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Your Views: Girls are girls until proven otherwise

Let me refer to just one of the great things about our country and its laws. We are all supposed to be presumed innocent until we are proven to be guilty.

It seems to me that this type of thinking would apply to the issues of transgender. If a...

Your Views: Johnson has fought for businesses, residents

Sen. Ron Johnson has worked hard as our senator since his election. He understands the importance of manufacturing to Wisconsin's economy. He has received a 100-percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business in both the 112th and...

Our Views: State law gives bedbugs place to hide

The thought of bedbugs crawling onto your skin and sucking out your blood in the middle of the night is creepy enough.

What's also creepy is that state law apparently doesn't always require landlords to notify prospective tenants about a known...

Your Views: High standards lacking in Milton Avenue project

I think it is time for the city of Janesville to start holding outside contractors to our long-standing standards. The concrete work last summer on Main Street is terrible. Now we are allowing the same thing to happen on Milton Avenue. Check out the...

Your Views: Tollefson showed skill as Harmony clerk

We encourage voters to vote for Lisa Tollefson for Rock County clerk on Aug. 9. Lisa was Harmony town clerk for six years. During that time she performed many duties. The one that impacted us most was running our elections.

Lisa is very well...

Your Views: Wiedenfeld committed to serving community

Walworth County voters, you are hiring the person who will protect our communities, safeguard our children and administer justice firmly and fairly.

With your vote on Aug. 9, you are selecting my new boss, our next district attorney. The right...

Sound Off for Wednesday, July 27: building walls, media bias, Rep. Ryan

On Rock County register of deeds race: Sandy Disrud's opponent says (from a July 20 story, Page 3A) that he believes “explaining confusing policies and relying on staff members is essential to being register of deeds.” So...

Your Views: Vruwink motivated by desire to serve

I strongly encourage all readers to vote for Don Vruwink in the Aug. 9 primary for the 43rd Assembly District.

Don does politics the old-fashioned way. He has knocked on thousands of doors in the last two months, talking to the people he seeks...

Your Views: Tollefson excelled as Harmony town clerk

Lisa Tollefson, current Rock County clerk and candidate for re-election, was clerk for the town of Harmony for five years before being appointed to the county position last year.

As the Harmony town chairman, I can attest that she consistently...

Your Views: Wiedenfeld’s work ethic stood out early

It is my honor and privilege to recommend Zeke Wiedenfeld as the next district attorney for Walworth County.

I became acquainted with Zeke when he first interned in the Walworth County DA's Office in 2007. At that time, I was the victim witness ...


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