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Steven Walters: Two taxes loom large next legislative session

If Republicans keep control of the Legislature in Nov. 8 elections, will a H-U-G-E two-step budget deal be considered?

Step 1: Eliminate the personal property tax, which the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says (WTA) totals about $287 million a...

Gerson: Why young voters find Trump a turn-off

People always remember their first presidential vote—their first participation in the largest decision of American democracy.

In high school, I was a rather awkward, nerdish history buff (my wife would dispute the verb tense). I was also...

Steven Walters: Commission’s mission: fix voting-laws confusion
The commission is in the middle of a complicated, bitter fight between opponents and champions of dozens of changes to state voting laws enacted since Republicans took power in 2011.
Other Views: Pretending the economy is OK

The state of the economy is a major issue in every presidential election. As Yale economist Ray Fair has documented, people really do vote their pocketbooks: Below-trend GDP growth, rising unemployment or increasing inflation almost always dooms the...

Parker: Trump's head case
Two years ago, Karl Rove caused a stir when he planted a seed that Hillary Clinton might have suffered brain damage from a fall. My, how things have changed.
Steven Walters: Exploring reasons Wisconsin is a presidential battleground
No Republican candidate for President has won Wisconsin in seven elections dating back to 1984. Why, then, is Wisconsin considered a battleground state in the Nov. 8 presidential election?
Charles Krauthammer: A theory on why Comey won’t prosecute Clinton
Why did FBI director James Comey not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified material?
Kathleen Parker: Who are the people for whom Trump tolls?
I was struck by a constellation of intellectuals struggling to translate the relative meanings of Brexit, Donald Trump and the West’s populist surge against elites.
Michael Gerson: We can’t know who we are without knowing who we were
n this odd political season—so shallow in rhetoric, so fundamental in consequence—Americans are not only celebrating their nation’s independence.
Steven Walters: In campaigns, numbers differ in battle about school aid
Both political parties selectively use school aid numbers to help them—they hope—score political points.

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