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Our Views: Janesville mosque shows more unites us than divides us
The community has risen to embrace a new mosque and welcome its worshipers, Muslims who seek to practice their religion alongside people of other faiths.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, June 26
Thumbs up to CAMDEN Playground opening, to local legislator's idea for funding roads. Thumbs down to Assembly passing “free speech” bill, fussing over Business After Five event.
Our Views: A radical cure for Congress: openness
The Senate and House hold hearings on a wide range of topics—from farming to housing to banking—on a daily basis. Is it too much to ask Congress to do the same for health care, spending on which now makes up one-sixth of the nation's economy?
Our Views: Janesville shootings: aberration or emerging trend?
Some people are wondering: Are these Janesville shootings a sign of violence to come, or are they an aberration, a startling but temporary departure from Janesville’s peaceful reputation?
Our Views: The chickens are here (nothing to fear)
Given that the city of Janesville has received only one complaint about a chicken disturbance, it’s now clear those concerns were overblown. But nobody should be shocked the chicken ordinance has worked out so well.
Our Views: Victory for the 'little guy'
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos doesn't seem to understand why large manufacturers and home bakers should be treated differently. That's why the “little guy” needs defenders, such Brodhead residents Betty Anderson and Dela Ends.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, June 19
Thumbs down to texting at stoplights and tripling of the state's prison population. Thumbs up to the federal Surface Transportation Board and more states suing opioid makers.
Our Views: Council gives SHINE a pass
We called on the Janesville City Council last week to scrutinize SHINE Medical Technologies' request for more public money as part of a tax increment financing deal, but members largely played cheerleaders for the project during Monday's meeting.
Our Views: Enough is enough
If we continue to allow hateful and spiteful rhetoric to drive our political discourse, political violence could spread. Countries such as Venezuela and Cuba are familiar with political violence, but not this nation.
Our Views: Could Uber someday replace city buses?
Imagine the city of Janesville someday paying Uber drivers to shuttle people to jobs, dentist appointments or other locations formerly served by buses.