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Our Views: Two moves could boost business in Janesville's downtown
The tavern owners would lease or buy the building from Denise Carpenter, who gave up her license last year after a decade of problems at Quotes.
Thumbs Up/Down for Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014
Thumbs Up to open government seminars and a rooftop patio at Riley's Sports Bar &U Grill; Thumbs Down to careless driving in school zones and the loss of Hanover's post office.
Our Views: Treat trees now before emerald ash borers kill Janesville's trees
It's good to read that Janesville, now dubbed the “City of Parks,” is forging ahead with efforts to save its most valuable ash trees.
Our Views: Jobs are focus this weekend, this fall
The spotlight on jobs will be most prominent in the gubernatorial race, where Democrat Mary Burke hopes to oust Republican Scott Walker.
Editor's Views: Gazette covers Beloit stories with broad interest
If we think the story will interest readers in Janesville and other parts of Rock County, we'll go after it.
Our Views: Expect changes in Janesville as school bells ring
Some new ideas improve learning, while other trends come and go quickly. Janesville administrators hope six changes boost test scores.
Our Views: Auto museum proposal poses dilemma for city of Janesville
Janesville has a sad history of demolishing heritage. If the gas station becomes a museum, no one would want to see the site used to expand the police department.
Our Views: Unite to halt bloodshed in Beloit
Beloit is so much more than this killing spree. Unfortunately, the bloodshed hurts the image of a community enjoying a revival.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 25, 2014
Thumbs Up to a new Janesville fitness trail/prayer walk, baseball as a gentleman's game and Link Crew at Elkhorn Area High School; Thumbs Down to defacing Paul Ryan's book.
Your Views: Come November, remind those in office of their role
Unfortunately, the unresolved issues facing the current chapter in our history do not reflect the unfrayed borders of our flag.