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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 18
Thumbs up to the battle for 'The Rock,' giving $583,000 to Janesville. Thumbs down to the labor shortage and whining over Court Street conversion.
Our Views: Don’t get too worked up over ACT scores
Not that parents and educators should dismiss student ACT scores, but it’s important to remember the scores are only one measure of ability and arguably not a very good one.
Our Views: Nine years later, a chance for closure
At the risk of getting too far ahead of ourselves, we can’t help but wonder whether Friday marks the day Janesville finally started healing the heartache that accompanied the GM plant ending most production in 2008 and closing in early 2009.
Our Views: Dam association mounts a needless fight
It's unfortunate the Monterey Dam Association cannot leave behind the past and accept the March 27 city council vote to remove the dam—a decision made after nearly six hours of discussion.
Our Views: Railway plan's rejection spurs new questions
Why did Great Lakes Basin Transportation waste valuable time and resources to submit an application that had no chance of advancing? Was it hoping the Surface Transportation Board would overlook the financial deficiencies?
Our Views: Government shouldn't meddle in the grocery business
The increasingly prevalent expectation for government to solve the private sector's problems likely explains why some people are so indignant over Pick 'n Save's decision to close its south-side Janesville store.
Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 11
Thumbs up to local response to Hurricane Harvey, the Footville Telephone Museum. Thumbs down to Equifax, gobs and gobs of Labor Day candy.
Our Views: Congress has a mandate to protect Dreamers
Congress should use this bipartisan moment to advance stand-alone legislation to continue the DACA program.
Our Views: Let's hope new owner treats Hufcor right
We hope OpenGate Capital is being sincere in saying “plans” exist to grow the Janesville Hufcor plant. We hope, too, OpenGate recognizes a company is only as good as its employees.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 4
Thumbs up to gas stations self-policing drive-offs, Walworth County Fair. Thumbs down to only $25 fine for selling tobacco to minors, a 35-member committee.