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Greg Peck: A fascinating search in the town of Fulton
On May 30, anthropologists from Lawrence University will join a friend of mine in a search for a possible forgotten cemetery in the town of Fulton.
First Amendment: Messages of hate, signs of freedom
The Metropolitan Transit Authority has done all it can to ban a controversial ad that critics argue could be misinterpreted as a call to violence against Jews.
Pro: It’s time for Americans to embrace freedom of speech over political correctness
American journalism has hardly been a pillar of courage in standing up to Islamic extremism. Only a handful of newspapers reprinted the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.
Charles Krauthammer: TV show fictionalizes when men wielded power in hellish times
A new TV series on Henry VIII and his court is breathtaking in respect to both its quality and its historical revisionism.
Con: Free expression should never be suppressed, but should be exercised with respectful restraint
American news media should extend respect and restraint toward Islam in the same degree as they would any other religious tradition.
Bill Lueders: Groups let Gov. Scott Walker’s backers give unlimited sums
Scott Walker’s committee can accept unlimited donations so long as he is neither a declared candidate nor “testing the waters” of a 2016 presidential bid.
Esther Cepeda: A turning point for Native Americans in Tinseltown?
Bravo to the Native American actors who left the set of an Adam Sandler movie after they were offended by the film's portrayal of their culture.
Matt Pommer: Religious leaders offer advice to Walker about benefit programs
The drug-testing idea is being touted by the Walker administration as a way to see people get treatment and make sure they are employable.
Greg Peck: Is being a reporter really the worst job in America?
A new analysis suggests a newspaper reporter has the worst job in America. I'm not buying it.
Greg Peck: Tim Thompson offers views on Brewer woes
With perhaps the entire MIlwaukee Brewers season quickly heading south, I turned to our former Peace & Glove blogger for insight.

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Greg Peck: A fascinating cemetery search in Fulton
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