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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, July 17
Thumbs down to tax breaks for Foxconn, paying high prices for prescription drugs. Thumbs up to Mercyhealth, capturing father's bitter-sweet moment.
Our Views: The pitfalls of landing Foxconn
The sudden influx of 10,000 jobs in Janesville could only be a good thing, right? Not necessarily.
Our Views: Pophal has a vision for Janesville schools
New Janesville School District Superintendent Steve Pophal sat down with the Gazette Editorial Board for the first time Wednesday and shared his thoughts about the school district and the future of public education.
Our Views: U-Rock dorm lacks broad appeal
Even if building a dormitory at UW-Rock County still makes sense, it's hard to get excited about the project.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, July 10
Thumbs down to banning vegetables in the front yard, Trump's voter fraud investigation. Thumbs up to the Milwaukee Brewers, bipartisan talk on infrastructure.
Our Views: Delavan-Darien School District’s problems go beyond racism
Racism is likely part of Delavan-Darien's problem, but the school district’s hemorrhaging of students has many other factors.
Our Views: Find the fruits of capitalism in aisle 4
While Janesville-based Blain’s Farm & Fleet is feeling anxious about the recent sale of Mills Fleet Farm to a private equity firm, consumers should rejoice.
Our Views: Hands off our brew, legislators
Current law allows craft brewers and wineries to sell their products on site—Rock County Brewing’s primary source of revenue—but a memo circulating at the Capitol reveals a way to end this practice through the creation of a state Office of Alcohol Beverages Enforcement.
Our Views: Thumbs up for Monday, July 3
Thumbs up to bill to track sale of meth ingredients, changing city council's texting policy. Thumbs down to ongoing pipeline protests, to Wisconsin drivers.
Our Views: New rules needed to fight nuisance, vacant properties
The knee-jerk reaction from some Janesville property owners will be to complain that requiring them to register their vacant properties would stifle economic development. Yet, these complainers are the reason why Janesville needs tougher regulations.