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Other Views: Overcharging seniors won’t fix health care
The American Health Care Act would impose an “age tax” on Americans, meaning people in their 50s and 60s who are buying health insurance on their own might have to pay up to $8,400 per year more than they do now.
Walters: A transportation plan from 2011 gets new look
Once upon a time, Gov. Scott Walker offered a long-term funding plan for highways, bridges and other statewide transportation projects.
Other Views: Faced with resistance, Enbridge plays games
More than 200 activists united on that belief in Whitewater on March 11 to make our voices heard in the march against pipeline expansion, opposing a proposed pipeline that would run through Wisconsin.
Other Views: Proposal not about micromanaging City Hall
The cost for consultants is showing no signs of slowing down, and Janesville City Council member Jens Jorgensen has a proposal for monitoring these expenses.
Other Views: Rumors of Janesville’s fiscal demise exaggerated
The city of Janesville is in good financial standing, despite comments about it being "broke."
Walters: Record $28.1 million spent on legislative campaigns
An analysis shows the biggest winners of new campaign laws were wealthy contributors, corporations and legislative leaders who run their party's campaign committees.
Other Views: Legislators aim to take the 'public' out of public notices
The savings obtained by not publishing notices does not outweigh the public's right to know.
Other Views: Health care for the poor faces threats
If Planned Parenthood’s patients can no longer go to them for birth control or cancer screenings, many of them would have no other health care provider to turn to.
Other Views: A strong UW is good for business
Prent Corporation hires many UW graduates, and it's important that the UW System receive the resources and funding it needs to best prepare college students for the business world.
Walters: Legislators sharpen pruning shears for Walker's budget
More than any of the three other budgets Walker has submitted since taking office in January 2011, Republican legislators are poised to rewrite major parts of this one.