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Web Views for Friday, Feb. 12: Milwaukee Street, city deficit, international education, tricky intersections
Dairy Business Association: Wisconsin needs certainty on high-capacity wells
There are those within our state who would like to see groundwater withdrawals regulated in a manner far more severe than any laws in Arizona.
Your Right to Know: Concerns linger over ‘transitory’ records
The old, 2010 definition of “transitory records” is still in place. Records custodians can still immediately delete some correspondence.
Web Views for Friday, Feb. 5: City deficit, pets at stores, Ryan to speak at Craig, uncontrolled intersections
State Views: We only need political will to fix roadwork needs
If we want to attract and retain businesses that create jobs, we are likely neglecting the No. 1 priority of businesses.
Brain Injury Alliance: Concussions are only part of story of brain injuries
Brain Injury Alliance: Concussions are only part of story of brain injuries
It is important to note that a concussion is the mildest form of brain injury. Things can be much worse.
Web Views for Friday, Jan. 29: Meth editorial, Milton schools, gun show, policing survey, Hendricks donation
Ted Kinnman: Gov. Walker's cuts to public education lead list of attacks
A new report finds Wisconsin schools have suffered the fourth-largest cuts nationally through 2014. As if this were not enough, Walker also increased voucher programs.
Brad Schimel: Raising awareness about human trafficking in Wisconsin
Human trafficking is an insidious crime that isolates victims and exploits them for profit. It’s happening in Wisconsin in ... places you might not expect.
Karen Schulte: Janesville School District won't reveal details that might risk case
"We will not, for any reason, take any action that could jeopardize the prosecution of this case," writes guest columnist Karen Schulte, the superintendent of the Janesville School District.