unions, boosts labor
On the eve of Labor Day, some readers might mourn the loss of union strength, but we cannot claim the economy is worse off for membership declines.
Our Views: Congress must deliver on tax reform
The consequences for Republicans failing to pass tax reform would reverberate beyond the GOP losing its majority next year. Our biggest concern is the economy would lurch toward recession without Congress overhauling the tax code by both lowering tax rates and eliminating loopholes.
Our Views: Rock County should rethink the hangar business
The private sector apparently isn't interested in entering the hangar business, and so now the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport wants taxpayers to finance the project.
Our Views: Grant targets root cause of addiction
Instead of treating drug addicts, wouldn’t it be far cheaper and easier to prevent these addicts from turning to drugs in the first place? A $300,000 grant to Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change aims to do just that.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Aug. 28
Thumbs up to free class about beer, the partial eclipse. Thumbs down to Judge Michael Haakenson, Daniel J. Rivers.
Our Views: Criticism of Clinton police off base
Clinton police officers are simply doing their jobs, though previous laxness creates the appearance of a crackdown.
Our Views: Sick of Paul Ryan's talking points on health care
During Monday's town hall, Ryan made no overtures, gave no indication that he's ready to work with Democrats to fix Obamacare. He appears to be following President Trump's lead in pushing the health care system to the brink, though Ryan's constituents have nothing to gain from Obamacare's collapse.
Thumbs up/down for Monday, Aug. 21
Thumbs down to Paul Nehlen, Indianford Dam dispute. Thumbs up to no youth suicides, Fred the police dog.