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Your Views: How could deflated football make that big a difference?
So am I to believe quarterbacks can tell by feel if the ball’s pounds per square inch (PSI) of inflation is this or that but an NFL official can’t?
Your Views: Sunday’s local talent event at JPAC proves wonderful
The event featured local authors, publishers and musicians—there’s a lot of talent in Rock County!
Your Views: Wisconsin Republicans trying power grab on state Supreme Court
Normally, such a change would not take effect until the present chief justice leaves. That this would not happen in this case makes it obvious this is another power grab.
Your Views: Tomah VA scandal exposes Sen. Baldwin’s true colors
USA Today reported former Tomah VA employee Ryan Honl repeatedly emailed Sen. Baldwin aide Mike Helbick last year, asking that Baldwin help veterans.
Your Views: Gov. Walker wrong about teacher credentials plan
I once took night classes in accounting. The teacher was an accounting professional with no teaching credentials. This teacher was horrible.
Your Views: Tell Wisconsin lawmakers you dislike Common Core
It started as an idea to commonize educational outcome expectations nationwide but morphed into a Progressive social experiment and ideas tool during implementation.
Your Views: Story on backyard rink stirs memories for him
It really hit home, having done that 40 years ago.
Your Views: Pommer strikes out in column on policing
The Dane County Board showed both forward thinking and respect for its constituents in voting to turn down federal cannabis-enforcement funds.
Your Views: Be wary of predictions about environmental doom
A number of environmental folks are still telling us the sky is falling. Are there issues? Sure there are. But let’s not jump off the cliff just yet.
Your Thanks: Elkhorn Food Pantry appreciates support
We thank the churches, the community, local businesses and everyone supporting the pantry and ask for your continued support.