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Your Views: Not afraid to sign name to opinion

Kudos to Robert Engstrom for his opinion, “Fuss over Freitag unwarranted” (Sept. 19). You have echoed my thoughts exactly, especially the last paragraph.

And I am not afraid to put my thoughts down in ink either.


Your Views: Democratic voters modern-day Caesars

I cannot understand a person who says they are pro-life but continuously vote Democratic. Democrats as a party support all abortions, early and late term.

I look at it this way: Men and women have sex, but it's God who creates the life, a child....

Your Views: Think riding with no helmet is safe?
Your Views: Republicans work for the elite

The “How your U.S. lawmakers voted” feature is something everyone should read. The Sept. 12 tally was typical. In three separate party-line votes, the Republican-controlled House voted to ease rules on stock traders and financial...

Your Views: Johnson has disturbing environmental record

I am gravely troubled by Sen. Ron Johnson's views on environmental issues in contrast to those of Russ Feingold. The two are candidates for the U.S. Senate in the November election.

Ron Johnson has an appalling record and received a 0 percent...

Your Views: Act 10’s big winner: the 1 percent

Are you kidding, Janesville Gazette?

Now we are supposed to thank Gov. Scott Walker and fellow Republicans for Act 10 (“Act 10's big winner: taxpayers,” Sept. 7). This all came from the Koch brothers. It's all about breaking the...

Your Views: Pay close attention to statements’ context

What is written in the Bible, as well as what is written in a newspaper, or any book, or speech or sermon, must be understood according to its context. Unfortunately, not doing so is a common error.

An illustration of this was in a recent...

Your Views: Employees fear sharing opinions about management

I do not know personally what is taking place within the city, but apparently Mr. Robert Engstrom (“Fuss over Freitag unwarranted,” Monday) does not realize that many employees do not feel safe answering survey questions at work with or...

Your Views: Anderson is in tune with voters’ concerns
Your Views: Better access to Naloxone needed