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Your Views: Parker's excuses for change in girls basketball coach are nonsense
I sure hope the final decision on the Parker court-naming isn’t left up to the same administrators who snubbed him after his retirement.
Your Views: Bernie Sanders and more government are not answers to our woes
Growing government is not the answer, as Europe’s lasting financial malaise demonstrates.
Your Views: Why aren’t Janesville homeowners shoveling their sidewalks?
People need to realize and respect people who may need to use those sidewalks to do their jobs.
Your Views: Judge Werner serves us well while overseeing Rock County Drug Court
During his tenure, he worked tirelessly and with great effort. His demeanor and temperament were perfect for the court.
Your Views: Why people don’t attend 50-year class reunions
I was about to graduate from Janesville High School in ... 1966. It was a very hard time to be a guy and concentrate on school when the Vietnam War was going on.
Your Views: Don’t put municipal water in hands of private companies
I vehemently oppose Assembly Bill 554/Senate Bill 432. I do not want control of our municipal water supplies shifted to private conglomerates without citizen input.
Your Views: He appreciates Michael Gerson's view of Donald Trump
I find Donald Trump to have no likable qualities and no qualifications for the presidential office.
Your Views: He applauds public servants dealing with Oregon standoff
I salute the men and women in public service who were called to duty in dealing with the problems in Oregon, and I appreciate the moderation they have displayed.
Your Views: They've seen work of Necci and back Johnson for Walworth County judge
We believe that we have a duty as past and present public servants to give the public the information they need to make a wise decision in this important election.
Your Views: Odds of climate change suggest we must prepare
Anyone who reads about current events from widely available sources will see the monumental efforts and dollars being put into preparations.