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Your Views: Don’t punish responsible pet owners for irresponsible ones
Your Views: Referendum would solve school’s space problems
Building a new high school improves the academic and extracurricular opportunities and experiences of Milton Middle School students.
Your Views: Evers didn’t try to fire teacher who shared porn
Your Views: Celebrate downtown revival with Friday ribbon cutting

It is an exciting time to live within the city of Janesville. New businesses are moving in, established businesses are thriving, home values are increasing, our schools are excelling and our downtown is transforming.

Entrepreneurs are bringing...

Your Views: Headline about Trump executive order misleading
Your Views: Numbers don’t indicate Milton needs a new school
Your Views: Feeling more confident in plans for Milton schools

I am a resident of Janesville in the Milton School District. When they had their first referendum, I voted “no.” There were some facts presented mostly about what they wanted with little information that got published to the voters on what ...

Your Views: Thumbs down to Gazette over 'HHFFRRRGGH'
A big “thumbs down” to your editors for feeling the need to undermine a local business on the basis of a name change.
Your Views: Rock County road crews do impressive work
I want to thank our county highway department for the good job they do keeping our roadways safe and in the best condition possible.
Your Views: God is listening. Why not talk to Him?