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Gazette advertising 608-755-8344
Gazette classifieds 608-741-6651
Gazette circulation 608-741-6650
Gazette newsroom 608-755-8267
Gazette obituaries 608-755-8270
Gazette opinion 608-755-8335
Gazette photo 608-755-8233
Gazette Sound Off 608-755-8335
Gazette sports 608-755-8249
NameDepartmentJob description/Reporting beatPhone
Anderson, Andrea Gazette Reporters Walworth County 608-755-8219
Angus, Scott Gazette Editors Overall newsroom operations 608-755-8250
Barry, John Gazette Sports Sports, prep sports 608-755-8247
Beaumont, Andrew Gazette Editors Newspaper page design 608-755-8305
Behling, Andrea Gazette Reporters Milton & Edgerton 608-755-8271
Birkelo, Shelly Gazette Reporters Non-profit organizations, pets, service organizations, hobbies, charity/giving, caretaking 608-755-8260
Bliss, Kyle Print Operations Production Coordinator 608-755-9480
Bliss, Sidney "Skip" Bliss Management President/Board Chairman 608-755-8207
Bradley, Alison Gazette Reporters News clerk 608-755-8267
Bradley, Tom Ad Director Local & national print advertising 608-755-8344
Crow, Nick Gazette Reporters Janesville schools, education, politics 608-755-8251
Daun, Julie Advertising Account Executive 608-755-8206
DeRemer, Denise Accounting Payroll/Benefits 608-755-8391
DiNicola, Tony Gazette Photo Graphics artist 608-755-8307
Dresdow, Gordy Circulation Single Copy Manager 608-755-9481
Duwe, Gina Gazette Reporters Evansville, Orfordville, Brodhead, Albany, Footville, Afton, Town of Beloit, health 608-755-8294
Edwards, Trish Advertising Account Executive 608-755-9421
Feit, Laura Digital Ad Mgr. Display, Social Media, SEO, Web design 608-755-9433
Felland, Donna Ad Design and Production Ad Design Manager 608-755-8277
Fiore, Ann Gazette Editors kicks editor - Entertainment news, kicks section, Marketplace section 608-755-8258
Fleig, Terry Marketing Marketing Analyst 608-755-8243
Flynn, Charles Bliss Management Vice President - Technical Services 608-755-8330
Francis, Don Print Operations Pre-Press Manager 608-755-9472
Frank, Rudy Circulation Operations Manager 608-755-8213
Gearhart, Jody Advertising Ad Operations Manager 608-755-8376
Haenel, Lon Executive Management Digital Media & Circulation 608-755-9423
Hamlin, Mary Advertising Account Executive 608-755-8245
Idzerda, Catherine Gazette Reporters Rock County government, Walworth County government, Clinton, Darien, Delavan, Sharon, agriculture 608-755-8259
Johnson, Neil Gazette Reporters Janesville city government 608-755-8263
Kaderly, Kacey Advertising Online Design/Marketing Supervisor 608-755-8221
King, Debbie Accounting Credit/Systems Manager 608-755-8292
Lassiter, Dan Gazette Photo Photographer 608-755-8233
Lette, Chad Print Operations Technical Services Manager 608-755-9493
Leute, Jim Gazette Reporters Business and technology 608-755-8257
Lisser, Robert Bliss Management Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary 608-755-8223
Little, Greg Gazette Editors Every Day pages, student art, recipes, calendar items 608-755-8255
Lux, Anna Marie Gazette Reporters Human interest stories 608-755-8264
Milheiser, Pam Bliss Management Executive Secretary 608-755-8220
Miller, Tom Gazette Sports Sports, local kids in college sports 608-755-8215
Nelesen, Marcia Gazette Reporters Features, home & gardening 608-755-8269
Olmsted, Bill Gazette Photo Photo editor 608-755-8233
Peck, Greg Gazette Editors Opinion page editor 608-755-8278
Perona, Nina Advertising Account Executive 608-755-8268
Plutchak, Dan Gazette Reporters Walworth County 608-752-0777
Ramos, Ginger Advertising Assistant Account Executive 608-755-8226
Ryan, Tonya Circulation Operations Coordinator 608-755-8224
Reuter, Andrew Digital media Digital content coordinator 608-755-8266
Revels, Jenny Bliss Management Human Resources Manager 608-755-8359
Schmoldt, Eric Gazette Sports Sports editor 608-755-8215
Schmoldt, Pam Bliss Management Vice President - Financial Operations 608-755-8275
Schultz, Frank Gazette Reporters Janesville police, Rock County courts and Rock County sheriff 608-755-8252
Schwartz, Sid Gazette Editors Local news editor 608-755-8293
Seeman, Tim Gazette Editors Copy Editor 608-755-8300
Sensiba, Shawn Gazette Editors Associated Press and other wire service coverage, Celebrations page 608-755-8394
Smithson, Tony Print Operations VP of Print Operations 608-755-9455
Swales, Jenny Bliss Management Human Resources Assistant 608-755-8360
Szulczewski, Denny Print Operations Press Manager 608-755-8207
VanGalder-Miller, Sara Circulation Consumer Sales Manager 608-755-9430
Villa, Mary Jo Bliss Management Vice President - Strategic Operations 608-755-8228
von Falkenstein, Dave Digital media Digital content coordinator 608-755-8398
White, Dan Bliss Management Vice President - Newspaper Ad Sales 608-755-8216