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Our Views: Feeling queasy over Javon Bea's pay
Being known as No. 1 can be an honor, though not so much in the case of Mercy Health System CEO Javon Bea.
Our Views: GOP plan toxic for women's health
Women deserve better than the health care proposal being advanced by House Speaker Paul Ryan and his Republican delegation.
Our Views: The antidote to bullying: awareness

It's one thing to tell middle-schoolers that bullying is wrong. It's quite another to actually change students' behaviors so that they're less inclined to bully or treat each other in a way that might lead to bullying.

The most impressive...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, March 6
Thumbs down to Delavan-Darien residency rule and more rail proposal delays. Thumbs up to Craig cheerleaders and Olivya Martine.
Our Views: Proposal piles on the paperwork
If Janesville City Council member Jorgensen could hold up a clear example of wasteful use of consultants, we might be more inclined to take his idea seriously.
Our Views: A few items for the VP's consideration
At some point, President Trump will need to deliver on his agenda, and here are a few items that we feel his administration must address to be successful:
Our Views: A scarlet letter for the information age
The state's rigid interpretation of the law demands perfection in order to expunge a record, but we hope the high court, in considering Lazaro Ozuna's case, advocates for a less stringent standard.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Feb. 27
Thumbs down to DOT's math, making history a low priority. Thumbs up to Bon-Ton, golfing in February.
Our Views: Protests are making Ryan even less accessible
Not that long ago, Rep. Paul Ryan would have been able to hold a town hall meeting and have a dialogue with constituents. Today, that’s essentially impossible.
Our Views: Critical thinking under siege at college campuses
To be openly conservative at a college campus these days, especially one as liberal as Beloit College, has become a courageous act.