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Esther Cepeda: Military leaders wage war on waistlines
Members of Mission: Readiness are fanning out across Capitol Hill with their new report in hand to persuade lawmakers not to ease up on the healthy-eating regulations.
Our Views: City's critics should get informed, do better
Our Views: City's critics should get informed, do better
What most critics don't appreciate is that Janesville is a well-run city with statistically frugal spending, The Gazette Editorial Board writes.
Guest views: U.S. must commit to spaceflight
A successful commercial program for trips to the station also will free NASA to concentrate on travel to more distant destinations in space, including asteroids and Mars.
Charles Krauthammer: Countering jihadist logic
It's imperative to show the Islamic State it made a mistake
Guest views: Advertisers get NFL's attention
The NFL has talked a great game. It claims to have zero tolerance for off-field violence by its players. But the league's actions suggest its definition of zero tolerance is situational.
Our views: Hearing restrictions over the top
Our views: Hearing restrictions over the top
The Gazette understands and respects provisions to protect a juvenile suspect's identity, and it has covered juvenile courts in Rock County for decades without issue.
Rep. Debra Kolste: Walker should accept Medicaid money
Walker now faces a $1.8 billion hole in the budget due to poorly conceived tax policy and a lagging state economy. Fiscal reality makes it negligent to continue to reject the Medicaid money.
Guest views: Voter ID ruling asking for trouble
Coming less than two months before the November election, the ruling threatens to make balloting difficult for voters and election officials.
Michael Gerson: Leading from behind the curve
So what difference does one more misfortune make in a distant, unfortunate place? A big difference, it turns out.
Guest views: America must show resolve, back Obama
This is a time to show American resolve and strength, and the United States is never stronger than when it acts with bipartisan unity.