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Our Views: Feds, Gov. Walker should go all in on Beloit casino
Perhaps most important, the Ho-Chunk's compact with the state permits the tribe to operate a fourth gaming site.
Our Views: State lawmakers should step on gas for freeway driving
Wisconsinites like to think of themselves as progressive. We remain in the slow lane, even backward, on Interstate speeds.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
Thumbs Up to renovating the former Rock County Appliance building, to Rep. Amy Loudenbeck and to a state grant for Edgerton; Thumbs Down to microbeads in personal care products.
Our Views: Janesville right to pick Price to steer city's economic growth
City administrators didn’t just see an opening, reach into their back pockets and pick Price. He rose to the top after two regional and national searches.
Our Views: Snow emergencies in Janesville are nothing to ignore
The emergencies go beyond courtesy. Cars left on streets create hazards that plow drivers must maneuver around. Snow left behind can freeze and create hazards, too.
Our Views: GIFTS' bold plans could fill service gap for Janesville's homeless men
The ministry's latest plans are two more bold steps toward helping the downtrodden lead productive lives.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Jan. 19, 2015
Thumbs Up to a new AMTEC contract, Dollar Tree filling former Walgreens and getting tough with indifferent landlords; Thumbs Down to e-cigarettes in workplaces.
Our Views: Salvaging parts of old Janesville gas station is good compromise
After years of debate and deliberation, last week's 7-0 vote to raze the building but try to save architectural elements suggests a good and harmonious compromise.
Our Views: Janesville City Council should go ahead with 2nd referendum
This much is clear: The city must fix roads quicker, and one way or another, residents will pay.
Editor's Views: Gazette typically doesn't allow prior review of stories
Editor's Views: Gazette typically doesn't allow prior review of stories
It's our newspaper and our story. That might seem possessive and defensive, but you must understand what can happen when you give people the right of prior review.