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Your Views: Congress must close loopholes in travel
We urge Ryan to appoint a task force and enact a moratorium on privately financed foreign travel until stronger rules and enforcement mechanisms are in place.
Your Views: Where is Gov. Walker’s economic strategy?
There appears to be no strategy in place to reverse the declining economic opportunity Wisconsin is experiencing.
Your Views: Paul Ryan should focus on real issues instead of spreading refugee fear
Instead of shamelessly politicizing a tragic refugee humanitarian crisis, why not rush through legislation to work on real issues affecting the lives of most Americans?
Your Views: Obama’s views on refugees is reckless with our safety
Obama’s claims that he has the ability to run “robust” security screenings on Syrian refugees was contradicted in testimony by FBI Director James Comey.
Your Views: Schools should serve more fruits, vegetables
While I understand the need to stop childhood obesity, we simply cannot force students to eat healthier school lunches.
Your Views: State can’t even monitor large wells for impact
Basically, there are no constraints on the impact of these wells on the groundwater in Wisconsin, so anything goes as far as water usage or contamination.
Your Views: Russ Feingold’s hypocrisy shows in current actions
Hypocritically, Russ Feingold has been using his political action committee as his personal slush fund.
Your Views: Behavior of Janesville Jets should make city proud
Of the six different teams that have stayed with us this season, there is no doubt that this group of young men has been the most polite, courteous and respectful.
Your Views: Walker, Republicans making mess of state
I start with the very stupid and ill-conceived tax cut/rebate of 2013 and his resistance, along with that of many in the Senate and Assembly, to raise the gas tax.
Your Views: Transgender concerns spur schools to irrational actions
Plans suggest schools across the country might allow boys who identify themselves as girls to go into girls’ locker rooms and showers for gym class.