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Guest views: Bias police can leave you speechless
The EEOC’s accusations are even more ironic and unlikely given the company’s history of trying to eliminate language barriers with its employees.
Steven Walters: Wisconsin candidates dance around questionnaires on issues
Candidates know that a specific answer today may come back and bite them later. Also, a one-sentence answer to a complex policy question can be misrepresented.
Guest views: Administration can't afford to lose this appeal
It's absurd to argue that a Congress controlled by Democrats would have imposed a nationwide mandate to buy coverage while withholding subsidies from some states' residents.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, July 28, 2014
Thumbs Up to life savers at Pick 'n Save, to teaching financial basis and to Tallman House themed tours; Thumbs Down to a slow start to the bluebird nesting season.
Matt Pommer: Sessions show two sides of Wisconsin politics
A different Wisconsin was reflected in a “civility summit” on the farm of former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson.
Esther Cepeda: We are what we eat—and kids will surive changes in school lunches
Just in time for the new school year, research suggests America’s students are actually going to be OK with their new, healthier lunches.
Editor's Views: Sports fans in Wisconsin have it good
Editor's Views: Sports fans in Wisconsin have it good
While it's always a good time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin, we're in the midst of a particularly rewarding stretch.
Our views: Hiring veterinarian at Janesville's shelter symbolizes care in community
For its first vet, the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin was smart to hire someone with experience at a shelter, where disease can spread quickly.
Our Views: All should hope agriculture complex takes root elsewhere in Rock County
The setback might be temporary, might sew seeds of opportunity for some other municipality and might even be good for SWAG's plans in the long run.
Web Views for Friday, July 25, 2014