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Rep. Tyler August: Right-to-work legislation is right for Wisconsin
My reasoning for supporting the bill is two-fold. I believe it is both a worker freedom issue as well as a policy that will improve our state’s economy.
Esther Cepeda: Changing our eating habits, within reason
Yet another study reinforces the notion that it's time to change our eating habits.
Local Views: What Gov. Walker, GOP are doing to education is un-American
Charter schools have not improved academic performance, or if they have, usually it is because they have weeded out low-performing students.
Local Views: Big changes must occur for Beloit Snappers
Without a new stadium, a better business plan and the addition of new, experienced board members and leaders, the long life of the Snappers will end.
State Views: Making assessments of property better for taxpayers
The state budget includes a proposal to make the assessing process more efficient. Wisconsin would move to a county-based system with an option for larger municipalities.
Our Views: Generosity lifting lives in Rock, Walworth counties
Sometimes, large donations greatly advance charitable efforts in our communities, and generous gifts in Rock and Walworth counties are prime examples.
Web Views for Feb. 27: GM plant, Janesville Mall, Bishop Buffet draw comments
Peter Funt: Donald Trump joins the GOP's clown car
With all its troubles, why does GOP leadership persist in allowing someone such as Trump to appear at events with its legitimate contenders?
Michael Gerson: Scott Walker’s cynical comments
Scott Walker's questioning of President Obama's faith involves a serious charge of the worst sort of cynicism.
Con: Time to sever fiscally irresponsible Greece from its EU lifeline
Greece never should have been admitted to the 28-member European Union (EU) or to its 19-member common currency area, the “Eurozone.”