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Tom Miller: Odds and ends from the sports world
Tom Miller: Odds and ends from the sports world
During this cold spell in February, it's time to take a look at the going-ons in our sports world, Sports columnist Tom Miller writes.
Ted Peck: Tungsten jigs best bet to lure slow-moving fish
Locating fish is the tough part. Once you find them, you can make them bite. The key is a slow and small lure presentation on extremely light line. Tungsten lures have been the rage amongst ice fishers for several years, as baits of this material are heavier than lead baits of a similar size.
Ted Peck: Wisconsin-made lures grab attention on Gulf of Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico is a lot like a super-sized Lake Koshkonong—acres and acres of faceless bottom with any kind of structure acting as a fish magnet.
Leipold enjoying hectic schedule
Lance Leipold probably never thought he'd be recruiting a football player in Montreal. But there he was last week. That was just part of his amazing journey in the past three months.
Ted Peck: Largemouths make for easy targets
Why do so many anglers spend so much time and money chasing these green fish with big mouths? I believe this is because largemouth bass are both willing and stupid.
Ted Peck: Big hit causes unexpected dip
Ted Peck: Big hit causes unexpected dip
On a trip to the Florida panhandle, the Gulf of Mexico almost claimed an expensive piece of fishing equipment.
Ted Peck: Open water a special kind of southern comfort
January in November had voices in my head screaming “drive south.” These voices grew louder as the whispers to hunt deer faded with every doe hanging in the pole barn.
Ted Peck: Hunters searching for ducks to hunt
The biggest disappointment for many multi-species hunters in 2014 was waterfowl—especially ducks.They migrated south in a trickle, and then blew through the state in 48 hours when Ma Nature brought us winter just after Veterans Day.
Ted Peck: Tweaks to lure presentation can lead to more hits
Truly savvy anglers know the value of taking good lures and tweaking them just a little bit to make them better.
Ted Peck: Winter weather holding off, delaying ice fishing
Ted Peck: Winter weather holding off, delaying ice fishing
Some folks who got open-water fishing gear for Christmas might get a chance to use it before serious January weather arrives. Those who found a power ice auger under the tree will need to visit lakes in northern Wisconsin to see what that baby will do—ice on many waters around here is tenuous at best.