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Our Views: Manhunt ends but leaves an unsettling feeling
Jakubowski will be remembered not for any heinous crime he committed but for the one we imagined he could. That one man could cause such disruption says as much about our psyche as it does about Jakubowski.
Walters: State efforts to track down tax scofflaws grow
How does the state Department of Revenue track down tax-law scofflaws who—unlike you—don’t pay what they owe, under-report their incomes, file false tax forms or don’t pay at all?
Sound Off for Sunday, April 16: Texting, head lice and gun control
Your Views: Election shows Janesville headed in right direction

Janesville voters were blessed to have nine candidates vying for four open city council seats in the April 4 election. It is a rare occurrence when we get the chance to choose from such a large number of candidates.

It is even rarer for us to...

Our Views: Voters elected Jens, not his dad
We're not sure what's worse: the texting Janesville City Council member Jens Jorgensen engaged in with his dad during a March 27 council meeting or the excuses he concocted for doing it.
Your Views: Election hopefully marks a fresh start for council
Your Views: Upset about Gazette’s coverage of house fire
Our Views: Keep the I-90/39 project in the budget
We believe the I-90/39 project should remain a top priority, and it would be a shame if the Legislature, in remaking the transportation budget, left it out to make room for other ones.
Your Views: ‘Wacky weather’ is a call to action
Our Views: Hard to cheer while winning the open enrollment game
We're all about cheering on Janesville schools, but something is unsettling about the school district's marketing effort to lure students from other school districts. At stake is $6,748 per student in state aid.


Letters to the Editor

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Our Views

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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, April 24
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Sound Off for Sunday, April 16: Texting, head lice and gun control
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