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Our Views: If not criminal, Spoden's actions highly unethical
The public shouldn't buy Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden's claim that he did nothing wrong by trying to derail a Janesville Police Department investigation involving his son.
Thumbs up/down for Monday, Nov. 13
Thumbs down to lowering drinking age to 19, leaves still on trees. Thumbs up to North Beloit, new crime stopper app.
Our Views: Eliminating age restrictions for hunting a dumb idea
While nobody in Madison is foolish enough—we would hope—to extend driving privileges to little kids, the GOP-controlled Legislature advanced an idea almost as idiotic last week: eliminating age restrictions on hunting.
Our Views: Beware the predator you don't suspect
While police efforts to protect children are obviously appreciated, sex offender checks on Halloween night can reinforce the myth that sex offenders mainly target strangers.
Our Views: Voters' message clear: No new high school
Rather than wallow in self-pity, school board members and district officials should do some self-reflection. They need to stop trying to bend the voters' will and instead bend to the will of the voters.
Thumbs up/down for Monday, Nov. 6
Thumbs up to retail sales boom, Chris and Charity Endres. Thumbs down to WEDC board, the Iron Stache.
Our Views: County's most vulnerable shouldn't pay the price for AG's opinion
The easiest course for the Rock County Board would be to follow its administrator's recommendation to stop funding four nonprofits in response to a Wisconsin attorney general's opinion concluding state law prohibits counties from funding these groups. But cutting off funds isn't the right thing to do.
Our Views: Political correctness won't defeat terrorism
The cowardly killing of eight innocent people by a self-proclaimed ISIS follower in New York City on Tuesday proves again this nation's leaders must strengthen our immigration programs.
Our Views: Parents should do compliance checks, too
Law enforcement is no substitute for the influence parents have on their children's decisions about drinking. Parents are the biggest factor of all, and they need to be conducting household compliance checks.
Our Views: Let bars sell alcohol for outdoor events
A new ordinance is needed to make downtown Janesville more business friendly, allowing bar customers to join a special event with their drinks in hand.