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Web Views for Friday, Oct. 17
Your Views: Step forward and help victims of domestic violence
It’s a time to reflect on the definition of domestic violence and to become aware of local services that are available.
Charles Krauthammer: Ebola vs. civil liberties
Missteps raising questions of competence, communication and false confidence have contributed to the nation's current Ebola anxiety. But the problem is deeper.
Your Views: Let’s boost funding to train care providers
Oftentimes these government-funded care agencies do not receive enough money to properly train their staff and skew the training to just get by the legal standards
Gene Policinski: What will keep unfounded Ebola reports from ‘going viral?’
In a media-saturated world of 24/7 news, with the voracious talk-show appetite for chatter, we’re already seeing questions about what has been presented.
Kathleen Parker: A little panic might be helpful
If we dare, it makes exceptionally good sense to treat travelers from infected countries with exceptional scrutiny on this end of the trip.
Your Views: This longtime patron will sorely miss Kmart
All the rest of the malls and places around it came because of the success of Kmart. I am really going to miss it.
Michael Gerson: Ebola in America
Proper protocols are now in place. But Ebola in America has been an exacting and brutal teacher.
Your Views: Reader wants all scores of college football teams
I have had to purchase the Wisconsin State Journal on Sundays to see the rest of the scores.
Your Views: Sen. Cullen’s idea of seat belts on school buses makes no sense
Cullen’s desire to have seat belts in school buses is admirable but totally a political ploy of liberal thinking and is not practical.


Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Oct. 20, 2014
Steven Walters: Why top Republicans target GAB, its director
Our Views: Solid state law protects victims but tarnishes reputation
Our Views: Poverty challenges all of Rock County, including Nov. 4 voters
Web Views for Friday, Oct. 17

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: New Janesville property owner applauds sidewalk review, decisions
Your Views: Let’s send Scott Walker, Paul Ryan toward private-sector jobs
Your Views: Given mining concerns, Wisconsin sportsmen should vote Democratic
Your Views: Urge legislators to back boosting minimum to $10.10
Your Views: Mary Burke will do best job for Wisconsinites

Our Views

Our Views: Preparation vital should Ebola outbreak hit here
Our Views: Enrollment buoys financial picture of Janesville schools
Our Views: SHINE continues hopeful march toward medical isotopes factory
Editor's views: Silly season brings new claims about bias
Our views: It's go time for Jets, Janesville

Other Views

Guest views: Upside down at the gas pump
Charles Krauthammer: Allies play dangerous game
Guest views: Treat Ebola like national security threat
Guest views: Where is terror over climate change?
I-39/90 project about more than traffic counts

Sound Off

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