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Our Views: Rock County on right track with reforms

Exactly how Rock County law enforcement and the court system might reduce the number of minorities in jail by 25 percent within four years is a good question, but we cannot fault officials for aiming high.

The goal, one of several presented...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Aug. 15

Thumbs up to Delavan firefighters. Ten-year-old Ryan Johnson, who has a rare, inoperable brain tumor, was named an honorary firefighter last week at a ceremony with town of Delevan firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel. His illness is...

Our Views: School district shares blame for Warner-Reed's crimes
Our Views: School district shares blame for Warner-Reed's crimes
The Janesville School District is a victim in Warner-Reed's case like somebody with a hole in his pocket is a victim after a wallet goes missing.
Our Views: Populism fizzles for Nehlen camp
The brand of populism that propelled Donald Trump to the GOP presidential nomination was a no-show Tuesday for Paul Nehlen.
Our Views: On city trails, perception is new reality

City officials should take seriously conclusions from a recent study showing some women are afraid to venture on Janesville's trails.

While the evidence suggests these fears are unfounded, people's perception of risk has important implications...

Our Views: DNR crafts a credible compromise

Pleasing environmentalists and business interests alike is rarely easy, which is why the state Department of Natural Resources deserves credit for its proposal to raise the water level of Lake Koshkonong by 5 inches.

Environmental groups,...

Our Views: Dark clouds loom for Milton referendum

Referendums seeking millions of dollars for capital projects are never a sure bet, and that's why it often takes a united front to pass them.

The factions vying to shape the proposed Milton schools referendum threaten to doom its passage before ...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Aug. 8

Thumbs up to National Night Out. The annual event is needed now more than ever as a way for residents and police officers to connect. High-profile shootings nationwide have raised tensions in some communities, though last week's event in Janesville...

Our Views: Rep. Ryan faces the Trump stress test
That some people claim to be shocked by Donald Trump's recent statements is, perhaps, most shocking of all.
Our View: Milton's ethics code at odds with open government

Let the voters, not the Milton City Council, decide whether an alleged ethics violation is serious enough to warrant removal of Councilwoman Nancy Lader.

As it stands, we're not convinced Lader did anything wrong in divulging what happened...