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Kathleen Parker: With old Clinton conspiracy, we are a Trump too far
Donald Trump is going too far in suggesting that Hillary and Bill Clinton played a role in Vince Foster's death.
Your Views: Proposed railroad bypass of Chicago raises suspicions
The CREATE project mentioned in one Saturday story has plans to alleviate congestion, and progress is being made in constructing various bottleneck-breakers.
Peter Funt: Clinton needs a crash course
The most radical thing Hillary Clinton should do to get her campaign back on track is compel her husband to step back—way back.
Greg Peck: Playing it safe by dialing Diggers Hotline
Have you ever called Diggers Hotline? I did three years ago. And I did so again last week.
Your Views: Event at Janesville Craig High School showcases pursuit of excellence
In the midst of the disheartening and sometimes very disturbing news we hear of and witness, the vast majority in our community are pursuing excellence.
Michael Gerson: The Trump train is fueled by conspiracy
Donald Trump has succeeded by appealing to stereotypes and ugly hatreds that most American leaders have struggled to repress and contain.
Your Views: It’s sad that world peace takes back seat to profits
The media are asking the wrong question. The question should be: “Why, after 70 years, are there any nuclear weapons in any country’s arsenal?”
Greg Peck: Ash borers devastating parts of Janesville
Greg Peck: Ash borers devastating parts of Janesville
The city of Janesville has been marking dead and dying ash trees for removal, and in some spots, the losses will be devastating.
Steven Walters: Protests by UW faculty anger GOP budget writers
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called the faculty votes “not helpful” and a “big mistake on their part.”
Kathleen Parker: Pondering election disaffection
Americans have begun to face the likely probability that they’ll elect a president they don’t much like. Polls suggest as much, as do my own conversations.


Matt Pommer: Was Walker setback on state education department only temporary?
Kathleen Parker: Obama’s legacy of a pre-post-racial era
Esther Cepeda: Let’s not squander the talents of our immigrants
Greg Peck: Study leaves sobering spotlight on Janesville-Beloit
Charles Krauthammer: In foreign policy, are we doomed to repeat failures?

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Headline on railroad story doesn’t match details
Your Views: Sam Liebert shouldn’t push benefits for opposite-sex couples
Your Views: Math education system failing Janesville students
Your Views: Proposed railroad bypass of Chicago raises suspicions
Your Views: Janesville Education Foundation thinks disruptive student behavior requires communitywide solution

Our Views

Our Views: Railroad plan raises fears, prospects in Rock County
Our Views: Give youths chances to learn costs of war
Our Views: Racial makeup of juries in Rock County is issue worth exploring
Our Views: Ambulance runs by Janesville Fire Department appear to benefit city coffers, patients
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