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Our Views: On Janesville's winding path to prosperity

Three developments over the past week reveal Janesville is caught in the crosswinds of economic recovery and stagnation.

Time will tell whether city and business leaders are savvy enough to navigate the competing forces, but at least the city...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Aug. 22

Thumbs up to sober freshmen. As new freshmen prepare for the first day of class, they will likely feel tempted to go on an alcohol-fueled adventure. But some students are proving it's possible to have fun without getting wasted. At UW-...

Our Views: Director's salary should stay capped

A proposal to lift the salary cap for the director of the Janesville International Education Program would cut too deeply into the profits generated by that program.

It would also create too large a pay gap between the director, Kevin Miller,...

Our Views: Criticism of Freitag is concerning

The Janesville city administration in an Aug. 5 news release highlighted how a new survey shows the vast majority of city employees feel “engaged at work,” but all is not well at City Hall.

Anonymous comments from that same survey...

Our Views: Ryan should accept Solen's challenge

Ryan Solen, the Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional District race, has challenged his opponent, House Speaker Paul Ryan, to a debate, and we are eager for Ryan to accept.

This election season has been brutal for Ryan and the GOP, even ...

Our Views: Keep public notices in newspapers

Public notices, while perhaps not the sexiest feature in this and other newspapers, are too important to the democratic process to cease their publication, as some local government officials want to do.

A legislative committee—comprising...

Our Views: Rock County on right track with reforms

Exactly how Rock County law enforcement and the court system might reduce the number of minorities in jail by 25 percent within four years is a good question, but we cannot fault officials for aiming high.

The goal, one of several presented...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Aug. 15

Thumbs up to Delavan firefighters. Ten-year-old Ryan Johnson, who has a rare, inoperable brain tumor, was named an honorary firefighter last week at a ceremony with town of Delevan firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel. His illness is...

Our Views: School district shares blame for Warner-Reed's crimes
Our Views: School district shares blame for Warner-Reed's crimes
The Janesville School District is a victim in Warner-Reed's case like somebody with a hole in his pocket is a victim after a wallet goes missing.
Our Views: Populism fizzles for Nehlen camp
The brand of populism that propelled Donald Trump to the GOP presidential nomination was a no-show Tuesday for Paul Nehlen.