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Your views: Groelle's leadership, support help make fair a success
Groelle is blessed with the great ability to diffuse tense situations involving many people with strong personalities and even stronger opinions.
Your views: Paul Ryan doesn't get reality of poverty
If Ryan spent an entire summer as I did volunteering in South Chicago, he might be walking a different talk.
Your views: Sheridan has proven record of helping all constituents
Mike was friendly, listened to my concerns, and gave me all the time I needed to cover rural and town government concerns.
Your views: Teacher sees merits in backing Ringhand
Janis led the charge with educators and local leaders when Gov. Walker tried to bring unaccountable private voucher schools to Beloit.
Your Views: As state Assembly speaker, Mike Sheridan proved to be no leader
Mike was willing to sacrifice his ideals, preferring to pursue support of high-powered lobbyists and deep-pocketed industries such as the payday-loan industry.
Your Views: Williams Bay teacher learns tough lesson through post on social media
We all agree the words she chose were inappropriate. I think that taking from June 2 until July 22 to reach a decision about her future was also inappropriate.
Your Views: Sheila De Forest is out showing she understands, cares about us
She has also been visiting town board and fire district meetings to learn about the difficulties we are facing, and to give local officials the opportunity to get to know her.
Your Views: Kurt Picknell represents best law enforcement can offer
He was aware of his professional role/responsibilities, but more important, he was able to respond as someone who understood the tremendous loss we had suffered.
Your Views: Austin Scieszinski promises to be type of leader we need
We need young, hardworking leaders with new perspectives and new ideas. Austin promises to be this kind of leader.
Your Views: Robert Spoden leads sheriff’s office with maturity, integrity
While your opponent has engaged in negative rhetoric and political mudslinging, you have conducted yourself with maturity and class befitting the office of sheriff.