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Dick Polman: Obamacare, the incredible shrinking campaign issue
You rarely hear Republicans railing wildly anymore about an imminent “train wreck” because the law they hate is doing what they feared most: It’s working.
Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014
Matt Pommer: Scott Walker’s Medicaid decision costs state real money
Under Walker’s shift, the federal government is providing only 59 percent rather than 100 percent of the Medicaid cost for the newly eligible recipients.
Your Views: True patriarchy is grounded in sacrifice, not tyranny
Feminism, beneath a pretense alleging equality of the genders as its goal, has always intended to institute a truly tyrannical matriarchy.
Your Views: Law isn’t applied equally to our energy producers
Apparently we can forgive the estimated 28,000 bird deaths per year at the BrightSource solar plant in California.
Our Views: Unite to halt bloodshed in Beloit
Beloit is so much more than this killing spree. Unfortunately, the bloodshed hurts the image of a community enjoying a revival.
Your Views: Parent fears closure of sheltered workshops serving those with disabilities
Our daughter, Rosa, 31, is one of countless people being targeted. For 13 years she has worked at Elkhorn’s VIP Industries, where her body and personality have unfolded.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 25, 2014
Thumbs Up to a new Janesville fitness trail/prayer walk, baseball as a gentleman's game and Link Crew at Elkhorn Area High School; Thumbs Down to defacing Paul Ryan's book.
Jason Stanford: The resurrection of Rick Perry
When the president fumbled the border crisis by thinking a photo op was beneath his dignity, Perry saw opportunity.
Your Views: Come November, remind those in office of their role
Unfortunately, the unresolved issues facing the current chapter in our history do not reflect the unfrayed borders of our flag.


Other Views: Economics back boosting minimum wage
Esther Cepeda: One sleeper of an issue for kids returning to school
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Editor's Views: Gazette covers Beloit stories with broad interest
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Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Lake Geneva parking plan makes little financial sense
Your Views: K. Andreah Briarmoon’s support of natural foods, unnatural marriages seems contradictory
Your Thanks: Golf outing scores ace for helping needy families through Twin Oaks, food pantry
Your Views: Make incentives permanent to conserve precious lands
Your Views: Breu wrong about research in column on Paul Ryan, poverty issue

Our Views

Our Views: Expect changes in Janesville as school bells ring
Our Views: Auto museum proposal poses dilemma for city of Janesville
Our Views: Unite to halt bloodshed in Beloit
Your Views: Come November, remind those in office of their role
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

Other Views

Caroline Little: Newspapers are still here and still making money
Web Views for Friday, Aug. 22, 2014
Bill Lueders: Attorney general matchup could be November sizzler
J.B. Van Hollen: Teams keeps students safe on college campuses
Local Views: Ryan's poverty plan ignores value of living wage

Sound Off

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