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Your Views: ‘Duck and cover’ not solution to shootings
We’re told it is not the time to talk about gun control because we’d be “politicizing” the tragedy in Vegas. Leaders say we need to be united and stand in solidarity and pray. But it’s not “politicizing.”
Other Views: Foxconn deal is a real con job
The problem with the just-finalized deal is that Wisconsin’s taxpayers are paying for those jobs—and at a cost of $230,700 per job, it’s not such a great deal.
Your Views: Court can give back the people’s voice
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 9
Thumbs down to the end of HHFFRRRGGH name, Linda L. Gray. Thumbs up to Edgerton aquaponics greenhouse, downtown hotel proposal.
Our Views: Milton bypass proves wise decision
The arrival of a new restaurant, Tasty Bites, at the former Burger King site in Milton is further proof the Highway 26 bypass has been an economic blessing.
Sound Off for Sunday, Oct. 8: Mass shootings, Sonic Boom and bad manners

On mass shootings: And now Las Vegas. Until and unless this country comes to grips with the reality of mental deficiency in the case of substantial numbers of our citizens and the need for an all-encompassing mental health system, there is little...

Your Views: GOP blinded by ideology, NRA
I hope the latest tragic happening, concerning yet another madman possessing a gun, will energize the Congress into passing laws to protect the country's citizens and not kowtow yet again to the NRA and its monied, influential or deluded supporters.
Your Views: District wrong about growth
Your Views: Amid tragedies, what is God trying to tell us?

C. S. Lewis, who may be most remembered for the “Narnia” series and “Mere Christianity,” also wrote “The Problem of Pain.” A quotation from that book seems very applicable to our present time: “Pain insists on ...

John W. Eyster: What's the dual significance of October 9?
Next Monday, October 9 is a SPECIAL DAY because it is the LEGAL FEDERAL HOLIDAY: Columbus Day AND the FEDERAL OBSERVANCE: Leif Erikson Day.


John W. Eyster: The dual significance of October 9
Walters: On gerrymandering case, you be the judge
Walters: Rep. Barca is latest shown Democrats’ leadership door
John W. Eyster: How will Foxconn fare in Wisconsin?
Walters: To Foxconn chairman, please address these doubts about your project

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Feeling more confident in plans for Milton schools
Your Views: Numbers don’t indicate Milton needs a new school
Your Views: Celebrate downtown revival with Friday ribbon cutting
Your Views: Headline about Trump executive order misleading
Your Views: Thumbs down to Gazette over 'HHFFRRRGGH'

Our Views

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 16
Our Views: Keep police video under Open Records Law
Our Views: A merger for U-Rock's 50th birthday
Our Views: Hemp’s time approaching
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Oct. 9

Other Views

Other Views: Now is the time to impeach Trump for nation’s safety
Other Views: Foxconn deal is a real con job
Other Views: 10 steps progressives need to take
Other Views: Mining would boost economy in Northwoods
Other Views: No such thing as pollution-free sulfide mining

Sound Off

Sound Off for Wednesday, Oct. 18: Weinstein, Milton referendum and HHFFRRRGGH
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Sound Off for Sunday, Oct. 8: Mass shootings, Sonic Boom and bad manners
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