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Our Views: Lukewarm for Loudenbeck
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck's late night vote last year to undermine the state’s open records laws concerns us and calls into question her judgment, though for other reasons she has earned our endorsement.
Our Views: The law, not protesters, is in charge
Amid a riot or some other disturbance, law enforcement agencies cannot afford to make their decision on enforcing the law contingent on a political position.
Our Views: Stewart would thrive as Rock County treasurer
A closer examination of the two candidates reveals Wendy Stewart is better qualified to assume the complex duties of the treasurer’s office despite Michelle Roettger’s nearly six years in the treasurer’s office.
Our Views: ‘Just cause’ would handcuff school board
The school board is considering a committee’s recommendation to change the termination policy from a “good and sufficient cause” to a “just cause” standard, which could make firing incompetent employees more difficult.
Our Views: Trump backers turn to Solen. Say what?
In a bizarre twist to this surreal election season, Ryan Solen seems to be celebrating this development, even though Solen himself has called on Paul Ryan to revoke his endorsement for Trump.
Our Views: Keeping dam comes with fewer risks
Our Views: Keeping dam comes with fewer risks
The biggest danger in removing the Monterey Dam would be its effect on water levels downtown and its impact on future waterfront development.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 10
Down to clown paranoia and Milton Avenue construction delays. Up to Blackhawk restructuring and DMV employee training.
Our Views: Journey to the online rumor mill
Social media, in newspaper years, is still a new phenomenon, and there’s no industry standard for addressing online rumors in the daily paper.
Our Views: Carrying the torch of democracy

Partisan bickering over the necessity of voter ID laws has taken some joy out of the voting process and distracted from people's ongoing efforts to break down barriers to voting rights.

We're talking about people such as Dan Atwood who helps...

Our Views: Brodhead police set good example
Because pedestrians pose a minimal safety threat to drivers, many drivers feel they can disregard pedestrians. But failing to yield to pedestrians is selfish.