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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 26
Our Views: Academic freedom under fire

With UW-Madison at its epicenter, the UW System appears to be sinking deeper into the intellectual morass known as political correctness.

UW-Madison has unveiled a pilot program targeting 1,000 students devoted to improving race relations,...

Our Views: Economic recovery a mirage for too many
In our collective push to frame Janesville as an up-and-coming business center, perhaps we've oversold the depth of this economic recovery.
Our Views: Drug makers feeding opioid crisis
So long as drug makers maintain a grip on our nation’s capitol and statehouses, lawmakers will continue to keep the addiction spigot open.
Our Views: GM makes calculation to cooperate
General Motors likely recognizes that it would have a weak case in trying to claim others contaminated the Rock River near its plant.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 19
Thumbs up/down to I-90/39 construction, Sunflower Challenge, trail expansion, new jobs, inflexible employers and more.
Our View: Council faces fork in the road with Freitag
The Sept. 29 meeting could lead to better communications or reinforce divisions among council members and City Manager Freitag.
Our Views: Loopholes hindering drug war

Janesville police officer Chad Woodman has good reason to question whether the government is winning the drug war. He has witnessed firsthand a spike in heroin overdoses and the toll they take on users and their families.

“Are we any...

Our Views: DOT sends confusing signals

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation claims new yellow flashing arrows at traffic lights make roads safer, but don't tell that to a driver who misinterpreted the signal at a Janesville intersection last month.

The passenger in that car,...

Our Views: Crate living not for Milton
It’s difficult to blame Milton residents for voicing opposition to a plan to build a home from shipping containers at a Buten Street lot.