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Our Views: A true gift to the community
With 40 churches at the heart of its operation, the GIFTS Men’s Shelter has become an enduring display of the community’s Christian faith. The shelter has launched a capital campaign seeking to raise $1.6 million, and we're asking our readers to support this worthwhile initiative.
Our Views: Keep dogs out of city parks
Some dog owners want the “right” to take their dogs into Janesville's parks and on bike trails, but that would be a bad idea. If anything, the city council should consider starting the dog ban sooner, moving it from May 15 to April 15.
Our Views: Protecting free speech doesn't require new laws
GOP-backed bills could lead to infringements on protesters' free speech rights.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, May 22
Thumbs up to rethinking courthouse plan, presentation on poverty. Thumbs down to uncooperative witnesses, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.
Our Views: Downtown's turnaround starting to feel real
Anecdotal evidence suggests business owners have become believers in Janesville's downtown and are showing their faith by opening their pocketbooks.
Our Views: Regret over 'We Back the Badge' signs
If we had to do it again, the newsroom would have asked for The Gazette name to be kept off "We Back the Badge" signs to help ensure readers perceive The Gazette as impartial in its news coverage.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, May 15
Thumbs down to the disappearing guns, sentence in sexting case. Thumbs up to Leadership Development Academy of Rock County, Mary Buelow.
Our Views: Another sign GM's legacy is fading
On the question of Ford versus Chevy, appearances mattered for many years because of that massive vehicle manufacturing plant on Janesville's south side. But three things happened to create an opening for Ford.
Our Views: Step away from your phone and into the moment
A message to this year's graduates: One of the great ironies of today's technological world is that we have the tools to communicate faster than ever, and yet many of us have become horrible communicators.
Our Views: School district finds a competitive edge
As Gazette reporter Catherine W. Idzerda showed in her series on Janesville’s charter schools published this week, government can and does innovate, particularly in the realm of education.