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Your views: Kilkenny would make his constituents proud

Daniel Kilkenny deserves the voter's support for the Wisconsin Senate. I believe it is time for a change of some personnel in the Wisconsin Legislature. Too many have been there for a long time and have stopped listening to the constituents....

Your views: WE Energies waging war on solar energy
These and other proposals being brought before the PSC will make solar and other renewable energy sources an unprofitable investment.
Your views: Many deserve credit for city’s baseball success
The coaches, players and families involved in this World Series journey would like to thank Janesville Youth Baseball and Softball Association for providing organizational and financial support.
Your views: Dems' talking points have been debunked
The charge that Republicans prevent women from making their own health decisions? How is the Left's radical abortion agenda empowering for women, or the children that abortion kills?
Your views: Public opinion shouldn’t alter morals

The slippery slope of declining moral and ethical standards continues. Recent polls allegedly indicate that legalizing marijuana and allowing gay marriage are now a majority opinion of the American public.

 How soon these issues become rights...

Your views: We’ll give up our freedom if you give up yours
We should give up our freedom, and you should give up your freedom of the press right.
Your Views: Republicans, not Democrats, will balance state budgets
By continuing to grow the economy, finding further efficiencies in government and eliminating waste, Republicans will solve future structural issues.
Your Views: Will America ever learn that war is not the answer?
The current ISIS mess is the latest in a long list of tragedies we are responsible for fostering on the people of Iraq.
Your Views: Is same-sex marriage at root of today’s woes?
You wonder why there are so many disasters, wars, plagues? Look at what we, as a world, have become.
Your Views: Mary Burke’s background, beliefs make her best leader for state
Wisconsin needs a smart business leader who knows how to excel in local, national and global economic markets.