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Steven Walters: Federal carbon-emission rule could cost $20 billion, PSC says
Although the national goal is a 30 percent cut in carbon emissions ... it would mean a 34 percent cut in the rate of Wisconsin carbon emissions.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Sept. 15, 2014
Thumbs Up to Milton's Crossridge Park supporters, lowering the post office drop box and Janesville's teacher diversity project; Thumbs Down to careless use of tree stands.
Our Views: Janesville's Billy McCoy should give up petition fight
McCoy might find supporters willing to sink money into a court fight, and he ultimately might prevail. But at what cost to him, his backers and the city? And to what end?
Esther Cepeda: The NFL’s female fan base
Women are no longer merely on the sidelines of pro football purchasing power.
Editor's Views: News or sports? Decision isn't always clear
We think a lot about the best way to present news each day in The Gazette, and much of that has to do with where we publish it.
Bill Lueders: Wisconsin Public Television spotlights Rock, Walworth county redistricting
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck’s new district kept her hometown of Clinton but included less than half of Beloit and contained, by her account, “about 50 percent new people.”
Web Views for Friday, Sept. 12
Our Views: Republican tax cuts don't look so wise given fiscal estimates
When Republicans are quick to tout how Walker erased a $3.6 billion deficit he faced when he took office, the new fiscal report isn't good news for Republicans.
Dick Polman: Clueless pundits cluck about domestic violence
This being the year 2014, I would’ve thought that the message was: Don’t hit women. After all, domestic violence isn’t exactly a new issue.
Michael Gerson: Obama’s careful war
Suffice it to say, the American campaign in Iraq and Syria will take years and hit major obstacles.