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Esther Cepeda: The matter with class
There are few better ways to understand high class in this country—and remain unscathed—than to explore the inner workings of families struggling to maintain it.
Our Views: It's good to see Milton, Orfordville, Whitewater plan for libraries
Libraries knit us together. They serve as resource and community centers. They're places where young and old can exercise their minds and expand intellectual horizons.
Your Views: Enbridge pipeline plans should concern in Walworth County residents
Dane and Jefferson counties recently rejected this expansion. Our health is just as important to us here in Walworth County.
Bill Lueders: Campaign cash buying more than just ads for Scott Walker, Mary Burke
Wisconsin's race for governor promises to be another high-profile, high-spending affair.
Our Views: New retirement policy at Janesville City Hall is troubling
Though the new policy isn’t binding, what might happen to a worker who announces plans to retire in two weeks? Might that person be reprimanded or fired?
Your Views: State is at fault, must fix Milton’s bypass fiasco
The only solution to this fiasco is for the DOT to admit to its bumbling mistake and fix it with corrective construction.
Your Views: Father applauds plans Janesville's new Rock University High School
I’m not trying to knock the public school system, but some students want more of an academic challenge and less drama.
Web Views for Friday, Aug. 15, 2014
Your Views: Trek’s numbers show hypocrisy of Mary Burke
It’s hypocritical for Burke to advocate for American jobs and higher wages when Trek does everything it can to avoid them.
Your Views: Why would newspapers endorse Scott Walker or Paul Ryan?
People like the billionaire Koch brothers can buy their Republican politicians, get their taxes lowered and break all the unions.


Esther Cepeda: Misreading our demographics
Bill Lueders: Attorney general matchup could be November sizzler
James Foley: Courage in the face of danger
J.B. Van Hollen: Teams keeps students safe on college campuses
Dick Polman: Michael Brown had pot in his blood!

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Veteran salutes comrades around Rock County
Your Thanks: Kim’s Kloset fundraiser in Milton is success for IDS of Janesville
Your Views: Wisconsin must really get tough with drunken drivers
Your Thanks: Pregnancy Helpline salutes help with first Diaper Derby
Your Thanks: Good Samaritan aids runner who fell

Our Views

Our Views: Using smaller rescue truck is good call for Janesville Fire Department
Our Views: Take chance to tour Janesville's new transit center
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 18, 2014
Our Views: It's good to see Milton, Orfordville, Whitewater plan for libraries
Our Views: New retirement policy at Janesville City Hall is troubling

Other Views

Local Views: Ryan's poverty plan ignores value of living wage
Bill Lueders: Here's what Walker, Burke are buying with campaign cash
State Views: Comment on plans to alter work rules for those with disabilities
Web Views for Friday, Aug. 15, 2014
State Views: Keep reducing taxes to stop income drain

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