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Ted Peck: Big hit causes unexpected dip
Ted Peck: Big hit causes unexpected dip
On a trip to the Florida panhandle, the Gulf of Mexico almost claimed an expensive piece of fishing equipment.
Ted Peck: Open water a special kind of southern comfort
January in November had voices in my head screaming “drive south.” These voices grew louder as the whispers to hunt deer faded with every doe hanging in the pole barn.
Ted Peck: Hunters searching for ducks to hunt
The biggest disappointment for many multi-species hunters in 2014 was waterfowl—especially ducks.They migrated south in a trickle, and then blew through the state in 48 hours when Ma Nature brought us winter just after Veterans Day.
Ted Peck: Tweaks to lure presentation can lead to more hits
Truly savvy anglers know the value of taking good lures and tweaking them just a little bit to make them better.
Ted Peck: Winter weather holding off, delaying ice fishing
Ted Peck: Winter weather holding off, delaying ice fishing
Some folks who got open-water fishing gear for Christmas might get a chance to use it before serious January weather arrives. Those who found a power ice auger under the tree will need to visit lakes in northern Wisconsin to see what that baby will do—ice on many waters around here is tenuous at best.
Ted Peck: Lure designer hopes he has captured next big thing
Several weeks ago Dan "Bimbo" Gifford, the inventor of the successful Bimbo Skunk, sent me a few hardwater lures he dubbed the Icy Skunk. I immediately felt compelled to give it a try. The results were spectacular.
Miller: Leipold, staff leave a palace program
Lance Leipold and much of the UW-Whitewater football staff depart for the University at Buffalo after building a sterling product.
Ted Peck: Put off the last cast
If you're one of those folks who winterizes the boat by putting 2-by-4 conditioner in the gas tank, bringing the outboard to a vertical position and taking sensitive electronics down to a warm basement, there's still time for one more cast.
Ted Peck: Conservationist calls it a career
Brian Buenzow didn't industrialize America or rebuild Europe. His efforts are much more personal than that. Buenzow saved Wisconsin's ringneck pheasant population from the abyss.
Ted Peck: Time running short to put venison in freezer
Ted Peck: Time running short to put venison in freezer
If gun hunting is the only way you seek venison, it's crunch time. The nine-day season ends at sunset Sunday.