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Our Views: Political correctness won't defeat terrorism
The cowardly killing of eight innocent people by a self-proclaimed ISIS follower in New York City on Tuesday proves again this nation's leaders must strengthen our immigration programs.
Our Views: Parents should do compliance checks, too
Law enforcement is no substitute for the influence parents have on their children's decisions about drinking. Parents are the biggest factor of all, and they need to be conducting household compliance checks.
Our Views: Let bars sell alcohol for outdoor events
A new ordinance is needed to make downtown Janesville more business friendly, allowing bar customers to join a special event with their drinks in hand.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 30
Thumbs up to fully funding animal control and a bipartisan conversation. Thumbs down to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Harry Potter Festival.
Our Views: Time to back a new Milton High School
Milton voters will be considering one of the leanest referendums put forth in Rock County in recent memory, and it’s now time to approve it.
Our Views: Evansville incident shows limitations of security systems
The incident at Evansville High School last week provides a fresh reminder of the limitations of security systems and the difficulty in vetting non-students seeking to enter a building.
Our Views: City should fully fund animal control
Sometimes local governments must make painful budget cuts, but this shouldn't be one of those years. Draconian proposals to slash the animal control budget should be taken off the table.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 23
Thumbs up to "America's Dairyland" license plate and Evansville. Thumbs down to 36 percent spike in health insurance premiums and man who lied about puppy.
Our Views: Pophal doesn’t need to make promises
When parents make a promise, they better be darn sure they can deliver. Does Janesville Superintendent Steve Pophal know how to deliver on several promises he made this year, including having 90 percent of third-graders reading at or above grade level by 2022?
Our Views: Neighborhood wins but city loses
Our Views: Neighborhood wins but city loses
Of all people, Janesville City Council President Doug Marklein knows Janesville needs new rental housing. He owns Marklein Builders and understands better than most the dynamics of the city’s housing market.