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Your views: Dems' talking points have been debunked
The charge that Republicans prevent women from making their own health decisions? How is the Left's radical abortion agenda empowering for women, or the children that abortion kills?
Charles Krauthammer: Countering jihadist logic
It's imperative to show the Islamic State it made a mistake
Guest views: Advertisers get NFL's attention
The NFL has talked a great game. It claims to have zero tolerance for off-field violence by its players. But the league's actions suggest its definition of zero tolerance is situational.
Your views: Public opinion shouldn’t alter morals

The slippery slope of declining moral and ethical standards continues. Recent polls allegedly indicate that legalizing marijuana and allowing gay marriage are now a majority opinion of the American public.

 How soon these issues become rights...

Our views: Hearing restrictions over the top
Our views: Hearing restrictions over the top
The Gazette understands and respects provisions to protect a juvenile suspect's identity, and it has covered juvenile courts in Rock County for decades without issue.
Rep. Debra Kolste: Walker should accept Medicaid money
Walker now faces a $1.8 billion hole in the budget due to poorly conceived tax policy and a lagging state economy. Fiscal reality makes it negligent to continue to reject the Medicaid money.
Your views: We’ll give up our freedom if you give up yours
We should give up our freedom, and you should give up your freedom of the press right.
Guest views: Voter ID ruling asking for trouble
Coming less than two months before the November election, the ruling threatens to make balloting difficult for voters and election officials.
Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014
Michael Gerson: Leading from behind the curve
So what difference does one more misfortune make in a distant, unfortunate place? A big difference, it turns out.


Our Views: Report card shows Janesville has much work to do
Matt Pommer: On drug policy, Nygren faces much work to change public opinion
Peter Funt: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is offsides
Michael Gerson: Tall order for GOP in ’16
First Amendment: Social media no longer just free expression ‘toy box’

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Wisconsin Energy executive explains utility's solar rate plan
Your Views: Mary Burke is not guilty of plagiarism
Your Views: Dan Kilkenny will represent citizens of state Senate District 11
Your Views: This November, choice for voters is clear
Your Views: Norm Aulabaugh and ilk give comfort to ISIS and other terrorists

Our Views

Our Views: New policy for releasing records is welcome in Janesville
Our Views: City's critics should try to do better
Our views: Hearing restrictions over the top
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Sept. 15, 2014
Editor's Views: News or sports? Decision isn't always clear

Other Views

Local Views: Janesville mother loses her grip on first day of school
Esther Cepeda: Military leaders wage war on waistlines
Guest views: U.S. must commit to spaceflight
Charles Krauthammer: Countering jihadist logic
Guest views: Advertisers get NFL's attention

Sound Off

Sound Off: Why do other states that have voter ID have no problem?
Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 17: Who's paying for the new voter IDs?
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