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Pro: Ebola response, unfortunately, has been far more political than responsible
In an hour of need, our assortment of national and international public health administrators dropped the ball with deadly consequences.
Your Views: Too bad Janesville Parker football game lacked local acknowledgment
I was really shocked to find out that two Janesville radio stations were both covering the Craig game.
Michael Gerson: Obama administration still in denial on Ebola
This impression of control is an illusion, and a particularly dangerous one.
Charles Krauthammer: Barack Obama, bewildered bystander
Barack Obama reflexively insists on playing the shocked outsider when something goes wrong within his own administration.
Your Views: Van Hollen deserves praise, not criticism on issue of rape
Under Van Hollen’s leadership, the Crime Lab has garnered necessary resources to prioritize sexual assault cases and analyze them as fast as any lab nationwide.
Your Views: Critics of Sonya’s Law broadcasting false ad
Opponents of the law are now airing television ads claiming that the law requires a specific type of “invasive” ultrasound. This is patently false.
Your Views: Community effort in Milton will greatly improve library
I trust that foundations, corporations, local small businesses and individual citizens will believe that a thriving public library is essential in the life of all communities.
Your Views: Our nation must return to God to survive threats
With the Middle East exploding and a threat of another 9/11, we must come before God and admit how far America has sinned and rebelled against God.
Our Views: Economy brighter, but more work is needed here
Janesville and Rock County are doing far better than anyone could have imagined or expected after General Motors closed its factory here six years ago.
Your Views: Vote for Brian Fitzgerald so our voices are heard in Senate
My conclusion is that Janis Ringhand is a placeholder occupying a valuable position and accomplishing little to nothing while doing so.


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Con: Public health is a responsibility shared by all, not just the CDC, which is doing its job

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Our Views: Economy brighter, but more work is needed here
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