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Your Views: Kay Deupree brings record of service that merits votes in Janesville
Kay Deupree has compassion and ability. She is well-equipped for voters' choice and election to the city council.
Your Views: Medical insurer’s website leads down confusing path
I received confirmation numbers on both policies. Unknownst to me, I couldn’t do what I wished, but the website let me think I was successful.
Your Vews: City of Janesville voters can get preview of new ballot machines
With the new technology, we believe that the unofficial election results will be available to the general public twice as fast.
Your Views: Paul Ryan’s policies are the real ‘fiscal train wreck’
Ryan talks about closing tax loopholes and fiscal responsibility. However, his 2015 votes say otherwise.
Your Views: It would be foolish of U.S. to condemn all Muslims
According to some of our distraught politicians, we should condemn all of them for the atrocities of a few thousand extremists who say they represent all Muslims.
Your Views: Judge James Daley offers common sense for state Supreme Court
I first saw Judge Daley in his courtroom several years ago, when I was selected to be a juror in one of his cases. I was very impressed...
Your Views: He hopes organizational meeting leads to Rock County veterans center
There’s an organizational meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 11, in the Public Meeting Room of the Hedberg Public Library.
Your Views: Let’s increase, not decrease, handgun waiting period
The 48-hour waiting period, though, is not just about a background check. It is also a cooling-down period
Your Views: Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s missteps show she should resign position
I would believe it is time for her to resign because a veteran’s life was ended because of an overdose of medication by a person under her watch.
Your Views: Gov. Walker’s comparison of protesters to ISIS is absurd
Comparing ISIS, a brutal terrorist group, with peaceful demonstrations against a governor who eliminated collective bargaining is totally absurd.