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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Tuesday, Jan. 3
Thumbs up to new course offerings at Blackhawk Technical College, new burial mound protections. Thumbs down to long lines for paying taxes, state Supreme Court's ruling on DOJ videos.
Our Views: News flash: Fixing roads costs money
Gov. Walker's near-dogmatic opposition to increasing revenues makes about as much sense as a policy prohibiting the earth's gravitational pull. In the world of government, spending steadily rises, and potholes, broken equipment and dilapidated parks are the result when revenues cannot keep pace.
Our Views: Four resolutions for the new year
The Gazette Editorial Board picked four topics we feel deserve residents’ and local government’s attention in 2017. Here are our resolutions.
Our Views: A one-way ticket to uncertainty
To Rock County residents, the Great Lakes Basin Transportation project is starting to feel like a high-stakes game of musical chairs, except when the music stops, the losers have a rail line in their backyards.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Tuesday, Dec. 27
Thumbs up to braving the winter storm and GM sale on the horizon. Thumbs down to Charlie Sykes retiring and MillerCoors.
Our Views: When race is relevant
The Gazette won’t shy from tackling racial issues to shield people from uncomfortable feelings. On the contrary, we will continue to write about race when it’s newsworthy or offers a teachable moment.
Our Views: Sen. Nass has the problem
Sen. Steve Nass is developing a reputation for acting more like the Thought Police than a legislator in his dealings with UW-Madison.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Dec. 19
Thumbs down to Janesville School Board, state Ethics Commission. Thumbs up to plastics and city staff's mock emergency.
Our Views: Legislators get 'F' for civics test
Lawmakers coalesced around the civics test proposal because of its flag-waving, patriotic appeal. But in their desire to pin as many stars and stripes on their lapels as possible, they gave birth to another unfunded mandate.
Our Views: Recount results shock (almost) nobody
The take-home message from this recount is that Wisconsin's election system, far from being rigged, is practically fraud proof.