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Your Views: Parkview referendum result evokes memory of Forrest Gump
For the next 20 years, squawks from those who were for and against it will be heard when they pay the 35-40 percent increase in school district property taxes.
Your Views: Responsible management of tax dollars missing in Janesville
Who in the administrative branch of our city government approves and convinces our city council to approve such an outlandish waste of taxpayer dollars?
Your Views: Critics are dishonest in attacking Ryan’s budget
Increasing spending by 3.5 percent instead of 5.2 percent is hardly imposing draconian cuts.
Your Thanks: Truck on Ice sinks cash into helping kids in Janesville
The Golden "K" Kiwanis club again raised about $11,000 for local youth charities after paying $5,000 to the 15 people who came closest to the official sinking time.
Your Thanks: United Way Blackhawk Region thanks caring community
Your investment of more than $2.7 million in the 2013 campaign will provide funding to 94 United Way partner programs in 2014.
Your Thanks: Girl Scout cookie sales in Badgerland Council help girls learn, grow
Your simple business transaction with a Girl Scout is helping her to build a lifetime of real-world skills.
Your Thanks: Kids Closet fundraiser for IDS in Janesville is huge success
The sale featured hundreds of items from newborn through preteen. Nearly $600 was raised and donated to Independent Disability Services!
Your Thanks: YWCA Rock County appreciates event support
These events help ensure our YWCA programs will continue to flourish in Rock County, serving hundreds of women, children and families in the area.
Your Views: Nation's power system leaves us vulnerable
The most secure system would be groups of small, independent units as opposed to a large system with only one main central generating unit.
Your Thanks: MacDowell Music Club applauds interest in Janesville organ crawl
The six organists who performed at six churches played a variety of music, and they showed off the special sounds that each particular organ can make.