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Web Views for Friday, April 18, 2014
Amy Loudenbeck: Legislature positions state for bright future
We passed a balanced budget and gave nearly $2 billion in tax relief back to the hardworking families and business owners of Wisconsin over the past four years.
Lori Stottler: Of Rock County's $200 million budget, residents might ask, 'What's in it for me?'
Rock County government really is $200 million big and that the impact on our daily lives, in ways seen and unseen, is worth every penny.
Web Views for Friday, April 11, 2014
Brett Healy: Expanded trade can benefit Wisconsin's economy
Free trade helps Wisconsin companies grow and prosper. Dairy farmers are earning some of the highest prices ever for their milk thanks, in part, to dairy exports increasing.
Karen Schulte: Scores on state tests show hard work by all in Janesville School District
Wilson Elementary is often cited as a barometer of performance in our district, and I am proud to highlight that performance.
Sen. Neal Kedzie: Focus on funding for roads, protecting state roads fund
This winter has been hard on streets and roads, with numerous infrastructure problems in serious need of repair. Those repairs might strain a historically strained transportation fund.
State Views: Unfortunately, Ryan budget was no April Fools' joke
Ryan seeks to cut the deficit on the backs of the elderly, low-income and vulnerable Americans, while the wealthy and corporations are again exempt from paying their fair share.
Local Views: Board chairman gets dramatic first-hand look at Rock County's readiness
During a committee meeting, I suddenly felt great pain and discomfort and had a staff member call 911.
State Views: Attorney general's office could do more on openness
The stories shed much-needed light on how difficult it can be to fight improper government secrecy. They also touched on a broader problem.