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Hometown punter gets shot with Packers
Peter Mortell will battle Tim Masthay for the job during camp
Packers hire social media experts to aid players
Media consultants have been around for awhile, instructing student-athletes on how to conduct interviews. What's new is the amount of time they are educating athletes on public platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and warning them about privacy settings and applications that can be visible.
Packers welcome burly rookies to camp
“Yes, they're as big as we thought they were. It's confirmed, yes,” head coach Mike McCarthy joked.
Goode feeling good enough to play for Green Bay
“It was making sure to do it and then looking at it the next day and seeing if there was any swelling, and there wasn't,”Brett Goode said. “That's a great sign. Since then, I haven't had any. All the swelling is gone and it's been gone for a while.”
Xtra Points: Recapping Packers' draft, busy prep week
Xtra Points: Recapping Packers' draft, busy prep week
This week on the show: Eric and John rehash who the Packers took in the draft while also talking high school sports and Badger night games.
Packers ignore SEC players pool
For the second draft in a roll, Green Bay doesn't draft a SEC player
Packers take DT Clark with first pick
The NFL Draft's first round took place Thursday night, and the Packers took UCLA's Kenny Clark
Packers showing interest in DIII quarterback
Green Bay takes a peak at Wesley College's Joe Callahan as possible post-draft free-agent signing
Thompson will look for best player available in NFL draft
“We don't,” Ted Thompson said flatly when asked if his staff creates its own mock drafts.
Jordy Nelson works his way back from injury
Jordy Nelson works his way back from injury
The positive updates from Nelson, who said he spent the majority of his offseason rehabbing in Green Bay, served as the latest chapter in a recovery story that seems to have played out entirely ahead of schedule.