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Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Dec. 22
Thumbs up to Samuel Dockery and Heather Faust, Janesville's John Striegel, Girls Night Out-Rock County and Community Action's housing plan.
First Amendment: Faith, not politics, keeps Christ in Christmas
Putting Christ in Christmas is a task for the faithful—not for public school officials or state lawmakers.
Steven Walters: Capitol fight pits income versus property tax cutters
New state Department of Revenue figures on who paid income taxes in 2013—and how much their tax bills fell in a year—may help those focusing on property tax cuts.
Our Views: Keep your holidays merry and safe: Don't drink and drive
“Well, heck, Joe, take the back roads home like I do. Besides, if you get busted, it's like a simple traffic ticket."
Jason Stanford: Point of schools isn’t more testing
We’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to give us the same answer: Poor, minority children need help.
Editor's Views: Your turn to take my chair and make choices on stories
Editor's Views: Your turn to take my chair and make choices on stories
These are the decisions that reporters and editors make dozens of times every day. Some are automatic. Some require considerable discussion and debate.
Esther Cepeda: The American Dream never fades
The American Dream has seen hard times and, some say, is on the ropes again. Don't believe it.
Our Views: UW-Madison must remain key economic driver
In a meeting Tuesday with The Gazette’s editorial board, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank made compelling arguments for sufficient state support.
Our Views: Rising health care costs are big concern for all in Janesville School District
Increasing class sizes is a bad option. Likewise, most residents might reject a referendum.
Web Views for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014